8 Hallway Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Find out how to make your hallway brighter and more welcoming with these stylish lighting ideas.

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Ceiling And Wall Lights Courtesy @kalensplace Via Instagram
Courtesy @kalensplace/Instagram

Ceiling and Wall Lights

A hallway with no natural light might need two sources of light to make it more welcoming, as seen here in this example from @kalensplace. The overhead pendants and wall sconces work together to transform this plain, dark hallway into a bright, glamorous space. The modern gold tone of both fixtures helps make the overall look elegantly simple.

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Shade Pendants Courtesy @w Designinteriors Via Instagram
Courtesy @w_designinteriors/Instagram

Shade Pendants

This hallway by @w_designinteriors showcases a row of shaded pendants that look effortlessly timeless. Make sure your ceilings are tall enough to accommodate oversized pendants like these — there should be at least 7 feet of space from the bottom of the pendant to the floor. These light fixtures are made with luxurious silk shades.

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Picture Lights Courtesy @biltmorecohomes Via Instagram
Courtesy @biltmorecohomes/Instagram

Picture Lights

Picture lights add light to your hallway and illuminate wall art for a sophisticated look, like in this hallway from @biltmorecohomes. Position the light at a 30-degree angle focusing the beam at the center of the art or photograph. You can install wired picture lights, but battery-operated picture lights are an easy, DIY option.

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Geometric Chandeliers Courtesy @sullivaninteriordesign Via Instagram
Courtesy @sullivaninteriordesign/Instagram

Geometric Chandeliers

Lighting can be like jewelry for your hallway, adding a touch of glam and sparkle. Case in point, this hallway by @sullivaninteriordesign. The row of gold, octagonal chandeliers (here’s a similar light fixture) provide a focal point for the hallway and draw the eye up, making the ceilings seems taller and shining attention on the beautiful crown molding.

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Semi Flush Lights Courtesy @diyjenna Tiktok

Semi-Flush Lights

Semi-flush fixtures are often used in hallways because they don’t hang too low, which means they work for common ceiling heights and offer more style than a recessed light. These scalloped white ceramic and brass ceiling lights (chosen by @diyjenna) lend chic, modern flair. They are surprisingly affordable at $100 each, and when you need multiple fixtures, a low price is always a plus!

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Flush Mount Statement Light Courtesy @bethanyciotola Tiktok
COURTESY @bethanyciotola/TIKTOK

Flush-Mount Statement Light

Use a small hallway alcove to make a big lighting statement like @bethanyciotola. The flush-mount brass and crystal light fixture (here’s a similar design) is a nice surprise in an area of the house that could easily be ignored. To add even more interest, install bold wallpaper on the walls and ceiling.

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Led Rope Light Courtesy @emilyrayna Tiktok

LED Rope Light

How about hallway lighting and artwork in one? That’s the idea behind this LED light rope installation by @emilyrayna. The light rope is flexible so you can bend it to any shape, curving it around small nails (as seen here) or using the included adhesive mounting clips. The color-changing shape illuminates the hallway in a fun and unexpected way.

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Layers Of Light Courtesy @heyitshillarylaw Tiktok
COURTESY @heyitshillarylaw/TIKTOK

Layers of Light

This cute DIY hallway makeover by @heyitshillarylaw includes two layers of light — a new ceiling fixture, and a small table lamp. Layering light sources creates a cozy ambiance, even in a hallway. The large mirror is another great choice as the reflection bounces the light around the space and makes the hallway feel bigger and brighter.

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