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7 Best Cold Weather Face Masks for Coronavirus

Stay warm, cozy and stylish this winter with these doctor-recommended face masks for cold weather, from neck gaiters to reusable masks.

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Shopping for Cold Weather Face Masks

Winter is coming, which means you may finally be excited to wear a face mask to keep your face warm and protected from the elements in addition to lowering the risk of COVID-19. But you may be wondering if you can wear a scarf as your face mask or if you still need a mask underneath. And what about wearing a gaiter or buff instead?

“Gaiters and buffs are fine for brief encounters,” says Paul Silka, M.D., chair of the department of emergency medicine at the Regional Medical Center of San Jose, Cal. “If you’re anticipating prolonged exposure to others, particularly indoors, double-layer face masks or surgical masks are better options.”

So if you’re just traveling from home for a quick errand, or going outside where you won’t be spending much time around other people, you can consider wearing only a gaiter or buff. But if you’re going to be around others for a while, the best option is a face mask with a gaiter or buff or scarf on top. Just be sure to avoid the worst face masks for COVID-19.

Even the best mask won’t help much if your face covering doesn’t fit properly. “It is important that they are tight-fitting, covering the nose, mouth and face,” says Silka. “Two-layer masks are even better. If the face covering is loose and single-layered it will be less effective.”

Don’t have a mask? Silka suggests double-layering a gaiter and scarf, or even two gaiters or buffs. “If you don’t have medical conditions, breathing shouldn’t be an issue,” he says.

For the best protection this winter, use one of these expert-recommended cold weather face masks and gaiters to be safe.

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Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight Neck Gaiter

Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight Neck Gaiter


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Made from 100 percent merino wool, not only will this Minus33 Merino neck gaiter keep you warm and protected on chilly days, but it also wicks sweat and moisture that forms from your breath so the inside stays dry. Bonus: It has a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong, like a thread coming loose.

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Carve Face Mask

Carve Face Mask


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Made of the fabric this company uses for its bathing suits, this Carve mask is extremely flexible and has a lot of elasticity, making it a great option under a warmer scarf or neck gaiter. The material is smooth so it won’t get caught on anything, nor will it slip or get tugged down below your nose. You can hand wash it after use. (Here’s how to disinfect your face mask.)

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Onzie Mindful Masks Unisex

Onzie Mindful Masks Unisex

$24 for pack of two

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These dual-layer Onzie face masks are made larger to provide full coverage over the mouth, nose and under the chin, secured with elastic ear loops. The fabric is stretchy but form-fitting, quick-drying and breathable, making it a perfect under-scarf option for winter. “A double layer of tight-fitting cloth can work well,” says Silka. Plus, learn the 11 mistakes you’re probably making with face masks.

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Ruby Ribbon Face Covering

Ruby Ribbon Face Covering

$40 for pack of five

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This three-ply jersey cotton Ruby Ribbon face mask will provide ample protection throughout the day. The comfortable loops are stretchy to fit over the ears and provide a snug fit. It doesn’t have any metal in the nose, making it comfortable to wear under a gaiter or scarf. These four household products kill coronavirus, according to Consumer Reports.

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LONGLONG Neck Warmer Gaiter

LongLong Neck Warmer Gaiter


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Pull the elastic cord on this LongLong neck gaiter to create a snug fit so that the gaiter doesn’t fall down below your nose. The four-way stretch material fits over most heads and can be maneuvered to fit your facial features. It’s breathable, too. Plus, these are the 14 ways you’re probably using disinfectants wrong.

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Buff Women's New Polar Reversible

Buff Women’s New Polar Reversible


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Pull this Buff face mask up over your face and enjoy the cozy fleece lining, which will keep your nose and ears toasty. The four-way stretch material lets you wear it many ways, too: up over your head, just over your nose and ears, and many more options which will keep you comfortable and protected. Plus, here’s how to make your household cleaners and other household items last longer.

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AZAZIE Non-Medical Velvet Reusable Face Mask

Azazie Non-Medical Velvet Reusable Face Mask


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Have a winter wedding or another important occasion you’re planning to attend? Check out these comfortable, plush Azazie velvet face masks to accompany your outfit and keep you protected all night long. The ear loops are adjustable for a snug fit, which is key, so you can spend the night focused on what’s important and not on adjusting your face mask. Choose from the burgundy or black color.

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