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DIY Valentine String Art

Do something a little different this Valentine's Day and create some DIY Valentine string art.

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Decide on the Board

Select a board in whatever size and shape you want. If you have narrow boards that you want to combine into a wider board, glue and clamp them and let the glue dry before your start. This board is essentially the canvas for this piece of art, so be creative!

We recommend that if you want to stain or paint the board, do it now before you start the actual nail and string art part of the project. In the step-by-step photos that follow, the board was stained after the nails were hammered in place, but it is much easier to apply the stain first.

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Cut Out the Letters

The size of your letters depends on the size of your board, of course. You can make the letters freehand, use stencils or create them in whatever font and size you want in Microsoft Word and print them out.

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Place the Letters

Now space out your letters on the board. Once you have them in place, step back to make sure they are in the perfect spot and are easy to read. If you’re worried about the letters shifting, use only a little bit of tape to fasten them to the board because you have to remove them after the nails are in place.

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Pound Nails

Now, take a hammer and some small nails. Hammer in a row of nails outlining each letter

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Remove the Paper Letters

Once all of the nails are in place, carefully remove the letters.

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Start Stringing!

Now it’s time to use string to create the letters. You can use colorful yarn, string or twine depending on the look you’re after. Tie the end along one nail and then go in back-and-fourth patterns, wrapping the string all around the nails of each letter.

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Tie it Off

Once you’re done with stringing one letter, secure the string by tying it to a nail and cut off the end. Repeat the process with the remaining letters.

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Once all the letters have string around them, you’re done! Give the art as a gift or hang it in your home.

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