Backyard Landscaping Ideas for a Pit Master

You have the grill, you have the tools and now you need the perfect backyard setup to showcase your grill skills. These backyard landscaping ideas will help you create the ultimate spot to grill and entertain.

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Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Create a backyard grilling area where everyone will want to hang out. An outdoor kitchen is one of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas because it allows you to give your indoor kitchen a break while you prep and cook your grilled masterpieces. Check out these 12 inspiring backyard kitchens.

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Add Some Light

Don’t get stuck in the dark. This barbecue grill light from Char-Broil features 10 bright LED lights that cover the entire surface of even the biggest grills so you’ll be ready to cook even when darkness falls. The flexible silicon strap adjusts to fit any handle, regardless of size. It’s just one of several grilling tools and accessories you’ll want.

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Build a Stone Patio

A stone or brick patio is a welcome addition to your grilling space. It creates a solid surface for your grill and you can add furniture, plantings and lights to make it an inviting outdoor living space. Believe it or not, you can build this backyard patio in just a few days. Here’s how to build this stone and brick patio.

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When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, nothing beats a backyard bar. Create an outdoor bar near your grilling station so guests can relax, have a drink and stay entertained while you grill up something amazing. These 10 outdoor bar ideas might inspire you to build your own.

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Take a Seat

Make sure you include some comfortable yet sturdy outdoor furniture in your grilling area landscape so guests have a place to sit and enjoy the party. Be sure to keep furniture close so the person who’s grilling can still take part in the fun. 15 awesome plans for DIY outdoor furniture.

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Brick Pathway
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Lay a Brick Pathway

A pathway is another one of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas because it helps guests navigate your yard, and you can make it as simple or ornate as you like. Imagine a path like this going from your back door to your grilling station. Plant flowers along the edges of the path to create an eye-catching landscape feature. Here’s how to build this brick pathway in your yard.

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Build a Grill Gazebo

A grill gazebo is the ultimate backyard enhancement for grilling enthusiasts. With a grill-zebo like this, even if it starts to rain, the party goes on.

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Cover Up an Ugly Patio

If your grill sits on a concrete patio that’s an eyesore, try building a deck over the top! This is the ultimate solution for a hopeless concrete slab because you get to skip the cost and mess of tearing up the old concrete. Here’s everything you need to know to build a deck over a concrete patio.

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Create a Grill Workspace

If you plan on doing a lot of grilling and entertaining, be sure to have a workspace set up next to your grill. It can be a small table, or try building a grill station to prep food and store tools.

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open fire barbecue
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Open-Fire Barbecue Bar

Another premier backyard landscaping feature is a brick open-fire barbecue bar. It comes complete with prep space, bench, patio and outdoor refrigerator to keep food and drinks cold.

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Add Plants

Don’t forget to add some plants to your backyard grill station landscape. Plants are the perfect finishing touch to any of these backyard landscaping ideas. Herbs and cherry or grape tomatoes are great choices. While you’re grilling, just reach over and grab some fresh produce to liven up any dish. These are the best herbs to grow on a patio.

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