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10 Top-Rated Babyproofing Products Under $20

Keep your little one safe and worry less with these budget-friendly babyproofing products that work.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Safety 1st Plug Protectors Via Walmartvia

Safety 1st Plug Protectors

Plug protectors need to be tough enough to resist tampering from curious toddlers with surprisingly strong fingers and toys that can pry, but not impossible for parents to remove. It’s a surprisingly tricky balance, but the classic Safety 1st plug protectors nail it.

The box provides a generous amount for covering all the outlets in your house. They’re easily removable/replaceable, and sturdy, too.

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Door Monkey Door Lock And Pinchguard Via Amazonvia

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinchguard

Preventing kids from slamming their fingers in doors or discovering other dangerous spots has been a sticky wicket for gadget inventors and hapless parents. Door Monkey seems to have thought of it all.

No tools, drilling or double-sided tape needed to install these dual-action lock-and-pinchguards on standard interior doors and molding. The same product also works for knobs or levers, which is not the case for other products like this. And they operate on both sides of the door, so that a kid can’t lock you (or themselves) in a room with no recourse.

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Dreambaby Room And Bath Thermometer Via Amazonvia

DreamBaby Room and Bath Thermometer

This versatile, accurate and durable room and bath thermometer measures water and air temperature. The digital readout updates every ten seconds, information that’s also boiled down to an easy-glance color-coded indicator. With so many similar yet inconsistent or inaccurate products on the market, this one actually delivers. That’s a relief.

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Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System Via Amazonvia

Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

Outfox clever tots (and cats!), keeping them out of cabinets with medications, cleaning supplies and other dangerous substances, with Safety 1st Magnetic Locks. Unlock with a key that comes with the kit, stash it out of reach of little hands, and use the disable option when kids aren’t home.

As one Amazon reviewer writes: “This product is genius. The installation is amazingly simple, the adhesive is strong, and yet doesn’t mess up my cabinets! Stellar how it’s discreet and hidden and not showing from the outside. Unlocking is very simple.”

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Rhoost Cord Wind Up Via Amazonvia

Rhoost Cord Wind-Up

Rhoost’s low-tech, easy-to-use cord blind winder keeps dangling cords away from kids and pets alike. They work with all blind cords to eliminate choking or strangulation hazards — especially good for cribs near windows.

Other solutions require drilling into your walls. These don’t. — just wind the cord around it to get it out of reach. “They are very easy to put on and adjust,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Very good buy for extra safety.”

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Booda Furniture Anchors Via Amazonvia

Booda Furniture Anchors

These all-metal furniture anchors are sturdier and can hold more weight (up to 400 pounds) than kits with plastic pieces. They’ll protect everyone from furniture tipping, not just toddlers — even during earthquakes. The straps detach easily so you can move furniture if needed.

One Amazon reviewer raves about it: “I’d been looking around for good wall anchors for my curio cabinet and these looked to be the sturdiest on the market and wow, they work great! Fairly easy to install and lots of extras in case you lose parts.”

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Wappa Baby Toilet Lock Via Amazonvia

Wappa Baby Toilet Lock

This toilet lock gets top marks for a no-tools 3M adhesive application, an easy-disable feature for guests and a simpler open mechanism than many toilet locks offer. (After all, when you’ve gotta go, you don’t need to solve a two-handed puzzle.)

It keeps kids and pets from getting in the toilet, preventing drowning and germ transfer. And if it doesn’t work for you, take advantage of the company’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Roving Cove Safety Edge Corner Guard Edge Protector Via Amazonvia

Roving Cove Safety Edge Corner Guard Edge Protector

When the edge of your coffee table starts to look like it’s been to the emergency room, corner guards to the rescue! Just unroll the dense foam and attach with 3M adhesive backing.

Roving Cove offers the densest foam for max impact absorption. Plus it’s made without BPA, phthalates and other stuff plenty of parents prefer to avoid. It comes in white, brown and black to blend into various furnishings.

One Amazon reviewer summed it up: “It has already saved my toddler from hitting his head badly multiple times and it has only been up for a week … I am happy with the way it looks too, which is a nice bonus!”

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Jool Baby Oven Knob Covers Via Amazonvia

Jool Baby Oven Knob Covers

These covers render oven knobs inaccessible to babies and young children, but a simple hinged lid allows adults easy access. The clear, oversized covers ensure a more universal fit, and the kit comes with enough for a five-burner stove.

One verified Amazon purchaser writes: “Not only am I 10,000 percent impressed that such an affordable product WORKED, but I’m pleased with the fact that they look good on my stove! Baby proofing doesn’t have to be ugly. Shoutout to the seller for including five covers instead of four.”

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Skyla Homes Clear Corner Protectors Via Amazonvia

Skyla Homes Clear Corner Protectors

If you’re simply looking for the peace of mind that comes from rounding edgy corners, try these extra sticky, super cushiony gel corner protectors. They’re clear to help reduce visual clutter — and hopefully keep your toddler disinterested as well.

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