Top 10 Fishing Pole Storage Racks on Amazon

Whether for your vehicle, garage or boat, we have your fishing pole storage needs covered.

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6 Rod Rocket Launcher

This fishing pole storage option stores your rods securely on a boat’s open-front canvas top, often referred to as a Bimini top. It’s designed for storage when the boat is docked, as well as during light trolling.

“Nice quality, great pricing!” says an Amazon reviewer. “You will pay $200-plus anywhere else online. “This product works and looks great. It was also easy to install and adjust.”

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Vehicle Rod Carrier System

Adjustable from 40 inches to 72 inches, this fishing pole storage option conveniently holds 7. It makes transporting fishing gear, without damaging it, a breeze. The rack features spring clips that allow for easy removal when you need to move or store the carrier.

“I have a pickup with an 8ft bed and camper shell, and this is perfect,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The straps easily clip on and off so that I don’t have to have them installed 24/7. I tested it with a 10.5ft salmon rod, 7ft ocean rod and a 6 1/2ft trout rod…. they all fit in there nicely.”

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Overhead Fishing Rod Rack

Mount this rack in the garage, basement, on the boat, in the boat house or in your cabin. Capable of holding all types of fishing rod shapes, sizes and styles, the rack will protect your gear from damage and increase accessibility.

“This is perfect storage solution for these boomers who significantly downsized,” says an Amazon reviewer. “Very impressed with construction and ease of installation. Got the rods out of small storage closet and safely stowed overhead. Easy access yet safe from pets and small people who find spinny twirly things interesting. So happy with this that we have encouraged real fishermen to purchase. Great product. Highly recommend”

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Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles (Truck or SUV)

This lightweight and portable magnetic vehicle top fishing rod rack carrier system is fast and easy to mount on the roof of your truck or SUV. The rugged injection molded nylon construction with durable 1/4-inch bungee cord secures four fishing rods with reels remain.

This rack requires your hood or roof to be made of ferrous metal (metal a magnet will stick to). To test, use a refrigerator magnet. Be mindful that this rack will not work on aluminum or fiberglass hoods and/or roofs.

The rack can be mounted from engine hood to roof (shown), or both racks on the rooftop if driving no faster than 50 mph.

“I have a Volkswagen and I place the front mount towards the front so that it’s at an angle, then I place the rods with the reel towards the front and tip of the rod towards the rear. I was skeptical at first but I am confident it would take more than just wind to kick this off the rooftop or make it slide.”

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14 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

This unique 14-rod storage rack allows you to organize and display your favorite rods using soft clips at the top and padded base-plate slots at the bottom that keep them secure. Meanwhile, the wire racking system allows you to secure up to four fishing utility boxes.

“I had a couple wall mounted racks which took up a lot of space and the spacing was such that the large open face reels didn’t have enough room,” says an Amazon reviewer. “This circular pattern works great, takes much less space so I’m very happy and my wife said it was ‘cute.’ I’m impressed and very happy with this purchase. Also, it was surprisingly easy to assemble.”

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ICast Award-Winning Fishing Rod Rack

This sturdy and lightweight aluminum fishing rack is easy to assemble and takes up very little floor space. Capable of holding up to 24 fishing rods of any size, it’s guaranteed to protect and organize your collection. And, it won a design award at iCast, the world’s largest sportfishing trade show.

“I like this rod rack so much, I’m likely to buy a few more!” says an Amazon reviewer. “It’s brilliantly engineered, no tools or hardware needed to set up, very stable, should be durable and looks great in my man cave! I’ve got a large collection of fishing rods and this rack helps keep them organized and safe. It’s a much better way to organize and protect expensive fishing rods than by stacking them up in a corner somewhere.”

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ColdTuna Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Capable of holding up to 10 freshwater, saltwater or fly-fishing rods with reel, this fishing storage rack can be mounted overhead, vertically or horizontally, providing you plenty of options. The modular design allows for multiple units to be placed next to each other.

“Works as designed,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I have them mounted to the ceiling of my outside bar. It keeps my poles out of the way when not in use and gives my bar a cool look! I used my own hardware to mount as the screws provided were not the best quality but I don’t take anything away from the actual product for this.”

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Fishing Rod Wall Rack

This rack is a hassle-free way to organize your rods. Install it on your wall to hold up to three rods vertically.

“I did a lot of research on available rod storage options, and this seemed like the one that best suited my needs,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I ordered a set, installed it and found it met my needs perfectly. In fact, I liked it so well I ordered a second set. I recommend this product without reservation. It works especially well for rod storage above a door.”

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9 Loop Flexible Fishing Rod Rack

Mount this fishing rod rack wherever you want! It’s made of nylon cloth and the flexible strips run parallel to each other to allow up to nine rods of similar length to be securely stored. Feel like relocating it? It’s a cinch, as you simply need to unfasten the screws and roll up both strips. Amazon reviewers says it’s easy to put up and works great—plus, it’s only $15!

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Adjustable 3-Shelf Rolling Tackle Trolley

This nifty trolley features three adjustable shelves that can hold up to 35 pounds each. The design can accommodate up to 12 rods. The addition of wheels makes for easy moving, even when loaded up with gear.

“I bought this for my son and he loves it,” says an Amazon reviewer. “He has it in his man cave with all his fishing rods and lures. But now it is all organized. Very sturdy and he said easy to put together. Holds up with a lot of weight on it. Perfect gift for him.”

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