Best Outdoor Electric Deep Fryers

Want to do some outdoor deep frying, but don't like burning propane? Many great electric deep fryers can be used outdoors. Here are six of the best.

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What to Know About Outdoor Electric Deep Fryers

Deep fryers cook food by submerging it in boiling oil. Propane-burning models are strictly for outdoor use. Electric fryers can certainly be used outdoors, too, but aren’t outdoor specific. They can make a nice addition to your outdoor kitchen lineup.

When shopping for a deep fryer, knowing the type and quantity of food you’ll be cooking is key. With so many models available, choosing the best deep fryer isn’t easy. Here are six of the best electric deep fryers that can be used outdoors.

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Presto Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

If you like deep-fried food but only in small quantities, this Presto electric deep fryer is the unit for you. Its round, stainless steel body holds only one liter of oil, so it cooks just enough for two people at a time. It’s perfect for empty nesters, other couples or roommates who enjoy sharing fried food in the great outdoors.

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Hamilton Beach Professional-Style Deep Fryer

If you want a safe and easy way to deep fry the perfect amount of food for your family, this deep fryer from Hamilton Beach is ideal. It accommodates two baskets at once, each holding six cups of food. This self-contained stainless steel fryer is easy and safe to use, with a hinged lid and viewing window that allows hazard-free frying. Plus, a breakaway power cord prevents spilling hot oil by detaching from the fryer if anyone trips over the cord.

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Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Enjoy deep-fried food but concerned about the health risks? This Dash Air Fryer offers a solution. Because this is an air fryer, it doesn’t actually deep fry food at all. Instead, it super-heats air inside its cooking chamber, then circulates that air around the food, cooking it and giving a crispy “deep-fried” texture without drowning it in oil. Learn how to clean an air fryer after each meal.

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T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Mess-free and odor-free frying makes this deep fryer from T-fal stand out. This family-sized fryer has an advanced odor filtration system so you can fry to your heart’s content without saturating yourself and your surroundings in an oily aroma. It also features an easily adjustable temperature control and timer, plus an extra-large viewing window to monitor cooking without opening the lid.

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Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

If you value simplicity and don’t need fancy controls, the FryDaddy deep fryer is for you. It has no temperature or timer dials, but simply keeps the oil at perfect frying temperature constantly. Buyers, such as this Amazon reviewer, really value its fast warm-up time and simple design: “TERRIFIC FRYER! I am elderly and live alone and this is great for a quick, tasty meal. No waiting for it to heat up, it is ready to ‘fry’ within a couple of minutes. Not having to worry about the temperature is great (it keeps the oil ready to fry).”

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Winco Electric Deep Fryer

If you plan on cooking for large crowds or in commercial settings, this Winco deep fryer will do the job well. With two large, independently controlled, side-by-side fryers in one handy unit, this fryer can stand up to many hours of cooking at a time. Holding nearly five gallons of oil, the Winco allows huge quantities of food to be cooked and served fast. It’s perfect for social events, food trucks or even small restaurants.

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