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40 Charming Tiny Homes That We’d Love to Own

Tiny home living never looked so good.

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny Home Life

Tiny homes have garnered the attention of people for a number of reasons — life on the road, a chance at owning a home, etc … . There’s an element of escapism to tiny home living and it can be a charming escape in any of these tiny homes that make tiny living look really comfortable.

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Little Bird Deluxe Model Creates Rustic Elegance

Little Bird Deluxe Model Creates Rustic Elegance

Photo: Courtesy of Zyl Vardos, Inc.

The "Little Bird" tiny home design from Zyl Vardos, Inc. has a unique, curved dormer roofline that creates a beautiful entry with double French doors. The larger curved steps made with cedar provide more space for people with problems walking and the stainless steel shower makes shower cleanup a snap.

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Minim House Does More with Less

Minim House Does More with Less

Although only 264 square feet (one of the smallest tiny homes on this list) the Minim House design maximizes the smaller space to feel like the larger models listed here. And there's an area with a 5-foot sofa with a top that reveals extra storage space. Adjacent to this is a platform that can hide a rollaway queen bed underneath and house a full-size bed on the platform. Minim House also has an off-grid option that can collect up to 290 gallons of water using the gutters on the roof. Photo: Courtesy of Minim Homes

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Alpha Has a Unique Swing-Down Patio/Porch

Alpha Has a Unique Swing-Down Patio/Porch

The Alpha from New Frontier Tiny Homes places the living and sleeping areas at either end of the unit. And with both areas being two steps above the center entry area. This center area is dominated on one side by a window wall with sliding glass doors and a porch/patio that lowers out like a drawbridge. There's also a unique platform that triples as a bed base, dining table, and large storage compartment. Photo: Courtesy New Frontier Tiny Homes

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Wind River Monocle Tiny Home Has Two Sleeping Areas

Wind River Monocle Tiny Home Has Two Sleeping Areas

Photo: Courtesy of Wind River

Climbing up a narrow ladder to get to bed can be problematic and dangerous for retirees. However, kids love them. Wind River's Monocle has both. Grandma and grandpa can sleep on the bed on the main level and the grandkids can climb the ladder and sleep in the loft. There's also a full-size soaking tub to relax in. Photo: Courtesy of Wind River

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Mini Motive Offers Fifth-Wheel Security While Towing

Mini Motive Offers Fifth-Wheel Security While Towing

The Mini Motive tiny home is one of only a few tiny homes that are equipped with a fifth-wheel trailer system instead of the less secure ball and socket hitch design. It's a modern single-level design that eliminates ladders. Photo: Courtesy of Mini Motive

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AL Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Freedom

This tiny home from AL Tiny Homes is the Freedom model and comes with sleek white interior. It features plenty of storage and room to walk around. The Freedom model is available beginning at $63,000.

Fulfill your dream of building your own beautiful and affordable tiny house or add the perfect cabin on your rural property with The Family Handyman’s DIY University Build Your Own Tiny House course.

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tiny houses interior and exteriorTiny House Listings

Tiny House that Opens Up

This Arkansas tiny home looks unusual from the exterior but inside the 8×20 home is 220 square feet with two separate loft areas. It features a distressed look inside and the reason for the unusual exterior is that it includes a folding deck.

See the tiny house you can order from Amazon, yes Amazon will deliver it, too.

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tiny houses interior and exteriorUtopian Villas

“The Centipede”

Utopian Villas in Delaware has created this tiny home model, called “The Centipede” because it is 100 square feet. The vaulted ceilings will make it feel larger than its 100 square feet and the hinged deck will give dwellers some additional room to spread out.

If you’ve got some space around the exterior of your home, install a porch bench.

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Tiny House Listings

Mile High Tiny Home

Tiny house builders can rely on a variety of materials and this Florida tiny home incorporates windows from a Boeing airplane. The 8-foot-6 wide, 20-foot long, 13-foot-10 tall tiny home also has a skylight to view those airplanes flying by.

Find out how to work with rough sawn lumber to create a rustic look like many of these tiny homes.

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Tiny House Listings

Luxurious Tiny Home

This tiny home in Illinois utilizes energy-efficient items like LED lights and natural light.

Stop thinking about switching to LED lights and see what’s to love about them.

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tiny houses interior and exteriorTiny House Listings

Tiny Home with High-end Finishes

In Indiana, this tiny home has a sharp interior design from its sliding ladder to the lofted bedroom and gorgeous kitchen countertop.

Find the dazzling kitchen countertop you’re seeking, including these concrete countertops.

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Tiny House Listings

Custom-made Cabin

This tiny Maine home doesn’t feel tiny at all with a 16-foot tall ceiling. It’s also big on design work through its custom-made craftsmanship. It’s just like a cabin in central Maine.

See what you’re forgetting to do when winterizing a cabin.

