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10 Gardening Gift Ideas You’ll Want to Give (and Receive)

These tools make thoughtful gifts for every gardener, whatever the occasion.

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Spring is an exciting time for the gardeners in your life who’ve been waiting all year to get their hands dirty. It’s also a great time to get them a little something to show you care and get planting season started off on the right foot. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday or just a way to let them know you’re thinking of them, these 10 gardening gift ideas will make the annual springtime chores faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

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Decorative Herb Drying Rack

Outdoor herb gardens only grow during the warmer months, but their flavor can last all year thanks to this herb drying rack. This less-obvious gardening gift idea is a kitchen staple for any amateur chef with a green thumb. After drying, they can store the produce from their backyard, window or balcony garden in a traditional spice shaker.

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Cushioned Garden Kneeler and Stool

When joints feel sore and the ground turns muddy, a soft spot to kneel can be a lifesaver. This adjustable garden stool is a big step up from the usual flimsy pad. Thick foam creates a soft place to sit or crouch while tending flowers, and its collapsible design makes for easy storage and transportation. It even has a pouch to hold tools.

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Multi-Purpose Rain Barrel

Watering a garden can quickly lead to a hefty utility bill, and many locales restrict daily usage. A rainwater collection barrel is a simple, sustainable home upgrade to save money and headaches. Just be sure to check your state’s regulations. We asked Family Handyman’s Products Editor Bill Bergmann to weigh in, and he said the two drain-valve heights, sleek appearance and planter option put this rain barrel a cut above the rest.

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Handheld Hoe and Cultivator Combo

Why lug around two tools when one will do? This handheld tiller combines two gift ideas — a hand cultivator and a hoe — so that the gardener in your life can switch from raking to scooping with a twist of the wrist. The classic tool is an easy-to-use essential. And as Bergmann explains, the no-plastic design is built to last.

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Classic Leaning Trellis

Climbing plants need all the support they can get, and a white trellis is an attractive addition to any yard. Flowers, fruits and vegetables alike will cover the trellis with contrasting green vines. The elevated platform makes spotting and picking ripe produce easier. Pair it with some morning glory or pole bean seeds for the full package.

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Garden Arch with a Built-In Seat

For a more unique take on the classic trellis, opt for a garden arch with a built-in seat. This gardening gift idea is gorgeous with and without a layer of foliage, and it gives gardeners a place to sit and admire their hard work. Aromatic flowers like honeysuckle turn this seat into a backyard paradise.

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Elegant Plant Stand with Wheels

Large mixed pots are fun to design and plant. But when the time comes to clean your patio, all that dirt can be impossible to move. A rolling plant stand solves that problem. Simply place the empty pot on this ornate pedestal before filling it with your favorite soil and flowers. Then move it around the yard as you please. While there are other ways to reduce the weight of a potted plant, this one is the cutest.

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Stand-and-Step Lawn Weeder

Sometimes practical gifts are best. And a standing weeder is one item everyone can use. Even with prevention methods and sprays, intruders are bound to pop up in an otherwise impeccable yard. Save your favorite gardener’s back from hours of bending over with this handy tool. Rather than stooping to pull those pesky weeds by hand, this ingenious invention allows its user to rescue the lawn one step at a time.

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Soil PH Testing and Adjustment Kit

Many common flowers will change color depending on the soil’s pH level. However, fixing your garden’s acidity is an easy adjustment with this gardening shed staple. A soil pH kit will help you turn those pink hydrangeas blue in no time. This particular kit comes with testing indicator fluid and a vial, as well as solutions to raise and lower the pH level.

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Manual Soil Tiller With a Step

Working up the ground is one of the first steps of springtime planting. A manual tiller allows gardeners to get to all the hard-to-reach places in their flower beds. These aren’t as commonly found as power tillers, but their supreme precision makes them even better for loosening the packed soil after a long winter. Plus, fewer moving parts means it’s less likely to break.

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