9 Driveway Gate Ideas for Every Style of Home

Increase home security and curb appeal with one of these stylish driveway gates.

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Consider a Driveway Gate for Added Security

Home security can come in many forms. Cameras, smart locks and motion sensor lights come to mind. But one thing I hadn’t considered is a driveway gate.

Driveway gates (especially the automatic ones) control who has access to your home and when. Sounds great, right? If you’re like me, you’re probably also concerned about how the gate looks. I found a variety of beautiful and secure gates to fit every style of home.

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Contemporary Automatic Gate Courtesy Heartlandsgates Instagram
Courtesy @HeartlandsGates/Instagram

Contemporary Automatic Gate

I wanted to feature this automatic gate from @heartlandsgates because it looks great and comes with all the features you want. It’s installed with low voltage underground automation and includes a wireless intercom system so the homeowner can communicate with visitors. The intercom and gate control can be operated from a wireless handset.

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Wood Grain Aluminium Gate Courtesy Tfsaluminiumgates Instagram
Courtesy @TFSAluminiumGates/Instagram

Wood-Grain Aluminum Gate

I love the look of natural wood, but it requires a lot of maintenance. Enter this solution from @tfsaluminiumgates: wood grain aluminum! Aluminum is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and durable, making it a great choice.

With this wood-grain gate, you get all the benefits of aluminum plus the warmth and elegant appearance of wood — the best of both worlds!

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Sliding Wood Gate Courtesy Sg_Fencing Instagram
Courtesy @SG_Fencing/Instagram

Sliding Wood Gate

Speaking of wood gates, I couldn’t pass up this sleek sliding wood gate from @sg_fencing. It contrasts beautifully with the dark gray fencing, offering privacy and modern curb appeal.

Iroko, European oak and red cedar are all good choices for wood gates and fencing because of their strength, durability and resistance to insects. Keep in mind wood will require more maintenance than metal options, but you can’t beat the natural texture and color.

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Modern Iron Gate Courtesy The_Iron_Anvil Instagram
Courtesy @The_Iron_Anvil/Instagram

Modern Iron Gate

This beefy, extremely durable iron gate by @the_iron_anvil offers cool graphic design. The railing doesn’t offer much privacy, but it will deter intruders and prevent unwanted cars from entering your property.

Be sure to invest in a top-quality gate lock to increase your driveway gate security. Most gate and fencing companies recommend electric or magnetic locks as the best options.

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Rustic Oversize Barbwire Gate Courtesy The_Iron_Anvil Instagram
Courtesy @The_Iron_Anvil/Instagram

Rustic Oversize Barbwire Gate

If you live on a large property or ranch, what’s more fitting than this rustic oversized barbwire gate by @the_iron_anvil? He told me this particular gate is sort of his trademark design — it’s called the “Big Barb” — and gets a lot of attention. I think the barbwire is intimidating in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it will keep curious or lost passersby off your land.

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Aluminium Basket Weave Gate Courtesy Epicironworks Instagram
Courtesy @EpicIronWorks/Instagram

Aluminum Basket-Weave Gate

If you like more ornate designs, I’ve got a driveway gate for you! This basket-weave aluminum model by @epicironworks makes a beautiful addition to a traditional-style home.

The weave pattern of the panels creates privacy while allowing airflow, and it’s much more visually interesting than a solid gate. The pretty swirl pattern on top is fashioned from hand-forged iron.

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Camoflauge Cedar Gate Courtesy Cascadefenceanddeck Instagram
Courtesy @Cascadefenceanddeck/Instagram

Camouflage Cedar Gate

Most of the driveway gates I found contrast with the surrounding fencing, but there’s something to be said for this cohesive look from @cascadefenceanddeck.

The fence and gate have the same profile, made with cedar, and you can hardly tell a gate is there. The camouflage style offers a seamless look and improves security, because intruders might not know where to access the home or driveway.

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Small Property Driveway Gate

If you’re like me, you don’t have a gigantic property with a long driveway. But a small home can benefit from a driveway gate as well.

Watch this automatic model from @silence_garage_doors in action. The vertical slats and automatic operation increase security without blocking the view of the house, which sits close to the fenced perimeter.

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DIY Wood Gate

If you don’t have the budget for a professionally installed driveway gate but want a custom look, check out this idea from @diycoach.co.

This husband and wife team covered an affordable metal gate with wood scraps, creating this stylish diagonal design. It secures this section of their driveway and looks great, for a fraction of the price of a professionally installed gate.

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