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11 Hilarious Houses Shaped Like Things

Imagine walking around inside one of these homes shaped like things.

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Alabama: AnchorLight Bed and Breakfast

The AnchorLight in Crane Hill, Alabama on the shores of Smith Lake is quite the attraction because of its 53-foot lighthouse. The good news, there are two rooms inside the lighthouse for guests to stay and catch a great glimpse of the lake. Check out these eight famous places you can rent on Airbnb.

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Delaware: Futuro House

The Futuro House, designed by Matti Suuronen, a Finnish architect, back in late 1960s and early 1970s. Fewer than 100 are thought to have been built and there are 80 remaining units. Seventeen Futuros have been demolished but those that remain span the globe. They were made with fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic and designed as a ski chalet. It stood 14 feet tall and had a diameter of 26 feet. Eight people could fit inside. The Futuro house was thought to be able to get people into remote locations, kind of like these 50 extremely remote castles.

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Georgia: Guitar House

Country music performer Elvis Carden has got a house that can hit all the right notes. Carden has spent the better part of two decades designing and building a guitar-shaped house. He’s named his record company Guitar House Records, has a backing band named Guitar House Band and titled an album Living in an old Guitar. It’s been in and off the market through the years and while it’s priceless to some, it can’t compete with the most expensive home in Georgia.

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Hawaii: Kehena Point Cliff House

If you’re in Hawaii you’ll want to keep looking all around you. The Kehena Point Cliff House, which is available to rent, provides plenty of views with spectacular setting and ample windows. It’s a concrete house designed to look like a boom box. Guests can walk to a black sand beach and watch dolphins swim in the ocean. Can you guess what the state flag of Hawaii looks like?

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Kansas: Subterra Castle

The Subterra Castle outside of Topeka is a former underground missile silo converted into a home. Edward and Dianna Peden bought the property in 1994 and converted it. It was built in 1959 and was in operation from 1961-65. It gained notoriety when it was listed on Airbnb in 2017 but the listing has since been pulled. You won’t believe how other missile silo remodels have turned out.

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Kentucky: Mother Goose House

The Mother Goose House in Hazard, Kentucky has drawn the attention of drivers for more than 70 years now. The house started by George Stacy in 1935 was completed in 1940, complete with egg-shaped windows. The goose even has automobile lights for eyes. The story goes that Stacy used the skeleton of a goose he killed and ate for scale to start the project, a so-called sacrifice for the project. The exterior was built from sandstone found in creeks nearby and the roof is ribbed like a goose. Get inspired to repurpose items after looking at these 80 old items fit for repurposing.

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Steve Badanes

New Hampshire: Helmet House

The Helmet House drew the scorn of some architecture critics but for the group, Jersey Devil Design/Build, it was another project to get creative with design. The group of Steve Badanes, John Ringel and Jim Adamson approached architecture as DIYers. They came out of Princeton and set about creating unique architectural pieces, learning as they went. Their ventures included inflatable architecture for concerts, a football house, a snail house and the Helmet House. The Helmet House won the National Enquirer’s “Weird House” award and the New York Times called their work tiresome and gimmickry.

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New Mexico: The Spaceship House/The Bug House

Architect Bart Prince’s home in Albuquerque has gone by different names according to people who see it, each one has their own idea of what it resembles. Whatever name someone comes up with for it doesn’t seem to ever hit the mark on the home’s magnificence. Prince worked with another prominent architect, Bruce Goff, in Los Angeles for 10 years. Check out Prince’s work at his site.

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Oklahoma: Fishing Reel House

When you’re the owner of a fishing reel company, what kind of home do you ask for? Well, Zebco founder R.D. Hull asked Tulsa architect Cecil Stanfield to build him a home shaped like a fishing reel back in 1970. It’s on the market in Catoosa, Oklahoma for $5 million. It includes a swimming pool covered by a 25-foot dome with 28 curved beams.

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Pennsylvania: Haines Shoe House

Mahlon Haines built the shoe house back in 1948 to advertise for his boot business. He later rented out rooms in the five-story shoe, which has two bedrooms in the ankle and an ice cream shop in the instep. The new owners Jeff and Melanie Schmuck serve ice cream and sweets there now. Find the boot that fits for your DIY projects.

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California: ‘There was an old woman … ‘

This California home will stir up some old nursery rhyme thoughts with its shoe-like design. It was designed back in 1976 and features unique interior art and design.