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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 11

This volume features burnt curtains, some very interesting plumbing (as usual) and a unique way to keep an outdoor outlet from overheating. Have fun!

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Dueling appliance doors

Well? I suppose we could roast the turkey on the drying cycle? A little bit of kitchen planning goes a long way.
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Iron lung in the basement

Know what’s going on here? Our best guess is that it’s in Jethro Tull’s basement. It might be an old fashioned well pressure tank. But then again maybe not.
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Water cooled outlet

Hard to tell, but I think the cord goes into the pot. Maybe trying to boost the growth of the plants through shock therapy when the rainwater comes out of the downspout?
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Toasted curtains. Where’s the jelly?

Now that’s a close call! Flammable materials close to electric baseboard heaters is a good recipe for a fire!
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Why fix a roof leak when you have cookie sheets?

A leaky roof can be a cause for drastic measures. In this case, I think it might have been less expensive and less work to actually fix the roof!
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What’s wrong with this picture? Let thee count the ways…

My first question is why did someone cover up this beautiful ceiling with a hideous drop ceiling?! More importantly, there are specific guidelines to follow when adding a receptacle SAFELY!
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Wood dowels can be real problem solvers

After learning quickly that a cigar wouldn’t plug this hole, Leonard tried a wooden plug...Looks like the cap was rusted in place so they just drilled through it to access the cleanout. Learn how a pro removes a stuck plug here.
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Occasionally candle flames can really get hot

So close! Almost got that new kitchen paid for! Under cabinet lighting is a nice upgrade, but not at the expense of burning down your house!
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One more reason why voltage sniffers were inventedPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

One more reason why voltage sniffers were invented

Which ones? That’s the game! Try your luck! First prize is one free shock-therapy treatment. One should ALWAYS use caution when working in a breaker box!
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We’ve done a slideshow on mind blowing uses for expanding foam. Although this is a bit mind blowing, it didn’t make the list. I’m not even sure what the intended fix was here.

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