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12 Gorgeous Airbnbs Around the World We Want to Live In

You might not want to come back if you decide to book one of these gorgeous Airbnbs.

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Miami Beach

This oceanfront Airbnb offers a tremendous view of the sea from the 14th floor. It also allows you to walk directly to the beach from the condominium building. The condo comes with a king-sized bed, 60-inch LED TV, WiFi, and its own parking spot for $189 a night. Paying someone to mount a TV is kind of absent-minded, considering you can mount your own TV relatively easily with these tips.

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Highbury Garden House

Over in London, this Airbnb provides guests the opportunity to stay in the heart of the city and yet get a feel of an English garden. It’s a one-bedroom, 1 1/2-bath private room that runs $96 a night. The house is an old Victorian style home while the room features a mix of midcentury pieces, London art pieces and some boho vibes. You ever wonder what homes looked like 100 years ago? Here’s the answer.

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Gaga Over La La Land

This Airbnb beauty has ranked near the top of Airbnb’s most wished-for rentals and with a view like this, it’s easy to see why people would want to spend a vacation here. The spot overlooks Los Angeles and provides plenty of privacy even though there are four separate units (each one has its own entrance). This place might not be the biggest home in California but do you want to know what is?

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At first blush this place might not strike someone as gorgeous but when taken in totality it’s a knockout. This off the grid building is set just outside of Taos, New Mexico in the desert meas. It’s provides a picturesque setting for a unique eco-living vacation. The house might be “off the grid” but it provides all the modern amenities through its harvesting of wind and solar power. Earthships are located across the country and you can find out more about them at Earthship Global.

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Head-Turner in Turkey

The Art Residence Cappadocia in Turkey is something to marvel. It’s a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath cave home with an indoor fireplace that looks like something from a different century. It sits in central Turkey in a region known for its stone chimney-looking features and the Art Residence Cappadocia is the highest spot in the area. There are underground cities and cave houses in the area to explore. If you’re up for international travel, you’ll want to check out these 50 amazing houseboats you can rent on Airbnb.

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Madrid Marvel

Bookmark this Airbnb spot in Madrid for you next international trip. This penthouse comes with a terrace that gives you a spectacular view of Madrid. There are plenty of nearby dining options and shops to pop in. See more gorgeous places you can rent in the world when you discover 20 of the globe’s most enchanting homes you can rent.

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AirShip 2

They call this a tiny house but it certainly doesn’t look that way with the tremendous amount of natural light and huge convex bay window. It’s called the AirShip 2 and was designed by Roderick James Architects. It sits in Scotland in Drimnin, Highlands on a 4-acre lot. This place reminds us these 28 houses that look like an extraterrestrial lives there.

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Captivating Cape Town

For the adventurous, this Airbnb in Cape Town, South Africa is quite the destination. The Beach House on the Rocks is a three-bedroom, two-bath location that provides a 360-degree view of Table Mountain, not to mention the outstanding ocean view. Be sure to check out the hot tub and even an outdoor shower after a dip in the ocean. Ever wonder what kind of place a celebrity escaped to when they wanted a tropical vacation?

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Bali Hideout

A traveler in search of a culturally immersive experience will be hard pressed to find a similar Airbnb to the Bali Hideout. The closest village is more than a quarter mile away and the bamboo hut sits above a river where locals visit to bathe, do laundry and perform ceremonies. The hut is located directly across from a culturally significant site for villagers. It’s a bit of a hike but it sounds like an enriching trip.

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In the Caribbean east of the Virgin Islands on the island of Gustavia stands one of the prettiest ocean views you’ll find for an Airbnb. It’ll cost you plenty but some might say the locale is priceless. The Seascape accommodates 12 guests with its six bedrooms and six baths within its 7,000 square feet of living space. All of the bedrooms face the ocean and there’s a bath to a rocky cove. The views might want you to buy the island and though it’s not all for sale, these 50 islands certainly are up for sale.

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Florence Dreaming Villa

This Airbnb rental looks like something out of a dream with its luxurious exterior and interior. The seven-bedroom, nine-bath boutique hotel slightly north of Florence is breathtaking. It’s historic, too, as it became one of the properties of the Medici family, according to the Airbnb listing. The place got refurnished in 2015 and has been an attractive wedding location for families for a long time. It’ll make you feel like you’re inside one of these 50 extremely remote castles.

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Baan Mika

This Airbnb listing is surely a place not easily found in travel brochures. It’s located in Thailand, on an island in the Gulf of Thailand. The six-bedroom, six-bath facility is a luxury villa. There’s a private beach, chef-prepared food and the usual amenities.