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Tiny Home Listings

Modern Mini Home

This Michigan tiny house has a modern rustic feel with a cedar exterior and a knotty pine interior.

Find the perfect wood floor if you’re sick of looking at your old floor.

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 500 sq ft tiny house on wheelsTiny House Listings

Log Cabin on Wheels

A screened porch and 500 sq. ft tiny house on wheels make this tiny home a rustic-looking luxury tiny home. It also comes with a $45,000 price tag.

A screened porch doesn’t have to be elaborate to look good, check out one built for about $6,500.

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Tiny House Listings

Montana Masterpiece

Go green with this solar-powered tiny home. It has four, 250-watt solar panels to power the cedar-sided home. Inside there are granite countertops, a wood stove, two lofts and an additional bedroom.

See how much solar power can save a home in energy costs.

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny Home that Towers

This tiny house in New York stands tall with its interesting design. It’s an off-the-grid, 450-square foot tiny home that sits just outside a state park. It includes a deck in the front of the house and in the back.

Discover the seven clever tips for building a deck you never knew.

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Tiny House Listings

Pacific Harmony

Hardwood floors and quartz countertops make this Oregon tiny home light up. It includes a Murphy bed to increase storage space and comes well insulated.

See why R-value is something you need to pay attention to.

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Tiny House Town

Timber Lodge Tiny Home

Fulfill some log cabin dreams with this Tennessee tiny home. It has incredible wood floors, two lofts, a skylight and a crazy cool shower.

Find a shower head that will change your life with the comfort it will provide.

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Tiny House Listings

Majestic Tiny Home

Not many tiny homes will rival the view this one in Utah provides. The sky blue trim extends inside to match the white interior beautifully.

Use an app to see what your house will look like in a new color.

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Tiny Home Listings

Elegant White Interior Tiny Home

This Washington tiny home has some serious kitchen capabilities in its 144-square foot space. It includes a convection oven and an induction burner.

Find the smartest convection oven on the market that will know how long to cook food on its own. 

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Tiny House Listings

Tiny House, More Like Tiny Cabin

Solid maple cabinets and excellent woodworking throughout this tiny home make it cozy.

Learn the tips for perfect wood finishing.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes


The Boulder model tiny home from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses uses reclaimed corrugated tin and cedar boards prominently as siding. Inside portions of the home use old barn wood. This one with recycled house material starts at $35,000 and is available in 16-, 18- and 20-ft. trailers.

Pack up and jump into one of these available tiny homes today.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes


Borrowing heavily from an old barn design, the Bitteroot model from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has its share of reclaimed corrugated metal for siding. The barn-designed roof actually helps create more loft space in the home.

Check out a lofted bed that squeezes in a car.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

Curved Roof Tiny House

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses continued to use reclaimed corrugated metal and cedar for the siding of this tiny, recycled house. But the curved roof really makes it stand out. The additional headroom leads to a storage area/guest loft as the main sleeping area is on the main level.

Corrugated metal is as utilitarian as you might imagine. See how corrugated metal can make an attractive backyard fence.

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Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Red Mountain

This behemoth, relatively speaking, 34-foot tiny home takes the name Red Mountain and is the largest created by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes. There’s even a fold-down porch as an entryway. The lofts include a skylight. The kitchen cabinet is made from beetle kill pine, which is a tree that was killed by beetles.

Great things can be made from salvaged wood, like these gorgeous coasters.

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Rocky Mountain Homes: Stanley

Rocky Mountain Homes: Stanley

via Rocky Mountain Homes

Your home will be a member of the family with Rocky Mountain Home’s Stanley model. The 8x12 single axle trailer has a price tag of $25,000 to $32,000 and weighs around 4,800 to 7,000 pounds depending on the lumber used to construct the home. Stanley has a folding porch, folding eaves and a beautiful interior of woodwork. Plus: How to Buy Rough-Sawn Lumber

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Incredible Tiny Homes: Rookwood Cottage

Incredible Tiny Homes: Rookwood Cottage

via Incredible Tiny Homes

Incredible Tiny Homes offers a roomier 20x8 ft. tiny home, the Rookwood Cottage, that has a base price of $32,500. The design incorporates old piping for a hint of industrial influence but doesn’t overdo it. This model includes an incredible looking sliding barn door. Plus: How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

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Rocky Mountain Homes: Mac Shack

Rocky Mountain Homes: Mac Shack

via Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

Instead of the A frame of the Stanley from Rocky Mountain Homes, the 14 ft. Mac Shack has a sloped roof and steps to the loft area. It also uses a Hobbit woodstove, barnwood accent walls, a live edge countertop and a hand crafted Dutch door. The cost for the Mac Shack came in at $30,000. Plus: How to Prevent Home Fires

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Tiny Mountain Homes: Lincoln Peak

