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10 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas

Have an upcoming holiday party that requires a white elephant gift? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with these clever, simple and most importantly cheap DIY best white elephant gifts.

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Have an upcoming holiday party that requires a white elephant gag gift? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with these clever, simple and most importantly cheap DIY best white elephant gifts.

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Farm Animal Butt Magnets

Everyone can use more magnets, why not make those magnets the subject of conversation. Or the butt of a joke. These are great for hanging project plans, photos, to-do lists and more. The pack of six includes posteriors from a horse, rooster, pig, bull, cow and sheep.

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Bacon Bandagevia

Bacon Bandages

Healing never looked so tasty. Bacon bandages are a fun way to take care of the cuts and scraps you can’t avoid in the shop. The DIYer on your list will get a kick out of adding a little pork to their first aid kit.

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used gift cards white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Used Gift Cards

What are you supposed to do with those gift cards that have a small leftover balance on them? Re-gift them! Just take your old gift cards, find out how much is left on them and add a label with the remaining balance. Be sure to cross out the original amount so the person on your list is less excited and more amused. Package up a few to make it worth their while.

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King of the Grill Apron

What do you get the pit master who has everything? A crown, of course. With this apron, you can unilaterally proclaim the backyard chef in your life to be the reigning monarch of all things smoke. Whether they’ve earned that title or you’re just giving it to them ironically, they’ll at least appreciate having a place to wipe the sauce off their hands.

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Garden Gnome And Catvia

Garden Gnome Cat Statue

Who says garden statuary has to be stuffy and boring? This hand-painted statue from Mark and Margot features a cat gobbling up garden gnomes. It’s a fun piece to stash in your flower bed. And it’s not so big that it dominates the landscape — just enough to start a conversation.

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Scratching lottery ticketsIcatnews/Shutterstock

Lottery Tickets

You could go buy a handful of lottery tickets, or you could have a little fun with some fake ones. Every one of them is a winner! For a special bonus, let them know on the card that they’re not obligated to share their winnings with you.

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stress relief bubble wrap white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Stress Relief

Shopping for the holidays is stressful, and this gift is anything but! Wrap up some bubble wrap to make a DIY stress relief white elephant gift. Include a note that reads, “Stress Relief: Simply pop capsules every 4-6 hours as needed as symptoms are alleviated.” Check out these DIY projects that will help you de-stress.

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Smart Meetingsvia

100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

Meetings, amirite!? There’s nothing quite like sitting in a conference room for 60 minutes to make a decision that could have been done in less than five. With this handy book, you can give that special someone on your list a handy way to make the most of their lost time.

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DIY white elephant gift coupon bookFamily Handyman

DIY Coupon Book

A coupon book is one of the best DIY gifts you can give someone. It’s simple to make, the materials are cheap, and it’s a gift the receiver will love. Cut paper to equal sizes and write out your coupon ideas on each card. Some ideas include do their laundry, walk their dog, buy them a coffee, etc.

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Desktop Golf

Are they pens or golf clubs? Both! Sometimes it’s nice to squeeze in a quick nine before lunch, and with this handy little golf set, they can do just that AND take care of a little paperwork in the process.

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