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20 Best Tools Found on Amazon for Your Home Tool Kit

Whether you're building your first tool kit or looking to upgrade some essential items, online resources such as Amazon have a selection and convenience that's hard to beat. Here's a list of 20 tools available on Amazon that are great buys for DIYers of any skill level.

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Among the most versatile of tools, a cordless driver/drill is essential for most DIY enthusiasts. There are very few tools that can have such a direct impact on the lives of makers and builders. You may even want more than one! Many DIY enthusiasts like to have one quality driver, and one or more inexpensive models that can take abuse or even be discarded after a particularly messy job. Your driver/drill has a shocking number of applications! Here are 10 surprising uses for your drill.

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Quality Gloves

Gloves may not be the most high-tech or glamorous items in your tool kit, but they are a near universal go-to. Leather gloves provide great durability, while tighter, padded models provide better comfort in colder weather. Look for gloves that are a good fit, and make use of Amazon’s return policy if your new gloves aren’t the right size for you.

Like many tools, gloves are designed to serve specific needs. Here are five different types you may want to consider when doing your glove shopping.

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Socket Set

The best values in socket sets are usually labeled “mechanics tool kits” but are useful for DIYers of any stripe. A quality socket set provides a range of tools, often including bits, a screwdriver adapter, imperial and metric sockets, and 1/4- and 1/2-inch socket wrenches. And, look for a durable case that holds the sockets securely, so that you’re not always hunting for a missing item. Here’s a showdown of five popular socket sets, to help you choose the right one for your DIY tool kit.

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Bit Index

Speaking of drill bits, a bit Index is one of those items that a DIYer can never have too many of. Drill bits wear out over time, and the smallest are prone to loss or breakage. Having multiple bit indexes might seem redundant, but a single saved trip to the hardware store will make you glad you had them on hand. If you find yourself with dull bits on a regular basis, you may want to consider adding a drill bit sharpener to your tool kit, as well.

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Nail Set

A nail set makes it easy to recess nail heads, but it’s also great for everything from popping door hinge pins to creating starter dimples when drilling into metal. Once you have a nail set in your tool kit you’ll be surprised at how many uses you find for it.

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Screw Extractor

Damaged or stripped screwheads are a pain for even experienced DIYers. But, add a screw extractor to your tool kit and you’ll make short work out of this potential headache. This is one of those tools that you may not use often, but every time you do, you’ll be thankful you had it around.

Sometimes the wood surrounding a stripped screw is also damaged. In that case, check out this tip to give a replacement screw more bite.

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Nitrile Gloves

We’ve already talked about classic work gloves, but when working with liquids, especially potentially harmful ones, you need a different type of protection. Nitrile gloves are inexpensive, and can easily be kept to the side of the workbench or tucked into a tool bag. The nitrile variety means that those with latex allergies don’t need to worry about a reaction, and because they’re disposable, you don’t have to worry about washing them. They’re even thin enough that you can wear them underneath your regular work gloves, providing multiple layers of protection.

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Voltage Tester

Anyone who works with electricity should have a non-contact voltage tester in their tool kit, even if you’re careful to cut the power at the breaker box before starting work. Electrical circuits can be nonintuitive, and you can never know with certainty that the power is off without checking for a current. It takes about a third of a second to wave a voltage tester over an electrical fixture before beginning work. And, with that level of simplicity, there’s no excuse for not being safe! These DIY safety tips were learned the hard way.

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Outlet Tester

A voltage tester is a great safety tool, but an outlet tester is a massive time saver. If you have any questions about whether an outlet is functioning properly, simply plug in the tester and read the display. It will identify common issues, and advanced models even have GFCI testing capabilities. Here’s more help if you’re troubleshooting a dead outlet.

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There’s a wide variety of pricing on multi-tools, but you can pick up a reliable one for your tool kit, without breaking the bank. In fact, you may want to add another to carry in your pocket. For many DIYers a multi tool is part of their everyday carry (EDC) and their versatility is almost without compare. After all, sometimes the best tool for the job is the one you’re already carrying. For more great suggestions about everyday carry pocket tools, check out this Family Handyman roundup!

