10 Car Accessories That Keep You Hands-Free

When drivers take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel to call someone, send a text or browse the web on a handheld phone, it's dangerous for everyone. We compiled some of the best hands-free car accessories to keep you safe and legal on the roads.

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Hands-Free Bluetooth Visor Car Kit

Install this Avantree hands free car kit for added safety. It’s a great way to make and receive phone calls while driving. It features auto connect that allows your smartphone to automatically connect to the device as soon as you step into your car.

“I purchased the Avantree Auto Power on Hands Free unit because a new law was passed in my state forbidding the use of talking on cell phones while driving,” says a reviewer. “Having an older vehicle I needed to find a solution to my dilemma of not being able to talk on the phone while driving (something I’ve done for over 25 years). I am here to tell you this is awesome! It does everything that the overview stated and the customer service is the BEST!”

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The MagicMount

This magnetic mount system is a great hands-free car accessory. It conveniently mounts to the dashboard of your car or truck, and easily holds your smartphone in place. It features a magnetic surface that eliminates the need to custom-tighten anything around your phone — simply hover it over the magnetic surface and it will immediately lock place.

“Don’t even consider buying ANY other type of mount,” says a reviewer. “This is hands down THE BEST! And trust me, I have tried just about EVERYTHING. I have had over a dozen car and desk mounts/docks for my various phones. Nothing compares to this. Hands down THE BEST design. Small footprint. Mount anywhere. Portrait AND Landscape orientation without adjustment. One handed operation. Holds very secure. Quality product.”

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Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Auxiliary Input Jack

Designed for answering and receiving calls with any Bluetooth smartphone, this car kit features an easy-to-use multi-function button that mounts to a flat surface with an adhesive disc. Plug the cord into your auxiliary input jack or power it with the cigarette lighter port. With a push of a button, you can activate hands-free calling. You can always play your favorite tunes wirelessly from your smartphone, as well.

“This device was real easy to hookup using my existing aux input, and once you have Bluetooth in the car to stream music/audio, you’ll never go back to an aux cable,” says a reviewer. “I also like the hands free phone operation — super handy for taking a call when your phone is in your pocket or not easily in reach.”

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Car Cell Phone Cup Holder Mount

This safe addition to your hands-free car accessories fits inside most cup holders. Its flexible gooseneck allows you to achieve your desired viewing position, while the one button release ensures easy attachment and detachment of the phone.

“My overall satisfaction with this phone mounting system is that it is situated much lower than the typical units that used a DVD slot, or AC blower vent to anchor the unit,” says a reviewer. “For me, that common system almost always blocked my vision out the windshield, or covered up several controls or cameras you need to see and navigate. This cup holder idea is the best. Sure it takes up a cup holder, but most cars have a dozen more you can use! I like that this unit sits low, can be mounted easily and securely, and does not block my driver’s view, or the auto controls you need.”

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Steering Wheel Bluetooth Media Button

A great addition to your car accessories to comply with the hands-free law, this Bluetooth media button allows you to control music so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. With a simple press, you can play or pause music, skip back or forward a song, and increase or decrease the volume of your media.

“My truck has only the aux input and no Bluetooth connectivity,” says a reviewer. “Every time I plugged my phone, I had to go back to it to skip a song or pause it. Of course this was a safety issue and I always had to choose between a bad song or die by a car crash. As you can imagine, I’ve been listening to plenty of bad songs. With this tiny item no more dying, just pair it once. Now life is a little bit better and the roads are safer.”

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Air Vent Phone Holder

This air vent phone holder can fit a variety of phone sizes, from 4 to 6.5 inches. The shock absorbing design ensures the phone is held securely in place while avoiding vibrations even during bumpy rides.

“Tennessee just passed the no-hands rule for cellphones and this product is perfect!” says a reviewer. “It is so easy to attach to my car and hold my phone! It is very easy to adjust with friends’ phones who are different sizes. 10/10 recommend!”

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Ultimate Hands Free Phone Holder for Car Dashboard, Air Vent or Windshield

This hands-free cell phone holder features an adjustable foot that makes the mount universal for phones up to 6.5 inches. It also features a 360-degree swivel head, so you can position your phone to portrait, landscape or any angle in between. The extendable long arm keeps your phone in view at all times so you can make hands-free calls, use your GPS navigation securely and stream music.

“Really great phone mount, love the fact that it is easily adjustable,” says a reviewer. “LOVE THE 360 turn feature! So useful. I have bought other products that did not have that feature and it was very annoying to only see it in portrait and not have the option of landscape. Sturdy and worked great with my iPhone 7 Plus (which is a huge phone). This is really great, does the job, highly recommended!”

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Wireless Hands Free Voltmeter Car Kit

Enjoy hands-free calling with this FM transmitter. Working with most Bluetooth enabled devices, it provides crystal clear sound quality thanks to advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression. Its big display screen shows the phone number for incoming calls.

“The state I live in recently went to a no hands policy for cell phones while driving,” says a reviewer. “I purchased this unit for that purpose. The options provided were very adequate and the sound quality of the audio from the unit to the car radio was excellent. The pairing was an easy setup. The display is large enough to read easily from a quick glance. The USB ports are a bonus in ability. Being able to maintain a charge on the phone while driving and still have a connection for a music input device is a very positive bonus. I have seen a number of similar devices since our law came into effect.”

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Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth headset allows you to make reliable calls in your car without breaking the hands-free law. Designed to fit in either ear, it’s lightweight and comfortable enough for you to wear for hours. It pairs quickly to your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy a fuss-free experience every time you get into your vehicle.

“I was happy with how easily this headset fit over my ear, and connected to my phone,” says a reviewer. “This is actually the second over-ear-type headset that I’ve owned, and as much as I liked the first, I would say this one actually fits more securely, and is somewhat louder at maximum volume. It’s not super loud, by any means, but it gets the job done. Calls are clear, and the headset announces the incoming number before you pick up the call by pressing the button on the side.”

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Hands-Free Call Car Charger

Enjoy music and hands-free calling on the road with this car device. You can answer a call, reject it, hang up or recall a number on the device. Its clear sound makes listening to music or making hands-free calls enjoyable thanks to noise cancellation technology. It also provides dual USB charging.

“Excellent solution, excellent price, excellent sound quality! Love this. Got one for myself and then got a few as gifts because I thought it was so great,” says a reviewer. “As a weird bonus; the Bluetooth piece announces itself when you turn on the vehicle and have it set to your Bluetooth station. After it says it’s powered on, it then says (in my experience) “normal” or “abnormal” voltage. Why it tells you about your battery, I don’t know, but it was actually useful over the winter when my battery would be weak on particularly cold days. The Bluetooth piece would literally announce that I needed to give my car more time to warm up.”

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