Beyond Feeders: 5 More Ways to Attract Hummingbirds

What's the relationship between spiderwebs and hummingbirds? Find out with these 5 tips to help you attract hummingbirds to your yard.

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Splish, Splash, They Like to Take Baths

Like all birds, hummingbirds bathe to keep their feathers in top condition. They’re especially fond of misters and fountains, where they seem to love playing in the spray. Give them a place to bathe by adding a simple solar-powered fountain to your existing bird bath, or go the extra mile and build your own hummingbird mister to attract hummingbirds in need of a shower. Plus: Here are nine more expert tips for attracting these tiny, beautiful creatures to your backyard.

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Bring On the Bugs

We all know hummingbirds love nectar and sugar water. But did you know that insects make a up a large part of their diet too, especially during nesting season? Gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and spiders provide the protein these diminutive birds need. So while it’s tempting to try to clear as many pesky insects from your yard as possible, you’ll actually attract hummingbirds by letting the insects be. You can even try to bring in more fruit flies by putting out overripe bananas or other fruit. This quick tip will help you ant-proof your hummingbird feeder.

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Along Came a Spiderweb

Many hummingbirds use spiderweb silk to build and anchor their tiny nests. The unique flexibility of spiderweb silk allows the nest to expand as the baby hummers grow from the size of jellybean eggs to full-grown birds in the space of just a few weeks. During nesting season (mid to late spring in cold-winter climates, and year-round in warm areas), allow spiderwebs to accumulate in your garden rather than knocking them down. This may help attract hummingbirds looking for a place to nest. Get to know where hummingbirds go in the winter.

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Get a Little Sappy

Hummingbirds, especially males, sometimes arrive in their northern nesting grounds before flowers have started to bloom. Where can they find the sweet treats they need for energy? Tree sap! Hummingbirds are known to follow sapsuckers around and drink sap from the holes they drill in trees like maple, birch, and hickory. Plant some of these trees in your own yard to attract hummingbirds that arrive in early spring, along with their sapsucker friends. Plus: These 10 plants will help you to create a perfect rain garden in your landscape.

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Take a Seat

Though hummingbirds are well-known for their ability to hover as they feed, they definitely need places to sit and rest. Provide woody shrubs near your feeders where they can perch and scope out the situation. You can also buy or build special hummingbird swings for them to enjoy. Love working in your yard? These nine home and garden tools are easy on your back.