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Adhesive Kicker

Chances are you’ve got more than one tube of cynoacrylate glue sitting around your home or workshop. Commonly referred to as Super Glue, this handy adhesive gets far more useful when combined with kicker. Sold under a variety of brand names, kicker for cynoacrylate (ca) glue speeds the set time dramatically, down to even a second or two. It does this by creating a chain reaction with the adhesive, creating a polymerization that effectively allows the adhesive to set immediately. If you want a bargain-basement equivalent, you can obtain the same result by sprinkling freshly applied superglue with baking soda. Just in case you get a little aggressive with the glue, here are 33 ways to remove Super Glue.

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Spray Adhesive

While we’re speaking of adhesives, it’s worth pointing out that they don’t all come in tubes! Spray adhesives are great for working fast, in a well ventilated area. In particular, a repositionable spray adhesive allows you to set-up connections, then peel the materials apart and adjust them. It’s like making Post-It notes out of any material at hand!

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Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

Once you’ve been working with adhesives, you may find that your hands begin to collect a bit of grit and grime. (Especially if you weren’t wearing gloves, like we recommended earlier!) Get your hands clean in no time with some heavy-duty hand cleaner. A great addition to your tool kit, a quick wash with hand cleaner means you don’t have to worry about transferring dirt onto your finished project. If you want to keep it DIY, here’s a recipe for homemade hand cleaner.

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Quick-Grip Clamps

A staple of a carpenter’s and woodworker’s tool kit, a good set of clamps is the ideal way to hold materials in place while glue sets up. But, they’re not just for carpenters! Whether you need to pre-assemble a PVC piping system or stabilize plastic sheeting while prepping for a paint project, quick-release clamps are a massive time saver. Of course, once you have a sizable clamp collection, you’ll need an awesome clamp storage system.

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Lawn Sweeper

Not all tool kits are for indoor work! A lawn sweeper is a specialty tool perfect for people with small tree debris such as twigs, acorns and leaf clusters that don’t rake easily and are a bit too rough for a lawnmower. Available in models that tow behind riding mowers or as hand-pushed devices, lawn sweepers make quick work of tidying your yard. Check out more details about lawn sweepers, and whether one is a good choice for you.

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A headlamp is one of those tool kit items that seem nonessential, but once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Anyone who has ever held a small flashlight in their mouth while trying to use their hands to work on a project will immediately appreciate just how invaluable a headlamp is. Even better, with improvements in LED technology, the cost of these tools has plummeted while their light output has gone through the roof. That makes them a perfect stocking stuffer for any DIYer!

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Lawn Bag Chute

One more item for your lawn and garden tool kit. Chances are you’ve used a lawn bag and had to deal with it sagging, tearing or otherwise failing at their one simple purpose. A lawn bag chute is a game changer. By channeling debris effectively, it makes waste disposal go faster and allows a bag to store more debris. It saves time, money and is so dead simple to use it only makes sense to have one in your lawn care tool kit. Don’t miss these additional tips for dealing with fall leaves like a pro!

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Magnetic Drive Guide

We’ve already talked about cordless drills, and this addition to your tool kit makes them even more useful! A magnetic drive guide is a simple tool that can hold any type of standard driver head. Even better, it has a metal sleeve that can slip over the junction of the drive head and the screw, so the days of precariously balancing a screw on your driver are now history. At Family Handyman, we love drive guides so much that they made our list of must-have drill accessories.

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Magnetic Parts Cup

While we’re on the topic of magnetism, another great tool kit addition is one or more magnetic parts cups. These tools are useful in general, but if you’ve ever been at the top of a ladder and seen a screw or small part tumble from your hand and out of view, you’ll immediately appreciate the time-saving capability of this inexpensive tool. Magnets aren’t just for tool kits! Here’s how to make a DIY magnetic toothbrush holder.

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Paint Cup

We haven’t talked about painting tools much, but we’ll end our list with a good one. A paint cup is a small hand-held container that can hold enough paint to keep you working and mobile. The best ones accept plastic liners, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it out at the end of the job or between color changes. Also, look for a cup with a magnetic brush holder, designed to connect with the metal collar of a paintbrush. These are our best tips for smooth, flawless trim paint.

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