Best Fireplace Guard Screens for Safe and Elegant Indoors

Updated: Mar. 23, 2024

From stylish to practical, keep the embers burning without sparks flying with the best fireplace screens for home and hearth.

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There’s nothing like an indoor wood-burning fireplace to fill your home with coziness and warmth. Along with the wonderful benefits that sitting in front of a roaring fire brings, fireplaces are among the leading causes of house fires in the U.S., according to a Home Structures Fire report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

To ensure your home is as safe from flying sparks and embers that could potentially ignite carpeting, flooring and other flammable objects, as well as injure children and pets, it’s highly recommended that before you throw that first log on the fire, be sure to place a fireplace screen in front of the flames. After thorough research, we can confidently recommend the best fireplace screens that keep the home fires burning where they belong: inside the firebox.

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Best Overall Fireplace Screen

Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen

Don’t let the simple-looking design of the Plow & Hearth fireplace screen fool you. This spark guard has a lot more going for it than meets the eye. Mimicking a cabinet-style fireplace screen, it has a flush-to-the-brick fit for optimum safety. Whether you want to add more wood or need to sweep up the cinders after the fire is cold, it comes with two doors that open wide to provide easy access to the fire. Crafted of solid steel (no hollow tubes here), it’s got a lovely wrought-iron look with hammered scroll front legs and handles.


  • Sturdy alloy steel construction and heavy-duty mesh screen
  • Adjustable back feet for uneven surfaces
  • Available in matte black and bronze
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doors may need to be adjusted to line up properly

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Panacea Products Arched Fireplace Screen via merchant

Best Value Fireplace Screen

Panacea Products Three-Panel Arch Screen

With over 3,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, the Panacea arched fireplace screen is our pick for the best bang for your buck. Part of the company’s Open Hearth Collection, the spark screen is a straightforward, functional and budget-friendly product with a coverage area of 24.25 by 47.5 inches. It even folds up flat for compact storage when wood-burning season is over.


  • Affordable
  • Sleek, simple design
  • Three-paneled arch design
  • Two-hinged doors open wide


  • Not super sturdy

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Barton Tempered Glass Fireplace Screen Ecomm Via via merchant

Best Fireplace Screen with Tempered Glass

Barton Tempered-Glass Fireplace Screen

The Barton tempered-glass fireplace screen is a clear choice for those who want the fire to be the center of attention and not the fireplace enclosure. This sleek and luxuriously modern option has clean, frameless lines made up of three panels of heavily tempered glass to provide an uncomplicated and unobstructed view. It allows the dancing flames to be the star of the show, and it couldn’t be easier to set up. At its tallest point, it stands at 30 inches to block potential popping embers.


  • Tempered glass allows you to see the fire
  • Stainless steel brackets hold the panels together
  • Cut-out handles on the sides for easy transport
  • Tool-free assembly (all hardware and instructions are included)


  • On the heavy side at 37 pounds
  • Prone to cracking or breaking if knocked over

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Best Flat Fireplace Screen

UniFlame Spark Guard Fireplace Screen

Curling up beside the fire is a lot safer with the UniFlame single-panel fireplace screen. It’s well constructed of heavy-duty steel in an old-world, black wrought-iron-look finish. It may not be the fanciest screen on our list, but it’s one of the safest. That’s because its pancake profile fits snugly against the fireplace opening, keeping stray sparks in and kids and pets out.


  • Strong rectangular frame with heavy-gauge steel mesh
  • Easy-lift handles on the front
  • Classic design to fit most decor
  • Won’t break the bank


  • May not fit all fireplace openings

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Best Cabinet-Style Fireplace Screen

Pleasant Hearth Ascot Fireplace Screen

If you’re looking for a screen that tucks into your masonry firebox opening, consider the Pleasant Hearth fireplace screen with glass doors. Not only does the unit block flying cinders, but when not in use, it reduces heat loss up the chimney by as much as 90%, according to the brand. Features include a high-temperature, black powder-coated finish, clear glass bi-folding doors, an air-control slide and easy-grip door handles.


  • Track-free doors with easy-catch magnets
  • Sturdy welded construction and thick tempered glass
  • Classic design to fit most decor
  • Made in the USA


  • For masonry (brick and mortar) fireplaces only
  • Some fireplaces may need a 2-inch riser bar to meet height requirements

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Best Three-Panel Fireplace Screen

Pleasant Hearth Preston Fireplace Screen

If you’re looking for an option that covers a lot space, the Pleasant Hearth Preston fireplace screen is a smart choice. Living large at an expansive 52 inches long when fully extended, it comes with side wings to block sparks shooting out from every which way. Made of durable steel and only weighing 15 pounds, this best fireplace screen provides outstanding coverage all at an affordable price.


