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8 Best Cat Collars

Shopping for a collar for your cat? These collars are favorites among cats and cat owners alike.

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Buying a Cat Collar

A collar is more than just a cute accessory for your cat. It is a means to keep your cat safe, says feline behavior consultant Marci Koski, Ph.D., owner of Feline Behavior Solutions in Vancouver, Wa.

A collar keeps your cat safe because it doubles as an identification tag. You can attach an ID tag directly to the collar or have your cat’s name and your phone number engraved onto the collar itself. If your cat is ever lost, the necessary information is readily available for whoever finds your cat to return them home. (Your cat should also have a microchip as a backup, according to The Humane Society).

But which cat collar is best? Well, that depends on your cat! Cats are masters of maneuvering themselves out of uncomfortable collars, so finding one they like is paramount. The options are endless, so to make it easier we’ve put together a list of our eight favorites.

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Best for Comfort

When it comes to collars, comfort is king, and the Beastie Band doesn’t disappoint. Cats that scoff at other collars often relish the opportunity to wear a Beastie Band.

Made of neoprene, it is soft, stretchy and less likely to irritate sensitive skin than leather or nylon collars and harnesses. Plus, the size is customizable. Simply cut with scissors to your cat’s exact measurements. This checkerboard print is a top seller, but Beastie Bands come in so many colors and prints that you’ll easily find one that suits your tastes and your cat’s personality.

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Best Reflective Collar

In the dark, cats can be hard to spot. (Ideally your cat is indoors when the sun goes down, but you never know when that little escape artist will dart out the front door.) A reflective collar to the rescue! We like this glow-in-the-dark nylon collar from Rogz. It’s adjustable, durable and features a breakaway buckle so the cat can escape the collar if it catches on something.

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Best Budget Collar

If you need a quality cat collar without spending too much, a multi-pack is the way to go. This set of six is less than $7 and has thousands of great reviews. That’s no surprise given its features — breakaway, reflective, adjustable and even cute. This is a great option for multi-cat households, too.

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Best Splurge

When only a luxury collar will do (because let’s face it; some cats are just that fancy), we love this chic crystal/leather designer collar from Snooty Pooch Boutique. With princess cut Swarovksi crystals, it’s available in more than 30 colors and comes with a breakaway option. At $100, it’s definitely a splurge, but one that will make your cat look and feel like royalty.

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Best Fashion Statement

The cuteness of the Kimono Bow Tie collar by Necoichi is off the charts, but this collar is a workhorse as well. The soft rayon fabric is sturdy and durable, and the breakaway clip allows cats to free themselves should they get stuck on something. Available in black, purple and red, the collar is adjustable and it is adorned with a delightful little gold bell.

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Best for Tracking

The top feature of the Blue Frog Track N Guard Collar is the peace of mind its embedded ID tag provides. Should your cat get lost, anyone who finds it can simply log on to a dedicated website and enter a unique tracking number. You will immediately be notified of your cat’s GPS location and reunited before you know it! You can get similar features for your dog, too, with a smart collar.

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Best Breakaway Collar

The breakaway feature is fairly standard one in cat collars. But if that’s your main concern, you’ll be impressed by the Red Dingo Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar. The collar’s safety clip releases quickly and easily, and customer reviews state the collar is durable, easy-to-adjust and well-tolerated by cats. Plus it’s simple and stylish in appearance, right down to the little bell. If you’re taking your cat for a walk, swap the breakaway collar for a cat harness.

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Best All-Around Collar

If you’re looking for a collar that offers the best of everything, look no further than the Rogz NeoCat Breakaway Collar. It has all the sought-after safety features of the other Rogz collars (like the breakaway buckle).

What makes it best overall? The neoprene. For comfort, you can’t go wrong with a collar made of this soft, pliable material. You also find some of the best cat harness options made of neoprene.

“The material is soft but strong,” says one reviewer, who gave the collar five stars.

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How to DIY a Cat Collar

If you’re looking to add a little sizzle to new or old cat collar, here are some ways you can DIY a cat collar to make it truly unique and special for your little feline.

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