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10 Gift Ideas for the Left-Handed DIYer

It's frustrating for a lefty in a right-handed world, so these gift ideas will make you your favorite lefty's hero.

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Left-Handed Drill Holster

There’s nothing more frustrating for a lefty DIYers than having to reach across their body to grab their drill out of the holster on the”wrong” side. So, here’s a great gift idea for lefties: A left-hand drill holster designed to hold a cordless drill. Made of suede leather, this holster is designed to balance perfectly and has a wide top opening for easy access to your drill. Rivets add strength and this holster also features belt loops for comfort.

Having trouble storing your drills and accessories when you’re not using them? This clever DIY drill dock is the answer.

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Left-Handed Tape Measure

If you’re a lefty, you’ll be used to struggling with a right-handed tape measure, but now your struggle is over. This tape measure for lefties features heavy-duty construction for durability and reads from left to right in metric and imperial measurements up to 25 feet (7.62 meters). There’s a rubber guard to protect the casing and this tool is designed to be worn on the left side of the body.

And to perfect your measuring technique, use these 25 measuring hacks for perfect results every time.

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Table Saw Tapering Jig

A tapering jig is essential when you’re trying to cut a long, slightly angled cut. This handy jig makes the job a whole lot easier, and it can be set up specifically for left-handed use. Made from lightweight aluminum, and fully adjustable, there’s also a built-in scale for easy use and a back-side stop to keep the workpiece securely in place. Table saw accidents can be deadly, so follow our guidelines for safely ripping boards with a table saw.

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Mini Glass Cutter

When you’re cutting glass, safety and accuracy are critical. If you’re a lefty using a right-handed cutter it makes the job much harder. This mini glass cutter can be set up for either left or right-handed use so everyone has an equal chance for success. You can even use it safely while sitting down!

In addition to cutting glass, you might need to drill through glass, so take a look at our detailed instructions for how to drill through glass safely.

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Left-Handed Scissors

This sturdy pair is specifically designed with an ergonomic and offset handle, contoured to minimize hand fatigue when used for long periods of time. The 8-inch blades are razor-sharp, making light work of the trickiest cutting jobs. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your beloved lefty DIYer, this is a great choice. Check out our 13 expert tips for sharpening scissors, knives and other tools.

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Left-Handed Safety Cutter

You wouldn’t believe that using a right-handed safety cutter could cause such problems for a lefty, but a left-handed cutter not only makes the job easier but it’s also safer. One of the more affordable gift ideas in this list, this cutter features four cutting positions for ultimate flexibility, a blunt safety tip on each blade to prevent puncture wounds and a permanent safety guard for added protection. There’s a replaceable film cutter and space to store 5 blades within the ergonomic handle. Prevent common injuries from tools by following these important safety tips.

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Right-Angle Drill Attachment

Trying to drill in an awkward corner? Then you need this clever right-angle drill attachment that takes the hassle out of drilling it tight spots. It attaches to most standard drills and features sturdy metal housing, heat-treated steel shank, double heat-treated helical gear and an industrial-grade chuck. And best of all, the handle can be set up for left-handed use, making it one of the most useful gift ideas for lefties we’ve seen. Here are five more must-have drill accessories.

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Left-Handed Garden Pruner

When pruning precious flowers, every gardener knows that a clean, precise cut is essential to avoid diseases and pest infestation. But, this is tricky if you’re a lefty struggling with right-handed pruners, so this pair is the perfect answer. Made in Italy from lightweight carbon steel, the handle is ergonomically designed for lefties and also gives a clearer view of what you’re cutting.

Repeated use will dull your garden tools, Repeated use will dull your garden tools, so make sure you keep them razor-sharp with our guide to sharpening pruners, axes, spades and more..

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Welding Hood Helmet

If your favorite lefty is into welding, good eye protection is absolutely essential, but this can be tricky with most welding hood helmets. Fortunately, this helmet is designed for those holding a welding tool in their left hand! The elastic headband is fully adjustable, and the wooden eyepiece can be sanded for the perfect fit. If you’re new to welding, here’s our ultimate guide for to how to get started.

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I May be Left-Handed, But…

All lefties should be proud to stand up and be counted. And of course, everyone knows that lefties are always right(!), so you know your favorite lefty would be happy to display this fun sign in their workshop or garage. And if you love a snappy saying, here are 13 DIY adages your grandparents probably used that still hold good today.

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