  • Black three-panel design with glass
  • Folds down flat for space-saving storage
  • Classic design to fit most decor
  • Affordable


  • Could fall over if accidentally bumped

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Best Fireplace Screen with Door

Plow & Hearth Tree of Life Fire Screen with Door

Featuring a silhouette of a mighty oak embellished on the single-hinged door—a symbol of the interconnection of all life on the planet—this Plow & Hearth Tree of Life decorative fireplace screen adds style and ambiance while the door helps make tending the fire super easy. No more having to lift the screen out of the way to add a log. As good looking as it is sturdy, the fireplace screen’s frame features two adjustable back legs that slide back and forth along the bottom edge for extra stability. Once you’ve found the right positioning, simply re-tighten and you’re good to go.


  • Door makes it easy to tend to fire
  • Features tree of life design
  • Elegant black and gold-flecked metal frame
  • Available in small and large sizes


  • Design blocks more of the fire view

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Plow & Hearth Black Mesh Curtains Ecomm Via via merchant

Best Mesh Curtain Fireplace Screen

Midwest Hearth Fireplace Mesh Screen

An oldie but goodie, Plow & Hearth black mesh curtains are a classic, simple solution for spark protection. The chainmail-style twin panels are made of thick, 19-gauge wire that’s woven into 0.25-inch spirals that move back and forth with matching screen pulls (included). Available in a variety of sizes to fit most fireplaces, this best fireplace screen comes in three finishes, including black, antique brass and antique bronze.


  • Made of all-steel construction
  • Features strong, thick wire
  • Comes with pre-installed, heavy-duty hanging rings
  • Heat-resistant, powder-coated finish and zinc phosphate undercoating


  • Adjustable fireplace rod and valance kit is sold separately

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Minuteman International Arts & Crafts Curved Screen via merchant

Best Bowed Fireplace Screen

Achla Fireplace Curved Screen

Inspired by the 1930s Craftsman style of architecture, this curved screen is a gracefully bowed fire guard that’s hand wrought in the hammer and anvil method. The manufacturer claims that the screen provides better aeration and combustion to allow for more efficient burning. If that weren’t enough, it features such details as a rich Roman bronze powder-coat finish and is completely self supporting without the need for handles and feet. A matching log holder and tool set are also available (sold separately).


  • Gently curved design for rustic simplicity
  • Compliments Bungalow-, Mission- and Craftsmen-style homes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy, at 24 pounds


  • Finish may be darker than it appears in online

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Best Industrial-Grade Fireplace Screen

Pottery Barn Industrial Fireplace Door Screen

This fireplace door screen from Pottery Barn is a real splurge, but the peace of mind it brings is priceless. Crafted in the industrial metalwork tradition with simple lines and details, like exposed, decorative rivets to create a hand-forged look, the steel fireplace screen has extra safety features, like latched doors that won’t swing open, two adjustable legs to provide balance and stability and a hefty weight that’s difficult to knock over.


  • Mesh is made of wire steel cloth
  • Doors open fully to access the fire
  • Latch to hold doors together
  • Available in seven sizes and two finishes


  • Expensive
  • Cleaners and abrasives can scratch the surface

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Birch Lane Putnam Metal Candelabra via merchant

Best Ornamental Fireplace Screen

Charlton Home Iron Fireplace Candelabra

When the snow melts and temperatures rise, you can breathe new life into your out-of-commission fireplace with the Birch Lane Putnam metal candelabra. We especially love how this screen makes a creative and statement-making stand-in, whether your fireplace is on hiatus for the winter or is non-working all year round. Crafted from attractive matte black wrought-iron with 10 circular bobeches (collars) to catch the candle drippings, each arm holds a 4-inch-wide pillar candle (not included). The graceful scrolling of the piece may not be a substitute for a roaring fire, but it can bring a romantic, flickering glow to any space.


