Top Picks: Table Saw Miter Gauges to Enhance Your Woodworking Precision

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Looking to upgrade or replace your power tool's miter gauge? We've rounded up this list of great options.

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Buying a Miter Gauge

For many DIYers, miters saws are the go-to choice for miter cuts. But not every DIY workshop has the space, and not every DIYer has the budget for a dedicated miter saw.

Power tools like table, band and scroll saws use miter gauges to recreate the accurate, angled cuts of a miter saw. Unfortunately, the miter gauges included with most consumer power tools aren’t all that great.

Miter gauges feature a guide rail, called the miter bar, that slips into a groove on the table, along with an adjustable head. Some come with a built-in fence to support the workpiece. Others require users to supply a fence or use the flat side of the head.

Here are some key points to consider when shopping for a miter gauge:

  • Price
    • A quality miter gauge can be pricey, especially when compared to a budget power tool. Expect to pay $100 to $300 for an upgraded miter gauge. (There’s a reason manufacturers provide basic miter gauges!)
  • Precision
    • The way it all comes together, from the fit of the miter bar to the accuracy and stability of the miter controls, must be precise. If you set up for a 45-degree angle, you want to know you’ll get a 45-degree cut.
  • Convenience
    • Features that allow repeated, accurate cuts save time and prevent simple mistakes.
    • Positive stops on the head make alignment at common cutting angles easier.
    • Fence stops make quick work of repetitive cuts.
  • Miter bar size and style
    • The standard miter bar size on a table saw is 3/4-in. wide and 3/8-in. deep, but that’s not universal. In addition, some miter slots are U-shaped, while others are T-shaped. Double-check your saw’s miter slots before buying a gauge, or opt for a gauge with an adjustable bar.
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Buy a Replacement From the Manufacturer

If you lose or damage the miter gauge that came with your tool and want the most affordable possible replacement, go straight to the manufacturer.

Two examples of replacement miter gauges are the DeWalt N507559 ($33) for many DeWalt table saws and the Porter Cable 5140075-35 ($17) for band saws. You’ll need to do a little research to find the proper replacement for your specific tool. Most manufacturers include part numbers in their manuals.

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Incra Miter 1000

Incra is a well-respected name in miter gauges, offering a wide variety at different levels of complexity and prices. The Incra Miter 1000 ($128) is one of their most accessible models.

Incra gauges offer precise adjustment and many positive stops. Most miter gauges have five to 10 positive stops. The Miter 1000 offers 41 stops and can be adjusted to one-quarter degree resolution. Its adjustable square-sided miter bar has some leeway (0.740 to 0.765 inches) around the standard 3/4-inch width. It ships with an 18-inch fence.

Well-regarded and precise, it’s popular enough that Incra released a few variations on this basic model, which we’ll see later in this list.

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Kreg Miter Gauge System

Kreg is another highly-respected name in woodworking, best known for its pocket screw jigs. The Kreg Adjustable Miter-Gauge System ($160) features a 24-inch aluminum fence and a head adjustable to one-tenth of a degree, with five positive stops.

One of the Kreg Miter-Gauge System’s key selling points: It’s factory calibrated to be accurate out of the box. Still, as with any precision tool, smart DIYers should always check calibration before using it.

The included fence ships with a large swing stop that can aid repeat cuts or support the workpiece while making a cut. The square miter bar fits standard 3/4-in. by 3/8-in. slots.

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Incra 1000SE Miter Gauge

The Incra 1000SE ($210) is a special edition variation of the Incra 1000.

Like the Incra 1000, this model has 41 positive stops. But this model permits more finessing than the 1000, with a stainless steel cursor that allows for adjustments as fine as one-tenth of a degree.

But the “specialness” is really in the upgraded fence, which telescopes out to 30 inches wide. This offers far greater stability when working with long material. There’s also an improved flip-stop on the fence, with two arms. That may sound like a minor point, but it gives you two preset stops on the fence, cutting your setup time in half.

The Incra miter bar offers multiple adjustment points for custom sizing. The removable tab provides more security on tools with T-shaped miter slots.

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Powertec Precision Miter Gauge System

The Powertec Precision Miter Gauge System ($100) is cheaper than the Incra 1000, but still offers a significant step up from the miter gauge that shipped with your saw.

It comes with a 24-inch aluminum fence and flip stop. It has 27 positive stops, and its 3/4 x 3/8-inch miter bar comes with an adaptor for U-slot and T-slot tools.

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Incra 1000 HD Miter Gauge

Here’s another from the Incra 1000 family of gauges. Woodworkers who love precision will love the Incra 1000 HD Miter Gauge ($220). Besides offering a staggering 180 positive stops, the Vernier cursor can be set with accuracy to one-tenth of a degree.

Notably, the 1000 HD includes all the other features of the 1000 SE, including a telescoping fence, adjustable miter bar and adaptor for T-slots.

Basically, if you’re cutting multi-sided shapes, this gauge is a massive time saver. If you only cut a handful of various angles at a time, then it might be overkill.

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Rockler Precision Miter Gauge With Telescoping Fence Ecomm Via
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Rockler Precision Miter Gauge

The Rockler Precision Miter Gauge ($160) is well-built and dependable. It comes with six positive stops and a telescoping aluminum fence that expands to 24 inches. The 18-inch miter bar fits standard U-slot and T-slots.

The Rockler design team worked with the end user in mind. Nice design touches include the easy-to-grip rubber over mold on the adjustment knobs and the discrete holes on the miter bar for easy hanging storage.

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Incra Miter 5000 Sled Ecomm Via
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Incra 5000 Sled Miter

In the world of miter gauges, the Incra 5000 Miter Sled ($390) reflects pure luxury. It stands out by combining the stability and accuracy of a crosscut sled with a precision miter gauge’s adjustability. It offers 364 positive stops and crosscuts up to 24-inches of material.

Of course, it costs more than some table saws. But if you’re making furniture or cabinets, the time saved is invaluable.

You may be wondering why we’d include a sled in this roundup, even one with an incorporated miter gauge. It’s because it’s packaged with the Incra Miter 3000SE telescoping miter fence, which expands from 36 to 64 inches. Remove the protractor head from the sled, attach the 3000SE fence, and you have a high-quality miter gauge for cutting long material.

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