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10 Amazing Headboard Ideas That’ll Make Your Bedroom Better

An eye-catching headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Which one of these unique ideas would you choose?

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Wood Pallet Style

Pallet projects are still on trend, but pallet wood isn’t ideal for a headboard because you never know what it has been exposed to. You can still get the look by building a pallet-style headboard using new wood. No need to stain or paint this headboard, as the bare wood is right in line with pallet style. In addition to headboards, here are 9 more things you shouldn’t make with pallets.

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Accent Wall

A painted accent wall isn’t a new idea, but creating a 3D painted accent wall takes the concept to a whole new level. This headboard blends into the wall behind it while also creating dimension, interest and even a shelf for displaying décor. Here, a painting contractor explains how to paint a room fast.

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Surrounding Storage

While a simple wood panel looks great as a headboard, surrounding it with open shelving creates even more of a focal point in the room. And (bonus!) it adds a lot more storage space. Style the shelves with houseplants, pottery or framed photos that you love. These before-and-after bedroom makeovers will floor you!

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Unexpected Shape

A great headboard doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly symmetrical. This wood headboard features varying heights and unique curves, and it couldn’t be easier to DIY. All you need is a jigsaw and some sandpaper. Learn how to use a jigsaw here, so you can make this headboard for your bedroom.

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Decorative Metal

A decorative metal headboard is the perfect way to add some shabby chic charm to your bedroom. You can buy one that’s new or, better yet, find one at an estate sale or antique store for a good deal and even more character.

Want to make more of a statement than a headboard? Add decorative panels to your bedroom wall. Here’s how to do it yourself.

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Woven Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Woven Fiber

This eye-catching woven headboard creates a natural, peaceful vibe in the bedroom. Pair it with a palm houseplant to pull off a tropical style that encourages rest and relaxation. Add more texture to any room with trendy macramé.

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Multicolored Wood Planks

Aiming for a rustic, cabin-like feel for your sleeping space? Opt for a headboard made with warm, narrow wood planks. Varying the finish colors will add a more natural, imperfect touch—and it’s so easy to DIY! Here’s how to stain wood perfectly, without blotches and dark spots.

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If you have a small, ho-hum headboard like the one shown here, mounting one or two large pieces of artwork behind it will create a much more dramatic statement. A large colorful canvas or favorite photograph is a great way to show off your style, too. Plus: Here are 15 more bedroom decorating ideas for creating a soothing space.

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Barn Doors

Barn doors are all the rage right now, and turning them into a giant headboard definitely makes a trendy statement. A vertical barn door headboard helps to draw the eye up, making the ceiling seem higher, and it definitely conveys a rustic, country style. Not sure what color to paint your bedroom? Check out these ideas.

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A large mirror works great as a headboard, as it draws the eye and even helps to create the illusion of more space. Any shape of mirror will do, but be sure to add a frame for a more polished, finished look. Learn how to hang a heavy mirror on the wall, here.