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DIY Valentine Heart Garland

For a simple DIY Valentine's Day decoration, try making a paper heart garland. It's an easy project and you can even get the young ones involved. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a DIY Valentine heart garland.

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Sweetheart Valentine Garland

This paper heart garland is easy and inexpensive. It can be hung along a fireplace mantle, from a bookshelf or in an entryway. Wherever you hang it, this garland will add Valentine cheer.

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Get Supplies

First, grab all the supplies needed for the project. You’ll need a ruler, pink or red paper (or a mix of colors), scissors, a stapler and a pen or pencil.

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Measure and Mark

You can make the hearts any size you want. For example, you could use 3-inch by 3-inch Post-It Note paper and cut six strips from each one. You can experiment a little until you have the width and size you like. Then, with your ruler and pen or pencil, measure out where you want to cut the paper into strips.

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Make Your Cuts

Once you have the strips measured and marked, grab your scissors and cut out the strips. How many should you cut? That all depends on how long you want your garland! Cut a bunch and you can always go back and cut more.

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Start Assembling

Now comes the fun part! Take four strips of paper, line them up and staple one end together. These will be the first two hearts of your garland. You could also use tape of glue, but stapling is fast and easy.

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Fold a Heart

Take the two outside strips of paper and fold them down into a heart, as shown in the inset. Then place a strip of paper on each side of the heart and staple through all four strips, at the bottom. This will allow you to continue making hearts that are attached, forming a garland.

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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Continue to fold down the last two strips of paper you add into a heart, add two strips of paper to the bottom of the that heart and staple them together at the bottom. If you’re doing this as a family project, each person can be working on their own strand and then all of the strands can be connected to make one long garland. T

hese clever DIY Valentine’s gifts are made with Scrabble tiles!

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Make a Wreath

For a smaller project, you can make a wreath with the hearts. Just attach two ends together to make a circle in whatever size you want.

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