The 8 Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2022

Turn up the holiday cheer with a Christmas light projector, a fun way to brighten the outside or inside of your home for the holidays.

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Motion Pattern Firefly 3 Models In 1 Continuous 18 Patterns Ledmall Rgb Outdoor LaserVIA MERCHANT

What Is a Christmas Light Projector?

Introduced to the retail market in 2015, Christmas light projectors cast digital images, such as snowflake flurries or animated Santa Clauses, onto surfaces. They work by passing light-emitting diode (LED) light through a lens, which magnifies the image and projects it onto a house or other object. Why spend the weekend up on a ladder hanging strings of light bulbs when a Christmas light projector can be installed in a matter of minutes? Some of the key features of light projectors include:

  • Illuminated patterns or graphics (moving, flashing or static)
  • Electric-powered
  • Energy-efficient LED lights/lasers
  • All-weather-resistant housing
  • Remote control
  • Built-in timer
  • Indoor bases and/or outdoor ground stakes

Here are the eight best Christmas light projectors for staging a festive light show your neighbors will envy!

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Ruicaikun Spotlight For Yard
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Best Overall Christmas Light Projector

Ruicaikun Outdoor LED Spotlight Projector

Put on a color-changing light show all year-round with this Outdoor LED Spotlight Projector. Not overtly Christmassy, the multipurpose rainbow of 10-watt LEDs let you create everything from a spooky graveyard to delight door-bell-ringing trick-or-treaters to a Yuletide-approved showcase. Flood landscaping with a subtle and decorative glow or add atmospheric up-lighting to fountains, swimming pools and ponds.


  • Includes two projectors with mix-and-match colors for lots of versatility
  • Waterproof and can be placed underwater
  • Aluminum alloy casing is anti-leakage and anti-corrosion


  • Floor mount only

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Christmas Laser Lights
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Best Christmas Light Projector for Large Homes

Y Yuegang Christmas Laser Lights

When you want to brighten up an extra-large area with dazzling holiday-themed patterns, dream big with these Christmas Laser Lights. With more LED laser light casting “oomph” for the money, it shines festive fun onto a home’s exteriors using five patterns (like Christmas trees and jingle bells) in four flashing modes at five speeds. It allows you to operate those options with the remote control and timer. For your family’s peace of mind, the unit has a built-in safety sensor switch that automatically shuts it off if the light gets too hot.


  • Illuminates up to a 5,000-square-foot area
  • Mounts indoors, into the ground or on a wall
  • Includes round indoor base, outdoor stakes and batteries


  • Only available in red and green lights

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Star Shower Motion Laser Light By Bulbhead
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Best Christmas Light Projector for Landscaping

Star Shower Motion Laser Light

Shooting thousands of twinkling holographic celestial bodies, the Star Shower Motion Laser Light will blanket bushes, hedges and trees with luminous constellations. With the touch of a button, the motion activator makes the stars dance. Covering a massive amount of real estate when aimed from 100 yards away, the electric-powered projector has a built-in daylight sensor that turns on when it’s dark and off at sunrise to save battery life.


  • Includes four indoor/outdoor projectors that cover up to 3,200 square feet
  • Flickering and static modes


  • Choice of red and green or green lights only
  • Takes a few minutes to warm up

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Koicaxy Christmas Projector Light Outdoor
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Best Vintage-Style Outdoor Light Projector

Koicaxy Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Project

Why leave your dream of a white Christmas to fate when you can enjoy a traditional winter wonderland with Koicaxy’s Christmas Projector Lights? Beam snowfall or tiny alabaster dots onto your front lawn or mount the unit to the side of the house and shine snowflake patterns on pathways and sidewalks. The projector emits bright LED beads that travel a distance of up to 45 feet, yet produces soft lamplight that won’t hurt your eyes.


  • Shines subtle, elegant white lights with classic appeal
  • Adjustable up and down 180 degrees
  • Patterns have static, dynamic and twinkle options


  • Doesn’t include a remote control or timer

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Motion Pattern Firefly 3 Models In 1 Continuous 18 Patterns Ledmall Rgb Outdoor Laser
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Best Multi-Pattern Outdoor Light Projector

Ledmall Christmas Motion Power 3-in-1 Laser

Completely bathe your home with thousands of tiny green, red and blue pinpoints of light that automatically cycle through 18 moving holiday patterns with the Ledmall Christmas Motion Power 3-in-1 Laser. The Ledmall outclasses the other outdoor projectors with an upgraded memory feature that lets you preset the remote control to roll out your favorite themes automatically. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.


  • Includes 18 moving holiday patterns in three colors
  • Has two-, four-, six- and eight-hour timer durations
  • Comes with a security kit, lock, cable and manual


  • No dusk-to-dawn light sensor

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Christmas Projector Lights Outdoor
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Best for Multiple Holidays

Minetom Holiday Projector Lights

You’ll get your money’s worth with Minetom’s Holiday Project Lights—after all, it comes with 16 pattern slides and 10 colors for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter and more holidays. Use the remote control to turn the projector on and off, as well as control the flash and speed mode. Better yet, you’ll never have to remove this projector, because as soon as one holiday is over, you’ll be able to start celebrating the next one.


  • Includes patterns for a range of holidays and occasions
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with a ground stake, wall mount base and remote control


  • Must manually change pattern slides

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Outdoor Waterproof Water Wave Effect Night Lights Projector
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Best Wave Effect Outdoor Light Projector

HeKation Water Wave Projector Party Light

Unlike many projectors, there’s no need to waste time inserting slides to change images. The Water Wave Projector Party Light lets you browse through 15 dreamy and undulating color waves to fit your mood. Get your backyard party started by presetting the remote to cycle through monochrome or multicolored lights. Or press “auto” and let it fade through a kaleidoscope of neon hues.


  • Three water ripple speeds (fast, slow or still)
  • Has two-, four-, six- and eight-hour timer durations
  • Low power consumption and no noise


  • Batteries not included

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Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Christmas
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Best Branded Outdoor Light Projector

Gemmy Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Christmas Holiday Wall Lightshow

Set the cinematic scene for childlike wonder in both young and old when you shine a bit of holiday magic via Gemmy’s Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Christmas Holiday Wall Lightshow projector. Shoot the titular Grinch’s head encircled by multicolored iconic images from the story onto your front or garage doors, fences or walls.


  • Projects the Grinch’s face
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Housing looks like a wrapped present to blend into scenery


  • Short cord length

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What to Look for When Buying a Christmas Light Projector


How many watts do I need for an outdoor light projector?

That’s a tricky question.

Light output (wattage) is how much brightness the device emits. Since outdoor light projectors are designed for decorative purposes only (they should never be relied upon as security lighting), there are many variables. They include how large an area you want to cover, how close (or far away) you place the projector from the object to illuminate and how much surrounding light there is (a house on a lonely country road vs. one on a city street).

Do outdoor light projectors work in daylight?

Perhaps indoors, but for optimal visualization outdoors, you’ll most likely need full darkness.

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