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10 Game of Thrones Kitchen Gifts Any Superfan Will Adore

As Game of Thrones airs its final season, it's about time you decked your kitchen out with products inspired by the TV show. Bend the knee to embossed rolling pins, cupcake toppers, cake pans and more.

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Game of Thrones wooden spoonvia

Dinner Is Coming Spoon

This engraved wooden spoon ($11) is a must for anyone who loves to cook as much as they love Westeros. Use it to make our recipes inspired by Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones rolling pinDoughRoller/Etsy

Game of Thrones Rolling Pin

This rolling pin will add the best of GOT to your freshly baked cookies. The houses from the show are featured on all sides of this embossing rolling pin ($25), so bake some cookies in honor of whichever house you like the best. Plus: Did you know you should NEVER do these things during a kitchen renovation?

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Game Of Thrones Coastersvia

Game of Thrones Coasters

Enjoy your favorite drink while you watch the new season, but don’t forget to slip a GOT coaster ($12) underneath. The coasters depict different house crests from the show. Let your guests claim their favorite during a watch party.

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Hand of the King Bottle Openervia

Hand of the King Bottle Opener

If you drink and you know things, then you know this bottle opener ($15) is an essential part of any GOT fan’s kitchen. The bottle opener resembles the Hand of the King’s brooch, and it’s made of metal, so it can handle pretty much any beverage.

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Game of Thrones Cookie Stampsvia

Game of Thrones Cookie Stamps

It’s hard to believe your favorite sugar cookies could get any better, but if you love GOT, it’s your lucky day. Pick up a set of silicone direwolf & dragon cookie stamps ($16). It comes with a wooden handle and two interchangeable disks—one for House Stark and one for Targaryen.

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Game of Thrones Cake Panvia

Game of Thrones Cake Pan

There’s no better way for a GOT fan to bake a legendary cake than to shape it to look like House Stark’s direwolf sigil. This 10×6 silicone cake pan ($15) the perfect size to feed anyone hungry for GOT.

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Set of Game of Thrones Pub Glassesvia

Set of Game of Thrones Pub Glasses

These Targaryen pub glasses ($10 for 2) are the perfect addition to the kitchen, or to display as a keepsake. Each glass has the Targaryen family crest printed on it, and it’s finished with a gold rim. Next, see the kitchen mistakes you need to stop making ASAP.

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Targaryen Dragon Sigil Cutting Boardvia

Targaryen Dragon Sigil Cutting Board

Serve up the charcuterie board of your dreams with a Targaryen dragon bamboo cutting board ($20). It’s made of bamboo, so it is high quality, durable material will last as long as the GOT series.

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Game of Thrones Cupcake Toppersvia

Game of Thrones Cupcake Toppers

If you’re baking cupcakes for a GOT-themed party, they’re incomplete without these edible cupcake toppers. Bake the delicious cupcakes of your choice, top them with classic frosting and pop on one of these cupcake toppers ($14) to set the mood.

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Game of Thrones Shotglass Setvia

Game of Thrones Shotglass Set

This decorative shot glass set ($25) should probably be used as a keepsake item more than anything else. But there are four in a set, so it’s perfect for any GOT-obsessed group.

Purchase here.

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