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25 Elf on the Shelf Decorations That’ll Knock You Out

Get inspired to step outside the box this season with these Elf on the Shelf decorations.

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ElfCharlotte Marion/Shutterstock

An Elf on the Shelf Picking on Another

These elves sure are jokesters! The kids of this household must have loved finding their elves joking around beneath the tree. The elf who did the dirty work of wrapping up his pal looks a little mischievous, doesn’t he? If the inspiration well ran dry this season for holiday decorating ideas, check out some of these last-minute ideas to make your house festive.

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otterBenjamin Gilbert/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf Visiting Wildlife

Kids can get totally overstimulated on field trips, like to the zoo or aquarium. Someone thought it best to keep them in the holiday spirit with a little reminder that their classroom Elf on the Shelf is keeping an eye out! Here are 15 things your family can do for the wildlife in your neighborhood.

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Elf on the Shelf Balloon in a Parade

Check out this Elf on a Shelf flying high! The Macy’s Day Parade sure took the Christmas prop to a whole new level. The mere sight of the giant elf must have had people’s jaws dropping! If you want to stay within your budget for holiday gifts, check out these frugal gift ideas.

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GingerbreadSusan Burgard/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf Building a Gingerbread House

When the kids went to inspect their gingerbread house, they must have been pleasantly surprised to see their Elf on the Shelf hard at work!

Need a quick chuckle? Check out our video on how to destroy gingerbread houses.

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Elf on the Shelf Sitting on a Swing

A tiny elf deserves the tiniest of branches from which to swing! It must have been hard to find this elf tucked into the Christmas tree among all the other ornaments and bright lights.

Have you always wanted a porch swing? Here’s how to build one the whole family will love.

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PenguinBenjamin Gilbert/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf with African Penguin

This Elf on the Shelf has gone off the grid! Apparently even African penguins like to get in the Christmas spirit.

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Elf on the Shelf Climbing a Star

This Elf on the Shelf is feeling adventurous. He’s got a hold of some rope and plans to conquer the top of this lofty paper star decoration! Will the kids be smart enough to look up high to find him? If you have to work up high on your roof, be sure to check out this tutorial on how to properly use a roof safety harness.

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PantryMaria Sbytova/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf in the Pantry

Did this elf get hungry? Or is he waiting for the kids to stumble upon him in the pantry the next time a snack attack hits? Either way, he sure looks cute! Here’s a collection of clever kitchen cabinet and pantry storage solutions.

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GolfSusan Burgard/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf Playing Golf

What’s cuter than a tiny putting green made out of green construction paper? Surely it’s an itsy bitsy elf playing golf on it with a candy cane as a club! Four! Check out a cool putting green sent in by a Family Handyman fan.

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ShelfSusan Burgard/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf Eating the Advent Calendar

Even an Elf on the Shelf can be naughty sometimes! This guy just couldn’t help but get into the Advent calendar. As if his guilty grin doesn’t say enough, how about the chocolate smeared across his face?! If your Elf on a Shelf makes a mess, these secret cleaning tips from the pros will be a big help.

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Elf on the Shelf with a Christmas List

Are the kids wondering just how Santa receives their Christmas lists? Perhaps the Elf on the Shelf has to give it the first look before sending it off to the North Pole! Find out the best Christmas tree species before you head out to the tree farm or lot.

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BarbieSusan Burgard/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf Protesting with Barbie

Who needs politics when you can have a food fight! This Elf on the Shelf and his Barbie pal are all about bringing back decent fruitcake. And speaking of Barbie, she appears in this collection of the 25 craziest toy fads.

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Gifts goodmoments/Shutterstock

Elf on the Shelf With Tiny Gifts

Elf on the Shelf has Christmas shopping of his own to do! When the kids can’t find him, he might be shopping. If he hasn’t moved from his last spot, perhaps he fell asleep after a long night of wrapping all of those presents. Find out what you should know about LED Christmas lights.

