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Best Container Homes Designs and Decor

These inspiring container home designs prove that small doesn't have to be boring, cramped, boxy or industrial.

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Space-Saving Fireplace

This container cabin by @appalachiancontainercabin features an electric fireplace that warms the tiny living room without taking up too much space. The fireplace paired with the recessed TV create the perfect focal point for the room, while allowing a clear walkway. Because, as we know, every inch counts in a container home!

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Space-Defining Decor

In this container home by @findyourrepurpose, the open floor plan means that the bed is essentially right next to the kitchen. But by using a simple black and white color palette and hanging a large art piece, the area feels like a separate space.

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Convertible Furniture

In a tiny home, space often serves more than one purpose. The living room in this beautiful container home by @trelan_farm doubles as the bedroom. Thanks to the smart choice of a convertible couch, guests can simply transform the sofa into a bed when it’s time to go to sleep.

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Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Designing a container home is a unique opportunity, so don’t be afraid to take risks with the decor. This gorgeous container home by @theriverstonehouse incorporates one of the original exterior panels as an interior room divider. The metal wall is now a beautiful reminder of the simple shipping container that the home once was!

Here are a few fun ways to use metal in your home, even if you don’t have a shipping container house.

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Bring the Outdoors In

The wall of this shipping container pool cabana by @craftspaceinc opens up onto a furnished patio, creating one big entertaining space. Decorating and furnishing an adjoining deck or patio is a great way to expand a tiny interior. Use a similar color palette and design style to make the two areas cohesive.

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Dark Accent Wall

Most of this boho chic container house by @bendigouniquestays is painted bright white. The one dark navy accent wall gives the room depth, making it look bigger. A single nightstand, instead of two, and plenty of wall shelves help add storage to this small bedroom without taking up too much space.

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Enlarge a Bathroom with Visual Tricks

This space by @alternativelivingspaces proves that even a tiny container home can have a beautiful bathroom! The horizontal lines created by the shiplap draw the eye around the space to make the small bathroom feel wider. A floating vanity gives the illusion of more space by exposing the floor underneath.

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Texture and Color

Although an all-white interior often makes a small space feel bigger, this container home kitchen by @theflophouze shows that you shouldn’t shy away from color or texture when decorating a small home. The reclaimed wood accent wall adds interest and depth, and the soft blue cabinets provide a breath of fresh air in an otherwise all-neutral space.

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Be a Minimalist

Minimal furnishings and decor help this small container home Airbnb by @kaiserworks.home feel bright and spacious. We love the pop of color from the green sofa and the slim storage shelf in place of a bulky media cabinet. The sofa also folds out into a bed. As we’ve mentioned, multi-purpose furniture is always a smart choice when decorating a small space.

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Use Durable Materials

In a small space, every inch gets a lot of use, so it’s important to choose materials that will last. In this container home kitchen by @mattandpaiton, the scratch resistant laminate countertops can take a lot of abuse before showing any wear and tear. The durable (and affordable!) sheet metal backsplash protects the wall from splatters.