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Top 5 Amazon Prime Day Deals You Should Know About

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! Here's your guide to a few of the very best new Amazon Prime Day offers.

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Lodge Cast-Iron Four-Piece Cookware Set

Getting the job done right means you need the right tools. There’s a reason why American-made, Lodge cast-iron pots and pans consistently earn rave reviews from pros and home cooks alike—they’re affordable, durable and reliable.

Lodge is a well-respected name in cast iron cookware and this is your chance to get into cast-iron cooking at an affordable price. One reviewer called them a “game-changer.” Another said, “I love cooking with cast iron! It has taken me about a year to get used to cleaning, cooking and keeping cast iron, but I love the versatility. I can use them on the stove/campfire/BBQ or throw it in the oven or smoker. There’s really no limits.”

This four-piece set will let you bake, broil, sauté and stew with Michelin-star results at fast-casual prices.

Clear your cookware clutter with this ultra-clever pullout pot and pan organizer.

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Solar-Powered Bluetooth Light

This solar-powered Bluetooth lantern by LuminAID is one of those gadgets you didn’t know you needed, but now you can’t live without. It’s multifunctional—use it for mood lighting for your backyard, garden or pool area, or use it as task lighting in dim locations.

Multiple RGB&W LEDs mean you can choose from a rainbow of colors, or choose the extra-bright white for home improvement projects. The integrated app allows you set on/off timers, check your battery’s charge and control color and brightness, even with multiple lanterns.

It’s also easy to set up and put away. The handle makes it easy to hang from any hook, and it can be twisted flat in one move for easy storage. Waterproof and dustproof, it works in nearly every environment.

LuminAID is a women-owned small business that began by distributing lights in Haiti after its devastating earthquake, continues to provide lights and chargers for those in disaster-stricken areas.

Here are 12 solar-powered landscape lights you haven’t seen before.

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Home Security Camera

Buy yourself another set of eyes—and some peace of mind.

This is the little camera that could: For less than $50, this versatile camera by GH Dynamics can be used inside as a baby or pet monitor, or facing outside as a home-security camera.

Multiple users can have access to the 1080P stream, receive real-time alerts when the motion sensor is tripped, and pan around the room or yard remotely from phones and tablets, with the integrated app. The camera is also equipped with superior night vision: You can clearly see up to 20 feet in the dark.

One reviewer gave this camera five stars, reporting that it’s “easy to set up and camera seems to work well. Picture is clear and field of view is quite large. Would recommend it as an inexpensive security device.”

Theft-proof your home with these inexpensive DIY projects.

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Vacuum via

Robotic Vacuum

Prepare to ditch your Roomba if you’ve got one, because here comes the Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner.

Lest you think this is just another robot vacuum bumping its way around the house blindly, know this: It will create 360-degree maps of your space with a laser and then it creates a path to clean.

Through the integrated app, you can schedule cleanings, set no-go zones, manually manage its movement, and switch between cleaning modes. It’s also Alexa-enabled for voice commands, works in the dark and can climb some obstacles and avoid falls and collisions. If that isn’t enough, it also mops! Say hello to smarter, cleaner floors.

Here are 100 additional ways to make your home smarter.

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Holy Stone Drone

If you’ve ever thought about taking up flying drones for a hobby, this user-friendly, entry-level drone by Holy Stone will grow with you.

This drone offers a generous 13-minute fly time. Plus, you can take your drone for a nearly hands-free flight when you design your flight route by drawing on the integrated app’s map.

Take flawless pictures from on high thanks to the GPS satellite hover and altitude hold. A “headless mode” makes it really easy to orient and fly, because the front of the drone is whichever way the control is facing. Plus, you can take it out for night flights because of its head-and-tail LED lights.

One reviewer praised the features of the drone, especially the high-quality photos. “You won’t regret purchasing the Holy Stone HS110g, with many features of the more expensive drones for about a third of the price. You CAN’T go wrong.”

Get an aerial view of your gardens, home, vacation spot—or master high-altitude selfies: The sky is now your oyster.

Check out these bold predictions of how houses will look in the future.

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