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Best Outdoor Deep Fryer Pots, Baskets and Other Accessories

Want to improve your outdoor deep frying experience? You need the right tools for the job. Learn about eight great deep frying accessories right here.

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About Outdoor Deep Fryer Accessories

Deep-fried food is delicious, and outdoor deep fryers are a simple, low-stress way to enjoy that crispy goodness at home. If you’re new to deep frying and want to do it optimally, having the right tools is essential. A good outdoor deep fryer is the only necessity, but the right deep frying accessories can make this type of cooking much easier and safer. Learn about eight great accessories you can use to heighten your outdoor deep frying experience.

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Camp Chef Aluminum Pot Set

If you’re after the quickest, easiest way to add deep-fried food to your life, this pot and colander set is perfect. This lets you deep fry on any existing outdoor heating element — a gas grill with a side burner, small camp stove or a plug-in hot plate — without dropping big coin on an expensive fry set. Simply fill the pot with oil, heat it up, add food to the colander and watch the magic happen.

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Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Pot

Eager to fry a whole turkey, roast, or other large food item? This 30-quart fry pot from Bayou Classic will do the job — it’s large enough for an 18-lb. turkey! It comes with a large hook for pulling cooked meat from the boiling oil, plus a handy 12-in. probe thermometer for monitoring oil temperature. It easily rests on many outdoor propane burners, making large-scale deep frying a cinch.

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Heatsistance Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves

Deep frying food brings the risk of hot oil spattering on your hands when you lift the lid to check your food, hoist a hot basket or ladle food items. For situations like these, it’s important to wear extra heavy-duty heat-resistant gloves. These run 14-in. long, offering protection from fire, hot water and boiling oil. They can also withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees F, or nearly three times the ideal oil mark for deep frying. PBA free and rated by the FDA for food handling applications, these are much better than the ordinary work gloves many use when managing a deep fryer.

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Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker

Don’t be fooled by the manufacturer’s use of “cooker.” This accessory is actually a stand-alone propane burner that’s perfect for outdoor deep frying. The single-piece welded steel frame houses a powerful burner that can accommodate almost any pot or pan on its 14-in.-diameter cooking surface. Unlike many propane cookers, this unit offers 360-degree protection of the burner, so your cooking won’t be hampered on a windy day. We’ve used this item at our place for more than five years and it works great.

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Hiware Set of 3 Stainless Steel Spider Strainers

If you’ve deep fried before, you probably know how useful spider strainers are for setting foods into boiling cooking oil, and then retrieving that food once its cooked. Trouble is, deep-fried foods vary in size, and spider strainers aren’t adjustable. That’s where this three-piece set comes in handy. Featuring small, medium and large long-handled stainless steel strainers, this is just what you need to manage your deep frying foods with ease and confidence.

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KT Thermo Deep-Fry Thermometer

Many deep frying gurus will tell you oil temperature matters for best results, and that’s where this thermometer can help. Made from durable stainless steel, it has a 12-in.-long probe and nearly 500 F temperature range. You’ll have fast and accurate readings so you can adjust and maintain cooking temperatures on the fly.

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Zulay Kitchen Splatter Screen

Anyone who’s tried deep frying in a pot or pan without a lid knows hot oil spatters can be a problem. That’s why you need this splatter guard in your outdoor deep fryer accessory collection. Deep frying without a lid makes it much easier to monitor the food, but painful boiling oil droplets will shoot out and cause damage if they’re not contained. The generous 13-in.-dia of this guard gives maximum protection, and the fine wire mesh is transparent enough that you can see your food.

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USA Pan Quarter-Sheet Baking Pan and Cooling Rack

Part of the joy of deep-fried food is the crispiness, and this baking pan and cooling rack combo preserves that after food comes out of the fryer. Deep-fried foods laid on a flat surface to cool will often go soft and moist on the bottom. This cooling rack prevents that by allowing air to circulate under the cooked food while providing space for excess oil to drain off.

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