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Elf on the Shelf Fairy Door

Where does Elf on the Shelf live when he’s not tucked into presents or swinging from a branch on the Christmas tree? This fairy door is the perfect addition to your Elf on the Shelf’s accessories.

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sled The Elf on the Shelf/Amazon

Elf on the Shelf Sledding Set

Give your elf some fresh winter air and a little activity with this sledding kit! The Totally Tubular snow set includes a snowflake-spangled inflatable snow tube, fleecy earmuffs and an extra long cozy scarf — how cute! In the package you’ll also get outfits geared toward the girl version of the doll, including party skirts and more! Here are our 10 favorite winter toys for enjoying the outdoors.

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TeesThe Elf on the Shelf/Amazon

Elf on the Shelf Graphic Tees

Who says elves don’t have a little style and a big sense of humor? These graphic tees will bring out your Elf on the Shelf’s personality with sayings like “My other ride is a sleigh.” If their wardrobe get too big, your elf may need these 15 tips for storing seasonal clothing.

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djThe Elf on the Shelf/Amazon

Elf on the Shelf DJ Set

Having a Christmas party this year? Set up an itsy bitsy DJ station for your elf to join the party! These headphones and adorable sweatshirt will give DJ EOTS some serious swagger. Get some inspiration with these Christmas tree decorating ideas.

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RaincoatThe Elf on the Shelf/Amazon

Elf on the Shelf Raincoat

On a wet evening, make sure your elf is properly dressed to come along for the caroling festivities. Or, you could set up a frozen lake scene, where your elf can go ice fishing in their dapper coatCheck out these clever coat hooks made from tools and hardware.

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Elf on the Shelf Princess Gown

If your little one wishes their Elf on the Shelf could be as fashionable as their Barbies, this gown should do! “The perfect addition to our Elf on the Shelf experience,” says an Amazon reviewer. “My children picked it out as a gift for their elf and it looked AMAZING on her and was very festive! Tiara stayed on nicely as well (even when she was hanging upside down)!” If you’re tired of cutting down a Christmas tree each year, check out these 12 cool Christmas tree alternatives.

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Elf on the Shelf Clothesline

Elves have to do laundry too! Make the kids giggle at this surprise scene. Give your kids a laundry chore and they’ll love finding their elf in the laundry room with their clothes hanging from teeny clothespins. Check out these 9 ways to dry clothes without a dryer.

Photo: Courtesy of judynangie/Etsy

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Elf on the Shelf Batman Outfit

If you have a little one who loves Batman, they’ll surely be ecstatic to find that their Elf on the Shelf took note and dressed up in Batman garb!

Photo: Courtesy of LanesCreation/Etsy

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Elf on the Shelf Cookie Stand

Cookies and Christmas go together like Santa Claus and a sleigh. This adorable cookie stand comes with three cookies, a rolling pin and the apron. Check out these kitchen storage hacks, including a clever way to store cookie pans.

Photo: Courtesy of LanesCreation/Etsy

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doorway judynangie/Etsy

Elf on the Shelf Minimalist Swing

Using cotton string and a cardboard tube, you could easily whip up this simple swing for your Elf on the Shelf. Hang it from your kid’s doorway so they can wake up to a fun surprise! Here’s a collection of amazing DIY decor ideas for Christmas.

Photo: Courtesy of judynangie/Etsy

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Elf on the Shelf Jail

Elves aren’t perfect! Purchase this funny jail cell for your doll. It’s made out of card stock, glue, paper straws and cardboard. As the holidays approach make sure no one is peaking around at the presents with these incredible gift hiding spots.

Photo: Courtesy of judynangie

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toy Amazon

You Don’t Have an Elf on the Shelf?

If you have somehow missed out on the Elf on the Shelf craze or if your child wasn’t old enough to enjoy it yet, now’s the time! Here is a set of two that should keep you busy and your child delighted. If harmless mischief is your thing, here are 11 Christmas inflatables that your neighbors might not like.

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