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Hardy Plants and Tips for a Boulevard Garden

Keep your curb and sidewalk area looking beautiful with these handy tips on how to landscape (and maintain) your boulevard garden.

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Create the proper environment

Create the proper environment

Hardy plants will survive living near the street, but even these plants benefit from some extra attention. Enriching the soil quality is essential. Do this by elevating the bed with timbers and adding a 3-in. thick layer of mulch to conserve soil moisture and protect roots. Water these plants frequently and deeply. Also, hose off the foliage to remove dust, soot and salt, being sure to spray even the underside of the leaves.
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AsterOle Schoener/shutterstock


Asters are perennials that grow in full sun and provide bright color in the fall. You'll find pink, purple, blue and white plants that have a compact growth pattern. If you're new to gardening, this collection of tips will get you off to a good start. There are even a few in there for seasoned gardeners!
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Russian sageloflo69/shutterstock

Russian sage

This sun-loving, drought-tolerant perennial has a lovely fragrance. In the spring, cut back last year's growth after new growth has started. This plant won't take over your yard, but if you're having problems with invasive plants, here's how to stop them.
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SedumOlha Solodenko/shutterstock


Perennial sedum will grow almost anywhere and makes it one of the best landscape plant ideas. Some varieties grow as a groundcover, while others have an upright growth habit. Many sedums provide winter interest, as well. If you need a place to channel excess water in your yard, consider creating this rain garden.
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MilkweedMariola Anna S/shutterstock


Don't let the 'weed' in milkweed bother you! Milkweed is a full-sun, drought-tolerant, perennial, also known as Butterfly Plant. Milkweed attracts Monarch butterflies, which is another reason to plant it in your boulevard garden. It's also a good idea to grow bee-friendly plants. Check out this list of 10 of the best plants for bees.
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This pretty annual will grow almost anywhere. It has lacy foliage and also makes a good cut flower as one of the plants with colorful leaves. Looking for a way to put your yard waste to good use? Check out these composting tips for an excellent solution.
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SunflowerJuthapad Benjapong/shutterstock


Some varieties of sunflowers grow to up to 10 ft. tall! Choose one that stays a reasonable height and you'll enjoy showy flowers and tasty seeds.
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Easy to grow, tenacious, and vibrantly colored, these annuals are also long bloomers and gorgeous cut flowers. Consider adding stepping stones to your boulevard garden. Here's one DIY stepping stone project that's fun to do with kids.
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Crabapple treeVictoria Ditkovsky/shutterstock

Crabapple tree

Crabapple trees are tough and easy to grow. Their showy flowers in spring provide eye-popping color and in winter, many hold their attractive red or yellow fruit. Before you dig the hole for your tree, be sure to visit Call 811 and review these tips successful tree planting.
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Weeding and watering tipsFamily Handyman

Weeding and watering tips

It's important to keep your boulevard garden tidy and well watered. With this collection of tips, you'll have no trouble with the upkeep.

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Garden Tool Storage CubbyFamily Handyman

Garden Tool Storage Cubby

This build-it-yourself storage cubby keeps your gardening tools right where you need them. The complete how-to instructions and photos are available here.