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8 Countertop Storage and Organization Ideas

We found the most inspiring countertop storage ideas from Instagram! Get ready to clear your kitchen clutter with these stylish solutions.

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Lazy Susan 125346007 978173299370257 3114157429638757044 NCourtesy of @estefaniapalomarez

Take Storage for a Spin

Corral all your cooking oils and other essentials on a lazy Susan like this example used by @estefaniapalomarez. Everything is easily accessible with a quick spin, but it all stays neat and tidy. Lazy Susans can be used all over the kitchen.

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Glass Jar Storage 122138878 182218503521158 747928941765284960 NCourtesy of @chestnutliving

Versatile Jars

Brandi Ward of @chestnutliving loves to combine functionality and style in her kitchen with glass storage jars. Essential ingredients are always within reach without taking up much counter space, and you can easily see when you’re running low on something.

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Shelf Riser 116207940 720089935390008 3306278432706834502 NCourtesy of @themingleddesign

Rise Up

A simple shelf riser like this one used by @themingleddesign can make a big difference to your countertop organization. Use it to hold cook books, cooking ingredients, or to create a decorative vignette. The riser visually keeps your countertop clear for a neat and tidy look. And if needed, you can store things underneath the riser as well as on top of it.

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Bread Box 51341656 122487922148086 6187171270716025447 NCourtesy of @francisfixerupper

Stylish Solutions

Unlike pantry and cabinet organization, countertop storage is always on display — so stylish products are a must! This cute vintage-inspired bread box and cookbook holder used by @francisfixerupper fit the bill. They keep the counter clear and organized while looking great.

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Soap Storage 104077009 715846682506510 7516108278286756079 NCourtesy of @mandy_curran

Clear Sink Clutter

The area around the sink can be a clutter trap. Keep it clean and tidy like this inspiring example from @mandy_curran. She transferred hand soap and dish soap into matching dispensers (complete with DIY labels) and placed them on a small tray, which also holds a dish brush. It’s a simple idea that makes a big impact.

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Spice Storage 148628823 441687657180529 4031217358565212935 NCourtesy of @redefinedstandardorganizing

Create a Spice Station

This idea proves that kitchen spices don’t have to be hidden away in a cabinet. With the right organizer, you can store them out on the counter for easy grabbing. Mary of @redefinedstandardorganizing suggests grouping items and creating “stations” like this one to maximize order and functionality. ⁠

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Coffee Storage 109540626 141819197571947 5819199990144028078 NCourtesy of @thefarafix

Tidy Two-Tier Tray

A tiered tray is a versatile product that frees up counter space anywhere in the kitchen. We like how @thefarafix is using one to organize her coffee supplies. You could also store cooking essentials, plates and napkins or fresh produce here.

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Spoon Storage 136468977 520417938874975 8983566990481387747 NCourtesy of @svhome

Use a Wood Board

We’ve talked about grouping items together with a storage tray, shelf riser or lazy Susan, but maybe all you need is a wood board. Wooden spoons, olive oil and a salt jar would look fine just sitting on the counter, but we love how the wood board makes them one cohesive unit that looks beautiful and orderly. Thank you @svhome for the inspiration!