20 Genius Grilling Tools Under $20

These innovative tools are about to make hovering over the grill a whole lot more fun.

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Flexible Skewers

Skewers are essential grilling tools. The fact that someone out there came up with the idea to make them flexible is just pure genius! There’s so much innovation in this design. They allow you to marinate directly in a bag or bowl, then place them right on the grill. They make a much more effective use of the grill’s surface, and the design allows you to fit more food on each skewer.

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Grill Brush and Scraper

Give your grill a fresh clean with this highly-rated brush and scraper.  One reviewer says “The handle of the brush is nice and firm, it is long enough so that your clothes don’t get dirty while you are using the brush.”

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Non-Stick Grill and Oven Mat

Flavor is a big part of grilling. This non-stick grill mat keeps the juices or sauces from dripping off your meat, so all that delicious flavor stays put. You still get those desired grill marks, too. They’re also ideal for use at communal grills. Using the grill mat ensures your food never has to touch the questionable grate.

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Stainless Grill Clips

Grilling veggies can be a finicky process since they sometimes fall through the grates. That’s why you need innovative grilling tools to keep them in place! These stainless grill clips keep the vegetables just above the grill surface, so they don’t stick. They also allow you to flip your vegetables at once, as opposed to turning each small piece one by one. Tune up your gas grill for easier starting and better cooking.

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Chicken Leg Grill Rack

For space-conscious grillers, this chicken leg grill rack is an excellent tool designed to keep poultry cooking upright. It can be used with a variety of grill models, ovens and smokers.

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Barbecue Quesadilla Grill Basket

Who says grilling has to be all burgers and hot dogs? When you’re the odd man out at the party who prefers Mexican over classic barbecue food, this genius invention will come in handy. One bite of your quesadilla, and you’ll be wondering why you never tried grilling it before! The grill basket allows you to achieve that authentic smoky flavor while keeping your tortillas in place.

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Barbecue Stainless Steel Grilling Rings

When Steven Raichlen, host of the popular cooking series Barbecue University and author of the best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series, creates a line of innovative and versatile grilling tools, you better believe they’re worth it. With this set of three grilling rings, you can barbecue apples, pears, onions and even whole cabbages by simply stuffing them with your favorite seasoning and placing them on the spike. The ring ensures they never come in direct contact with the grill.

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Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves

Gloves are overlooked grilling tools, but if you’re the type of person who likes to play with fire, it’s time to slip on the right pair. These genius gloves feature an advanced material that swears to protect you from wrist burns, singed forearm hair, etc. up to 932 Fahrenheit.

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Octopus Basting Bottle

A basting bottle is a solid addition to your stash of grilling tools. Not only is this one just plain adorable, but we love that it allows you to apply barbecue or basting sauces easily, and then store the stuff for next time right in the same resealable bottle!

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Bacon Grilling Rack

What’s not to love about smoky bacon? This genius product features dual troughs that catch the bacon grease, saving you from potential flare ups. The non-stick surface allows for easy clean up. Here’s how to clean your grill with coffee.

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Bristle Free Barbeque Cleaner

BBQ brushes are important grilling tools, but the traditional kinds lose their bristles, creating a health hazard that could land you in the ER! With this genius bristle-free design, you can have total peace of mind. The 13 grooves can clean charcoal, gas, electric, panini, flat top, Weber, Lodge cast iron grill pan, dutch oven, indoor oven racks, wood pellet, park and campground grills.

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S’mores Grilling Basket

Looking for s’more out-of-the-box grilling tools to impress your guests? Desserts can be grilled too! This cool grilling basket makes it possible to whip up a plate full of ooey gooey s’mores to indulge in under the moonlight.

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Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

A great alternative to the old school method of lighting your charcoal with lighter fluid, the Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter was designed to quickly produce hot coals for cooking without lighter fluid. It features a specialized cone-shaped grate, durable construction for longevity and ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

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Lighted Spatula

When night falls, no matter how superb your patio lighting is, it can still be difficult to see your meats and veggies on the grill. This lighted spatula comes to the rescue! You’ll never overcook your food on the grill again! (Well, that’s if you’re blaming your grill fail on the lack of light!) Here are 12 things you haven’t tried on the grill but should.

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Shredder Claws

Considering a smoker? You’ll want grilling tools that make life easier. The genius Shredder Claws feature a bear paw shape design that allows you to easily pick up hot food without burning your hands. Next, use them as shredder tools for pulled pork or chicken!

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Hot Dog Slicing Tool

Hot dog lovers, rejoice! This is the perfect genius grilling tool for you. The “Slotdog” uses steel blades to seamlessly cut slots in your dogs. Place them on the grill, and they’ll expand as they cook. This ensures optimum flavor, since the smoke and grill flavor can penetrate deeper.

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Burger Press

This genius grilling tool allows you to make perfectly sized burgers. Your “expertise” will be a total hit at your next tailgate party with the ultimate burger press. It can also be used to make stuffed burgers.

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The FlipFork

Say goodbye to clutter around the grill with the genius FlipFork. The 5-in-1 design is the only one in the world to provide a knife cutting edge. The grilling spatula also includes a fork, tenderizer and a grill spatula with bottle opener and long handle all in one. Grilling just went to a new level.

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Cast Iron Smoker Box

If you want to enhance the delicious smokiness you love about grilling food, this genius invention is right up your alley. You simply fill this smoker box with dampened wood chips and toss it on your grill. After some time, your grill hood will be filled with smoke. While it’s not a full-on smoker, it’s a hack we love!

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Spatula With Digital Meat Thermometer

For the precision griller, this tool is just what you need! The 2-in-1 spatula is both a grill spatula and contact thermometer all in one, so you can gauge the temperature and then flip and serve burgers, steaks and more.

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