  • Timeless, classic look
  • Strong, high-quality construction
  • Works with regular or battery-operated candles
  • Versatile and can be used in other areas of the home


  • Needs to be dusted periodically

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Epikoib Fireplace Fence via merchant

Best Fireplace Screen for Kids and Pets

Metal Baby Gate Fireplace Fence

Let’s face it: Kids (and cats) are extremely curious. Offering a double layer of protection against children and their furry friends from burning themselves is this fireplace fence. Available in either six or eight panels, the safety railing is made of sturdy steel that snaps together to create a wide buffer zone between the little ones you love and the hot glass or metal of the fireplace. And because it’s portable, the fence works well around gas burners and outdoor fire pits. On the move? No worries. Since it easily collapses, it allows you to take it with you on visits to the grandparents’ house.

Editor’s note: Even when you have a fireplace screen in place, never leave a child or pet near a live fire unattended.


  • Freestanding or wall-mountable fence
  • Comes with a locking mechanism
  • Can be configured to different fireplace shapes and sizes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Kids can still see the fire, which can cause curiosity

What to Look for When Buying a Fireplace Screen

Before hitting deciding on a new or replacement fireplace screen, the most important features to consider are:


Because the main function of a fireplace screen is to contain jumping flames and wayward sparks, make sure the screen you choose covers the entire width and height of your fireplace opening.


There’s a wide variety of fireplace screens ranging from inexpensive to splurge-worthy. We gathered the top fireplace screens costing anywhere from about $40 to just under $1,000. Of the 12 we chose, the average cost falls into the $150 to $250 price range.


Most fireplace screens on the market are made of either metal, glass or a combination of the two.

  • Wrought/cast iron: Heavier than steel, these durable screens can last a lifetime.
  • Steel: More lightweight than iron, the downside of steel is that it’s more likely to topple over if bumped.
  • Tempered glass: Thick and tempered-glass fireplace screens offer a view of the fire.


Most fireplace screens come freestanding, fitted and with or without doors.

  • Single-panel screens are the most popular, because they sit flush against your fireplace opening and are easy to maneuver for setup and when needing to tend to the fire.
  • Multi-panel screens are typically used on larger fireplaces and have one (or two) large panels on the front with two smaller ones on the side that fold inwards. Many come with doors that open to add logs and stoke the fire.
  • Curved/bowed screens are one-piece screens are often self stabilizing, yet still allow you to see and access the fire from the top without needing to move them.
  • Cabinet-style screens are inset and feature doors. This style of fireplace screen is most efficient at containing the flames within the firebox. If you keep the doors closed when not in use, it helps keep warm air (and cold air in summer) from escaping up and out of the chimney.

Why You Should Trust Us

Toni DeBella, who wrote this piece, is a reviews expert and DIYer covering an array of home topics. She researches products so she can properly recommend ones that’ll work best for homeowners looking to solve a specific problem. We consulted with Russ Dimmitt, director of education at the Chimney Safety Institute of America, to detail the most important features to look for in a fireplace screen. Dimmit has nearly three decades in the chimney and venting industry. He educates chimney sweeps and professionals on the latest products, safety protocols and all other aspects when it comes to chimneys.

How We Found the Best Fireplace Screens

The amount of fireplace screens on the market right now is dizzying. We took the time to sort through the lot so you wouldn’t have to. We took into account recommendations from industry insiders, as well as real-life customer reviews and ratings. The most important criterion was the industry’s safety standards, such as the type of heat-resistant materials used. We focused on the design, performance, quality, functionality and value of each of the screens on our list. After gathering all this crucial information, we whittled down the list to the 12 best fireplace screens.


Do fireplace screens reduce heat?

Fireplace screens are designed not to block the heat generated from your fireplace, however, depending on whether your screen is mesh or glass determines how much actual heat is absorbed and/or passed through into the room.

Is glass or mesh better for fireplace screens?

Mesh is the most popular type of fireplace screen, because it keeps sparks contained while allowing heat to radiate out into the room. A metal mesh is also lightweight, so you can easily move the screen out of the way when you want and, not unlike a sieve, it lets more heat through than glass, which absorbs the heat before radiating it out into the space.

Screens made out of glass have their pros and cons. Glass creates a solid barrier against smoke and embers, as well as keeps the visual focus on the fire and surrounding fireplace instead of the screen. They’re generally heavier, but if they do get knocked over, they can break more easily than iron or metal. One material isn’t necessarily better than the other. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, so pick the material that fits your lifestyle and home aesthetic best.

Does a wood-burning fireplace need a screen?

Yes, absolutely. The main function of a fireplace screen is to keep burning substances from entering the room, hence why it’s important to keep in mind that those that don’t sit flush with the brick or opening of the fireplace pose a higher risk than those that do.