Tiny Mountain Homes: Lincoln Peak

Courtesy of Tiny Mountain Homes

Tiny Mountain Homes crafts 21 appropriately titled tiny homes named after peaks or mountains but Lincoln Peak piqued our interest. At 18 ft. long and 210 square feet, Lincoln Peak has plenty of space. The home also has several windows for natural light and gives room for a 7x8 ft. loft and a 36 in. shower. Plus: 15 Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Rocky Mountain Homes: East Austin Rental

Rocky Mountain Homes: East Austin Rental

Photo: Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Homes

Like the Stanley, this 12 ft. option was built on a tight budget. The model utilizes reclaimed materials that provided an interesting look. Rocky Mountain Homes has produced tiny homes ranging in size up to 37 ft. as a fifth-wheel trailer option and has a pair of 10 ft. wide models. Plus: Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

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Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom

Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom

Each Tiny Heirloom home is custom-built for the owner. The company, founded by residential builders, works under the notion that small doesn't mean a lack of luxury. In fact, by living simply and intentionally, there's room for luxury where it really matters. The Tiny Home and Garden design lets funky tile and concrete countertops make a statement while still providing all the modern amenities inhabitants crave in tiny homes.

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Weehouse Arado

Weehouse Arado

Courtesy of Weehouse/Alchemy Architects

The Arado, built under the Weehouse moniker by Alchemy Architects, is truly ahead of its time. Completed in 2003, it blends seamlessly into its Minnesota prairie lot. With floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the rugged, 365-square-foot structure, its occupants are one with the rolling landscape.

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Courtesy of Sprout Tiny Homes

The Aspen, by Sprout Tiny Homes, is made with structural insulated panels (SIPs). This modular approach by Sprout Tiny Homes helps keep costs low while also allowing for a good deal of customizability. The Aspen is built in Spout Tiny Home's La Junta, Colorado, manufacturing facility, with options for fully-integrating a house with local utilities or going completely off the grid.

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The Crib

The Crib

Courtesy of Broadhurst Architects

This prototype building, made by Broadhurst Architects, is inspired by a corn crib. The basic frame with paneled sides follows the same construction principles as classic American corn cribs. The sturdy structure is able to be easily customized to different sizes for tiny homes, and is one of the more interesting tiny houses we've seen.

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MiniMotives Tiny House

MiniMotives Tiny House

Courtesy of MiniMotives

Built by architects Macy Miller and James Herndon, the MiniMotives Tiny House has even undergone one complete renovation since it's initial build in 2011. Fascinated by experimenting with small-space living, the pair (and their two kids and dog) chronicle their tiny living adventures, offering advice, stories and plans for building tiny homes.

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Rustic-and-Elegant-Tiny-Homevia Tiny Home Listings

Rustic and Elegant Tiny Home

This tiny home in Tehachapi, California offers a fresh rustic look with the incorporation of brickwork in the living room portion. The brickwork bookends a big bay window. Cherry wood is used for the counters inside this charming tiny home. Check out the countertops people are picking out for their home right now.

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Northwoods-Cottage Tiny Homevia Tiny Home Listings

Northwoods Cottage

For those seeking a retreat to the woods, this northwoods cottage will provide that. The beautiful woodwork will conjure a cabin feeling. The countertops are solid walnut and vinyl plank flooring was used. If you prefer a cabin without wheels, you’ll love these 16 incredible cabins.

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Double-Loft-Tiny-Homevia Tiny Home Listings

A Tiny Home that Squeezes Everything In

This tiny home in Rolla, Missouri is just 380-square-feet but  can sleep up to eight, according to the seller. That’s possible because it has two lofts. A queen-sized bed occupies one loft while a bunk bed sits in the other loft, plus there’s a couch in the living room. The tiny home has a full-sized bathroom with a full-sized shower. Here’s how you can increase the square footage of your home without spending a fortune.

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Craftsman-Tiny-Homevia Tiny Home Listings

Tiny Home with a Big Look

You won’t find another tiny house quite like this one in Taos, New Mexico. It’s a 36-foot long time home big on crafstman detail inside. Cedar shingles hang from the outside and the siding has a stucco effect and there are 10 curved dormer windows made of cherry wood. Inside there is a lot of cherry wood alongside maple counters. See how tiny homes get dressed up for the holidays.

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container home with lots of windowsvia Tiny House Listings

Container Home with Lots of Natural Light

So many tiny homes fall into the pattern of farmhouse style with shiplap walls and rustic barnwood features but this container home in Utah has gone done a decidedly different route to adopt a more modern look. It feature several large windows so there will be no shortage of natural light pouring in while the kitchen features modern marble countertops. (See how you can get a marble look without spending the big bucks.)The owners of this tiny home also outfitted it with a slide-out solar system. Find out if solar power is right for you.