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Which One of These 10 Catios Will You Buy for Your Cat?

Give your cat a spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment with a catio. Haven't heard of a catio? It's an enclosure or "cat patio" that provides indoor cats (especially those without claws) safety and enrichment outdoors. Here are 10 options your cat will surely enjoy.

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Large Catio with Ramp

Your cat will be living their best life in this large catio with ramp. Cats will be able to enjoy the breeze in the enclosure or retreat to the covered area to relax and get some peace and quiet. “Love this outside patio for my feline! So fun and quality wood and amazed how easy with a power drill it was to put together—absolutely recommend to feline owners! Best solution for communities that have wildlife like coyotes,” said one buyer on Amazon. These 11 cat furniture ideas are DIY friendly.

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Heavy-Duty Catio

With plenty of nooks in which to relax, cats will love snoozing and watching the world go by in this heavy-duty and rust-resistant catio. Buyers noted the enclosure was easy to put together and it includes two extra large hammocks and two lock-in platforms so there’s always the perfect spot to snooze. Keep your cat from scratching furniture with these tricks.

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Wooden Catio

Designed for multiple cats, this wooden catio has removable back panels that allow cats to access the enclosure through a “cat door.” It has six perches so there is plenty of space for several cats. Why do cats knead? Learn the reason behind this weird habit.

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Four-Tier Catio

With ramps, perches and hammocks, what do you think your cat will try out first? This four-tier catio has plenty of space for cats to relax and also get in some playtime. “This is exactly what we were looking for to keep our kittens in,” said one buyer. “This item was simple to put together, I put it together myself in about 20 minutes.” Every pet owner should know these 19 cleaning tips.

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Teepee Catio

Cats will have a safe place to sleep and play in this teepee catio. The enclosure is made of weather-resistant canvas and has three levels for your cat to explore. It also includes a travel bag for easy transport. Keep your cat off countertops with these 10 DIY tricks.

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DIY Catio

For a DIY option, this eBook has easy-to-follow directions and photos on how to create your own outdoor cat enclosure. It takes into account needs and wants of you cat, so no two projects will be exactly the same. Use the guide to help you determine the materials and construction process to make a catio your cat will look forward to spending time in. A large enclosure like this or a cat fence is a good choice for cats who like space to run.

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Cat Tent with Tunnel

A great option for cats on the go, this portable cat tent with tunnel can be set up quickly and easily. There’s more than 30 square feet of activity space along with an attached tunnel so your cat can enjoy running in the grass or relaxing in the shade. Yes, high-end cat furniture is a thing and it’s just as outrageous as you’d imagine.

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Four-in-One Cat Playpen

Give your cats their very own cat compound! This four-in-one enclosure includes three tends and one triangle tunnel. It pops up and folds up quickly so it’s a great option for camping trips and picnics. The set also comes with ground stakes to help keep it secure. Here’s a safe way to get rid of ants if you have a cat or dog in the house.

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Pop Up Cat House

This portable pop up cat house is perfect for single cats. Cats get a clear view of their surroundings and the house is small enough to be used on decks and patios, so it’s a great option for those living in apartments or condos. You can make these 15 clever pet products at home.

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Kittywalk Cat Enclosure

This partially covered cat courtyard from Kittywalk Systems, Inc. features a deck, patio, cabana and “penthouse” area and is a good option for those with multiple cats. It has a weather-resistant roof and buyers say it is easy to put together. “I have five cats in a fairly small house. The kitty walk allows them additional space and intellectual stimulation. They love it,” said one buyer. Check out these 10 really cool pet products you can buy on Amazon.

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