5 Best Window Fans of 2022

Beat the heat with one of these great window fans!

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Genesis Twin Window Fan

This Genesis Twin Window Fan with its nine-inch blades has three speed settings for maximum comfort. It can cool rooms to between 60 F and 80 F, and the dual copper motors are built for all weather and situations. It comes with expandable side panels to fit any standard window dimensions.

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Comfort Zone CZ319WT Twin Window Fan

The versatile design of the Comfort Zone CZ319WT allows for tabletop use, room-to-room portability or window insertion. The nine-inch twin blade fans bring in fresh air while drawing stale air out of the room.

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Bionaire BW2100R-U Twin Window Fan

With the remote control powered Bionaire BW2100R-U, you can adjust the temperature of the room without getting up. This fan has three speed settings and fits most double hung and slider type windows.

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Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan

The OSHA-approved Air King 9166F brings serious cooling power with its 20-inch blades. It has three variable speeds and fits spaces between 27-in. to 38-in. wide x 26-1/4-in. high.

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Holmes Dual Blade Window Fan

This Holmes Window Fan is a great value pick with its affordable price and high performance. It’s designed to deliver maximum air flow without overpowering noise from the eight-inch fan blades.

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