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10 Shocking Home Inspector Finds You Need to See

It takes a lot to shock a home inspector, but these DIY home "improvement" projects did just that. And we're so glad they snapped these downright scary photos!

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Cyclops outletStructure Tech

Cyclops outlet

Something caused this device to melt. Probably overloading the outlet. But why in the world didn't the breaker trip? Plus: Check out these other cringe-worthy home improvement fails.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Wooden electrical boxStructure Tech

Wooden electrical box

See, the problem is, electricity can spark and wood can burn! This would probably be fine if they put a legitimate electrical box inside the wooden box.

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Overhead tub spoutStructure Tech

Overhead tub spout

Yup. The whirlpool tub fills from the upstairs toilet! Genius!

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Find the piano in this pictureStructure Tech

Find the piano in this picture

Just maybe this piano/shelf is still playable. Look closely and you'll see the pedals. Our theory is that the pegboard above the keyboard is actually a way for the sound to travel from the utility room to the ballroom. (See next slide to see the rest)

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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400-lb coat rackStructure Tech

400-lb coat rack

...and the back side doubles as a coat rack! The piano is much quieter in the winter!

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Mystery leak sealantStructure Tech

Mystery leak sealant

Maybe it's silly putty, maybe plumbers putty, maybe epoxy putty, maybe they should have just fixed the leaks to avoid scary stuff like this.

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Brokeback roofStructure Tech

Brokeback roof

Some people should skip the hand-framing and stick with roof trusses. That way you don't need to be a skilled carpenter.

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Now THAT’S a hot lead!Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Now THAT’S a hot lead!

Holy major electrical mistake Batman. This guy actually drew electricity from one of the main cables entering the house before the main panel and breakers. Wonder if he lived to call the electrical inspector for final inspection. These are the most common National Electric Code violations for DIYers.

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Walter White’s stovetopStructure Tech

Walter White’s stovetop

I know it says self-cleaning, but how long are you willing to wait? At least you probably don’t need to buy spices for a while. You can just smear off some grime and throw it in the pot.

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Scarf joint madnessStructure Tech

Scarf joint madness

So he was smart enough to make a scarf joint, cool. Problem is scarf joints need some kind of load bearing post below them.

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