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Fairy Garden Statues You Must See to Believe

These unique fairy garden statues will take any fairy garden to the next level.

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Nutshell Carrying Garden Rabbits

Forget the gnomes, this Garden Rabbit Sculpture is way too adorable to pass up. These little guys are working together to carry a nutshell through your fairy garden. Fill it with pebbles, flower petals or miniature food. How cute is that?

New to fairy gardens? Get started quickly with one of these fairy garden kits!

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Fairy Garden Mini Camper

We love this kitschy Mini Camper Sculpture for fairy gardens with a bit of a sense of humor. Pair one or more of these fairy garden statues with some silly gnomes and a miniature barbecue grill for the perfect fairy garden camping scene.

Now that you have fairies, you need butterflies, too! Here are 7 tips for attracting butterflies to your yard.

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Teacup Sleeping Fox

This adorable Sleeping Fox Figurine is perfect for a woodland creature fairy garden. Priced at $95, it’ll cost you a little more than most fairy garden accessories, but you can’t beat its handmade quality and life-like details.

Uh oh, dealing with real foxes, or maybe raccoons? Here’s how to handle your own pest and critter control.

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Wine Bottle Fairy House

Everyone has seen a fairy house made out of a mushroom, but what about one made from wine bottles? This Wine Bottles with Succulents Fairy House is hand painted, and its vibrant colors glow at night thanks to a solar panel.

Speaking of wine, check out this easy-to-make wine rack!

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Solar-Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Globe

This whimsical Garden Fairy Sculpture includes a crackle globe that actually glows! It’s powered by a solar panel that charges in the day, and then glows red at night. You’ll love the detail in the hand-painted finish and the intricate wings add a delicate touch, making it one of our favorite fairy garden statues.

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Mini-Cactus Fairy House

Want to make a truly unique fairy garden? Try replacing the traditional forest theme with a desert one. And no desert fairy garden is complete without a Cactus Fairy House. It’s perfectly cute during the day, but it comes alive at night when LED solar lights make it glow from within. Plus: Have you ever heard of solar garden fairy lights? They’re not what you might think. Plus: Check out more creative fairy garden containers.

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Garden Gnome Godzilla

Watch out, the fairy garden is under attack! Your patio guests will get a chuckle from this Garden Gnome Godzilla. Set him up next to a few tipped-over fairy houses, while he walks and feasts on several garden gnomes.

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Sleeping Cat in a Box

Is there anything cozier than a sleeping kitty? Now your fairy garden can have its own version with this Sleeping Cat in a Box Sculpture. The cardboard box is surprisingly realistic with its hand painted details and furled edges.

Is your fairy garden in a container? Check out these self-watering planters to keep all your live greenery thriving.

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Magical Fairy Tree

Your fairy garden needs plenty of trees and greenery to make it welcoming for local fairies. And it also might need a Magical Tree like this one. It’s said that fairies can come and sit on the accompanying bench to listen to the tree’s wise and colorful stories.

A fairy garden adds whimsical decor to any yard. Get more yard decor ideas here!

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Miniature Climbing Frog

Frogs and fairies are a classic pair – and we love this little Climbing Frog. Its hand painted with life-like climbing branches, and it comes with small pick for easy placement in the soil.

While you’re working on your fairy garden, get inspired by these other backyard ideas to make a beautiful outdoor space.

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