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Need New Headphones For Working Remotely? These Are on Sale

Amazon's Summer Sale Event is music to your ears with these savings on top-of-the-line headphones. These deals run until Sept. 7, so hurry.

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Beats Solo Pro

Beats is a well-known brand that comes with a big price tag. During the summer sale, though, you can save $70 on a pair of Beats Solo Pro Headphones. These headphones are wireless and connect to your computer through Bluetooth. Plus, they are noise canceling, so you don’t need to worry about distractions while you work from home. They come in six colors, the battery lasts for up to 22 hours and you get hands-free control through Siri when used with iOS devices.

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JBL Quantum 300

JBL Quantum 300 Wired Headphones (on sale for $60) are a hit with gamers, but those who work at home will love them, too. That’s because these headphones have great sound and a built-in mic for all your online meetings. Echo-canceling technology ensures your colleagues won’t ask you to mute your mic, and memory foam ear cushions make them comfy. During the sale, you’ll only pay around $60 or these JBLs.

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JBL LIVE 400BT Headphones (on sale for $70) are wireless and include Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa capabilities. An extra-special feature is the Ambient Aware button. One tap and you can hear more of what’s around you, making it easier to converse with family members or roommates without removing your headphones.

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Sony WI-C600N In-Ear Headphones

If you’re always losing your earbuds but the big padded style of earphones irritate you, then you may want to give Sony’s WI-C600N In-Ear Headphones a try. Earbuds are tethered to a headband so that they are much harder to misplace. These headphones also have noise cancellation capabilities and are compatible with Google Assistant. Plus, during the sale you’ll save 35 percent and pay only $98 for the pair.

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Sony WHXB700

Sony WHXB700 Headphones ($78 on sale) are a great choice if you like a lot of bass while you’re jamming to tunes (and, of course, filing reports). These headphones also have battery life of up to 30 hours, so you can go almost an entire work week without charging them. “Hands down, the bass is amazing,” wrote an Amazon customer. “No distortion at all in the bass and it sounds and feels like listening to bass on a great sound system.”

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JVC Flat and Foldable Headphones

JVC Flat and Foldable Headphones are only $12 to $20 during the sale depending on the color, but don’t let the price fool you. These headphones have a 4.4 star rating with more than 4,000 reviews. If you’re on a budget, these are the headphones to get.

“As a collector of headphones from cheapie $5 junk all the way up to several hundred dollar reference/audiophile grade professional studio headphones (Sennheiser, Hifiman, Audio Technica, etc.) I’m very happy with these,” said an Amazon customer.

“The sound was the biggest surprise. They have a bright (emphasis on treble) sound signature with good quality bass that does not bleed into the mids. Unlike most cheaper headphones, the bass is not overdone but rather is present where it should be. I would describe the overall sound as punchy, lively and fun.”

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Koss 154336 R-80

The Koss 154336 R-80 Headphones are another great budget pick at just $32 during the sale. They have a 4.3 rating from more than 2,000 reviews.

“I was very pleasantly surprised, they are just great! The best, biggest, clearest sound I ever heard from any earphones,” wrote an Amazon customer. “It’s like listening to a $1,000 speaker system, every note is clear as a bell. They work great with hearing aids too and are quite comfortable. I highly recommend these, they are big, but bigger is better on these. They come with a gold-plated plug and a 3.5-mm adapter too.”

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Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones (on sale for $106) are jam-packed with features without sacrificing sound quality. They have a built-in mic and volume adjustment with 20-hour battery life, and they charge in just 15 minutes. Plus, by covering the mic with your hand, you can increase the ambient sound around you in case you need to talk to someone in the room. Oh, yeah — these smart headphones work with Google Assistant and Siri, too.

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V-MODA M-200 Professional Studio Headphone

V-MODA M-200 Professional Studio Headphones (on sale for $297) are considered high-end headphones, meant for those who work with audio in their jobs. The hi-resolution audio is so good these headphones have been certified by Japan Audio Society. Besides their great sound, these have a built-in mic and replaceable memory-foam ear pieces.

“Ran through all my benchmarking audio tracks and everything seems perfect,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “Soundscape is immense and the range is tuned perfectly. Not overly bass heavy and highs and mids are as accurate as I’ve ever heard. 10/10 audio quality.”

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