10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Let these clever ideas help you transform an old piece of furniture.

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @ildikoh67/Instagram

Faux Bone Inlay

Bone inlay involves embedding delicate pieces of bone or shell into wood furniture to create a pattern. It’s gorgeous, but expensive.

Here, @ildikoh67 creates a similar effect with nothing but chalk paint! The base of the dresser is painted black, with white paint and stencils layered on top to create the pattern traditionally made of bone.

Chalk paint dries extremely quickly, so it’s great for a project like this with multiple steps.

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @el_and_i.redesign/Instagram

Paint Wash

After sanding down the original dark finish of this credenza, @el_and_i.redesign used a tan chalk paint wash that allows the natural wood grain to peek through.

According to Annie Sloan, the original chalk paint brand, here’s how to do a chalk paint wash: Add a little water to your chalk paint and stir well. Then apply the thinned paint with a large brush in every direction. Before the paint dries, wipe off the excess several times with a lint-free cloth.

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@kachafurniture Creating a stone finish with @anniesloanhome chalk paint @redesignwithprima #furnitureartist #chalkpaint #foryoupage #fyp ♬ ASIA – Sofiane Pamart

Stone Finish

The chalky consistency makes chalk paint great for blending colors and creating depth. Watch as furniture artist @kachafurniture uses gray, green and brown chalk paint to create a stone finish on this vintage cabinet.

She employs several techniques, including dry brushing, spraying and blotting to achieve a layered stone-like look. Behind the glass, bird and branch transfers create a dreamy interior backdrop.

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @othermanstreassure/Instagram

Hand-Drawn Flower

To make over this nightstand, @othermanstreassure layered his chalk paint. He combined gray and black to achieve the dark velvety base color, then added a touch of burgundy in the corner. He created our favorite element, the hand-painted flower, with a white pencil first, then painted over to thicken the lines and make it stand out.

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Ombre Effect

Chalk paint dries fast, but can be reactivated with water. That’s how @kachafurniture created a beautiful pink ombre effect on these nightstands.

After painting the nightstands white, she applied pink chalk paint to the bottom half. Then she sprayed on water and used a dry brush to blend the pink and create a soft transition between the two colors. The results are gorgeous!

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @perfectlyimperfectfurnitureres/Instagram

Distressed Details

@perfectlyimperfectfurnitureres painted this vintage piece in Olive chalk paint by Annie Sloan. The exposed wood on the legs and mirror attachments create a nice contrast against the green paint.

The drawers are slightly distressed, making the piece look aged but still polished. To distress chalk paint, allow it to dry, then use a coarse sanding pad or sandpaper to gently chip off paint and reveal the wood beneath.

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @martinelestageart/Instagram

Blended Colors

Here’s another example of the layered look you can achieve with chalk paint. This buffet by @martinelestageart shows off beautiful shades of turquoise, purple, brown and even orange, blended together to create a suede-like texture and rich patina.

The buildable nature of chalk paint allows for endless combinations and techniques to make truly one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

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10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas
Courtesy @attic.furniture.qld/Instagram

Abstract Design

Furniture doesn’t have to be bland, especially when using chalk paint!

To create the abstract design on this playful dresser, @attic.furniture.qld applied several colors of chalk paint in earthy terracotta tones. She added modern white marble knobs, then finished the piece with White Chalk Paint Wax. This product seals and protects the paint while softening and lighting the overall look.

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@chelfrichphotos When @lizziemonster told my she wanted to paint her Cb2 couch 😱 #diy #homedecor #homeimprovement #homediy #homeproject #couchpaint ♬ Fall Sounds – Lofee

Paint Upholstery

Did you know you can use chalk paint on fabric and upholstery?

Essentially, you create a fabric dye by diluting the paint with water. (Some people add a little fabric softener as well.) Brush on the paint to transfer the pigment onto your fabric.

Watch as @chelfrichphotos paints this couch to completely transform the look, no new fabric needed! This is a great way to make over furniture without paying for expensive upholstery services.

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@withlovefromkimberly Do you Want a Pottery Barn look on a beer budget? 🤪🙋🏼‍♀️ Same Girl! We were gifted this tv console table when we moved into our new house If you have cheap furniture or looking for an alternative to Sanding… try this!!! 100% worth it!! Here’s what we used & did👇🏼 1st Paint with Paint Primer (recommend doing this if it's a large or dark piece of furniture because the chalk paint is pricey 2nd Paint with Behr Chalk paint we used the color -Roman plaster PPU7-100 3rd Apply Wax in color Dark Antique (start with a light coat, it's buildable) 4th Seal it with Varathane triple thick polyurethane #homedecor #fauxwood #neutralhome #potterybarndupe #consoletable #homeinspo #diyhome #fauxwoodmethod #homeprojects #stylemyhome #homeideas #interiordesign #diy #diyhackslife #furnituremakeover #stylemyhome ♬ Chasing Highs – Sped Up Version – ALMA

Faux Wood

Get a Pottery Barn look for a fraction of the cost with a combination of chalk paint and finishing wax. Follow along as @withlovefromkimberly paints an old media cabinet with chalk paint, then applies dark brown decorative wax on top. The result looks like trendy light-toned wood.

It’s hard to believe she created this entirely with paint and wax! To protect the finish, she sealed it with clear matte polyurethane.

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