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10 Grilling Tools Worth Splurging On

Grilling season is here! Do you have all the high-end, high-tech and premium grilling tools you need?

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Bbq Temp Controller

BBQube Bluetooth Temperature Controller

This high-tech BBQ temperature controller, called the BBQube TempMaster, works with most kettle grills and offset smokers, providing wireless BBQ temperature control with nothing more than the turn of a dial. The built-in variable fan helps the cook maintain a precise temperature control, and a companion app sends an alert when the food is done.

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Cleaning the grill is a daunting task. Thankfully, Grillbot, the Roomba of grill cleaning, is here to save the day. The small cleaner may be more expensive than your typical grill cleaning brush, but one use and you’ll be glad you added it to your grilling tools this season.

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Thawing Plate

Forgot to thaw that steak of chicken that you’re planning to grill tonight? No worries! This thawing plate has embedded heat pipes that maximize the rate of heat exchange between frozen food and room temperature. No electricity or batteries needed, and you won’t partially cook the meat (like you would with a microwave) or lose flavor (like you do when you thaw in water).

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Electric Fire Starter

The Looftlighter is a perfect splurge-worthy addition to your grilling tools. It produces a 1,100° F airstream that makes it the fastest charcoal starter in the world. It easily ignites briquettes and hardwood charcoal, wood and kindling. Check out these 25 grilling tools and accessories that take your grilling game up a notch.

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Monogram Branding Iron

For the ultimate grilling enthusiast, why not brand some meat? For starters, branding the meat with initials or a letter can help you know exactly who has the rare or medium steak. It also makes for a fun touch that guests will love.

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Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is the grand daddy of all meat thermometers, which is why the cost doesn’t scare us away from adding it to the list. With up to 165 feet of Bluetooth extended range, the MEATER+ will be your new favorite grilling accessory.

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Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate

Take your grilling on the road with this clever design. The spare tire mount BBQ grate is your backcountry BBQ buddy. Just start your fire, place the grate on top of the flames and get cookin’! Find a solution for a grill that likes to leak on your deck despite your best efforts to prevent it.

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High-Tech Charcoal Grill

The Slow ‘N Sear Deluxe turns an ordinary kettle grill into a powerful cook station. With a charcoal basket offset from the sides of the grill and a removable water reservoir, it works by creating two cooking zones on the surface for direct and indirect heat. You can sear off a steak or smoke a brisket for hours on end. With a riveted stainless steel body, it won’t warp in the heat either.

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Premium Cast Iron Skillet

A premium cast iron skillet is ideal both for indoor cooking as well as BBQing. If you like a well-seasoned burger, tossing your patties in the skillet results in an even, crusty sear on the burgers, while keeping those delicious juices from dripping down into the fire. The FINEXT Skillet is totally splurge-worthy, with its interior consisting of a polished smooth surface that gets piping hot. We also love the speed cool handle.

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Pizza Stone

Pizza Stone

Recreate the deliciousness of the pizza you love from your local pizza parlor with a pizza stone for your grill. You’ll get that wood-burning brick oven crisp crust and smoky flavor. Simply place the pizza stone grill right on the BBQ grill to use.

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