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Vintage Family Handyman Covers from the ‘70s

To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, take a look back at these vintage Family Handyman covers from the 1970's.

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fall 1970 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1970 Cover

Wood paneling was a well-established trend by the 1970s, and boy are we glad it’s gone! This cover displays a “dream bedroom design” for a young girl growing up in the ’70s.

Plus, check out these Family Handyman vintage Walmart ads from the ’70s.

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winter 1970 issueFamily Handyman

Winter 1970 Cover

Whether it’s a simple home improvement or something for a more advanced DIYer, we’ve completed a multitude of projects to improve your home. We dressed up walls in this 1970 edition and we’ve continued to showcase even more ways to class up your walls over the years.

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Summer 1971 coverFamily Handyman

Summer 1971 Cover

“This issues how-to’s are worth over $6,000 in cash savings.” Plus, save over $500 a year with these simple ways to save money around the house.

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winter 1971 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1971 Cover

In this 1971 issue of the magazine, we showed readers how to add a room to their house and why it’s better to expand your home than to move.

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summer 1972 issueFamily Handyman

Summer 1972 Cover

This 1972 cover described this bedroom as a dream room for your daughter. It combined a vanity and dresser while creating storage below the bed.

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fall 1972 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1972 Cover

Bunk beds have long been a staple for siblings growing up. These bunk beds from 1972 ventured away from the standard stacked bunk beds.

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1974 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1974 Cover

Sold for just 75 cents in 1974, this issue of the magazine taught you how to build a convenient pass-through that’s an “ultra-useful wife-saver.”

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1974 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1974 Cover

In 1974 we found homeowners more storage space with a DIY storage wall in their homes.

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winter 1976 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1976 Cover

This bedroom storage wall is right out of the ’70s with its monochromatic and mirror paneled design. Check out these vintage home trends that’ll take you way back.

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Fall 1976 CoverFamily Handyman

Fall 1976 Cover

This 1976 issue showed readers how to build modules for the home that could be assembled as needed.

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Winter 1977 CoverFamily Handyman

Winter 1977 Cover

Passing down workshop skills to the next generation has been a time-honored tradition for DIYers. This 1977 cover captured the scene of a father and son working together.

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Winter 1978 CoverFamily Handyman

Winter 1978 Cover

The ’70s ushered in, well, unique decor trends like the wall graphic shown in this 1978 cover. Check out these 15 vintage home trends that are making a comeback.

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Spring 1978 CoverFamily Handyman

Spring 1978 Cover

By 1978, the Family Handyman upped its newsstand price to 95 cents. This issue of the magazine is the do-it-yourselfers guide to home security.

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Summer 1979 CoverFamily Handyman

Summer 1979 Cover

Sometimes it’s better to know someone with a hot tub rather than have your own hot tub. Back in ’79 we showed you how to install one.

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winter 1979 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1979 Cover

In the ’70s, the flannel flowed and we built vacation spots (a deck!) in the backyard. Up next, check out these backyard ideas for creating the ultimate outdoor space.

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