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Father’s Day Projects to do With or For Your Dad

This Father's Day, do more than just give your dad another tie. Make something with him, or do a DIY project for him. After all, he'd much rather spend time with you, imparting fatherly wisdom while you two tackle a project. Check out some of our suggestions for how you and your dad can DIY.

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Brick Paver BorderFamily Handyman

Brick Paver Border

Give your dad upgraded landscaping and an easier time mowing the lawn. This brick paver border puts enough room between garden beds and landscaping that a lawn mower can just ride the rail and cut everything in its path.

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Clean Concrete Garage FloorFamily Handyman

Clean Concrete Garage Floor

Did you know garage floors aren't supposed to be full of oil stains and dirt? In just an afternoon, you can make your dad's 'favorite' room in the house a whole lot cleaner. Learn how here.

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Resurface Garage FloorFamily Handyman

Resurface Garage Floor

Has your dad's garage floor seen better days? Is he dealing with pits, cracks and chips while he's helping you change your brakes? You can fix that! Learn how to resurface a garage floor here.

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Deluxe Garage MakeoverFamily Handyman

Deluxe Garage Makeover

Is your dad's garage a repository for all the stuff he's not supposed to keep in the house? Would a little organization go a long way? Has he always wanted more space to work on projects and cars? Then a garage makeover is in order.

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Grillzebo: The Ultimate Father's Day GiftFamily Handyman

Grillzebo: The Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Nothing says happy Father's Day more than a summer afternoon grilling and hanging out with the family. Build this grillzebo with your dad over the course of a weekend and you'll both reap the benefits.
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Tag Team InsulationFamily Handyman

Tag Team Insulation

Insulating a house is dirty, messy business. But it really does pay off. If you have the time and willpower, offer to be the person crawling around the attic or crawlspace, placing insulation while your dad plays the roll of handing them to you and giving you advice on where to put them. Learn how to insulate crawl space ducts for big energy savings here.

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Patio Planters Built by TwoFamily Handyman

Patio Planters Built by Two

Nothing brings a kid together with his/her father better than a little project. These raised patio planters fit the ticket of being able to be put together without too much fuss (but just enough fuss to impart some life lessons). Get complete plans and instructions here.

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Handsome Patio ChairsFamily Handyman

Handsome Patio Chairs

Surprise your dad with these handsome patio chairs. He'll appreciate that they're handcrafted, and you'll appreciate the feeling you get while you detail exactly HOW you made them. Then sit back, crack open a couple of cold ones and take a load off. You've both earned it.

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Plant a Father TreeFamily Handyman

Plant a Father Tree

This one might take a little bit of advance planning. Pick out a tree with your dad and help him plant it. It'll be a nice upgrade to his yard, and every time he sees it, he'll think about you and how you two planted it together. How's that for a gift that keeps on giving?

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Sharpen All The ThingsFamily Handyman

Sharpen All The Things

Dads have all kinds of stuff that needs to be sharpened – pocket knives, scissors, chisels, lawn mower blades, shovels, axes, chain saw chains, etc. Check with him first, but offer to spend some time sharpening his gear. Chances are, he'll have a thing or two to show you and doing it together will make it go twice as fast.

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Dad's Deluxe Car WashFamily Handyman

Dad's Deluxe Car Wash

Give your dad's vehicle a proper cleaning. We're not talking about the $5 automated car wash. Really give it a proper wash, dry and polish, then get out the shop vac and clean the interior, too. Chances are it's been a while since he's sprung for a deluxe wash, so he'll definitely appreciate getting into a spotless car. Get our best car cleaning tips and tricks here.

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Father's Day Grill Tune-UpFamily Handyman

Father's Day Grill Tune-Up

Has your dad's grill seen better days? Does he still use it because 'it works just fine'? You can restore a gas grill to nearly new – all it takes is some simple materials and time. You can also fix (or install a a new) electronic gas grill ignition. Then top it off with a couple of great BBQ accessories. He'll really appreciate this one, and you'll appreciate his newfound love for grilling all kinds of delicious meals.