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12 Adorable DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Wreaths are a classic symbol of the season—but they can be pricey at the store. Here are 12 DIY Christmas wreath ideas that are easy and festive.

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Santa's Helpers wreathCountry Woman

Santa’s Helpers Wreath

This snowman and little dog duo is a fun twist on the traditional evergreen Christmas wreath. Secure wreath forms together with floral wire, and wrap bunches of evergreen around each, securing with additional floral wire. Or save time by buying wreath bases already covered in greenery. If you want you can add sticks for arms and decorate the wreath like a fully-fledged snowman complete with scarves, hats and mittens.

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Country wreathDan Roberts/Country Woman

Country Wreath

This craft is perfect for those who want an elegant-yet-rustic holiday aesthetic.

  • Start with 62 feet of sisal twisted rope.
  • Cut four 1-yard lengths of rope and set aside.
  • Layer 50 feet of rope in loops on top of a 14-inch wire wreath frame.
  • Create a double hanging loop at the top.
  • Wrap the remainder of rope tightly around itself and the wire frame.
  • Secure with a knot and hot glue to prevent fraying.
  • Wrap the remaining pieces of rope around the wreath symmetrically. Attach rope loops with floral wire, and use hot glue to attach silk decorations.
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Citrus and Cranberry WreathCountry Woman

Citrus and Cranberry Wreath

Using a 14-inch wide grapevine wreath, hot-glue dried fruits in clusters of four or five, spacing evenly. Then hot glue clusters of faux berries randomly around the wreath as a finishing touch.

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Wine cork wreathBirds & Blooms

Wine Cork Wreath

Tired of pine cones and twigs? Hang up your own “vintage” creation. Spray paint a styrofoam wreath base to camouflage areas the corks may not cover. Starting on the inside of the base, attach wine corks with fast-drying styrofoam safe glue. Add a ribbon to hang your wreath, and adorn with additional decorations if desired.

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Bay Leaf WreathCountry Woman

Bay Leaf Wreath

Fresh bay leaves sub in for traditional evergreen branches in this herbal holiday wreath. We think it would be a lovely decoration for any cook to hang in the kitchen. Add ribbon or ornaments for a touch of color.

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Burlap Ribbon WreathTaste of Home

Burlap Ribbon Wreath

The homespun look of burlap combines with a vibrant red hue and shimmering gold metallic accents to create a sophisticated wreath for Christmastime. The pretty bow and monogram make this one extra special.

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Mitten WreathTaste of Home

Mitten Wreath

Deck the halls with brightly colored felt! You can choose the colors and patterns you like best to brighten a window or doorway.

  • Cut 2×6-inch strips of felt and wrap around a 12-inch wreath form so they overlap.
  • Use hot glue to adhere strips to the form.
  • Cut mitten shapes, hearts and rectangles out of felt and use hot glue to adhere to the wreath.
  • Add a bow to the upper portion and loop a ribbon through the center to use to as a hanger.
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Ball Ornament WreathTaste of Home

Ball Ornament Wreath

Don’t toss your old ornaments. Recycle them into this striking salute to the merriest season of them all. Use the color combination you like best or simply use an assortment of whatever ornaments you have on hand.

  • Wrap ribbon tightly around a plastic foam flat-face circle wreath form, covering it completely.
  • Glue ends to secure.
  • Remove the metal tops from ball ornaments.
  • Attach ornaments with the top down.
  • Glue medium to larger ornaments around the outer edge. Continue gluing to create a layered look.
  • Fill in gaps with miniature ornament clusters.
  • Let the glue dry before hanging.
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Felted Ball WreathTaste of Home

Felted Ball Wreath

Here’s how to make this felted ball wreath:

  • Wrap hollow plastic baseballs or golf balls with yarn and/or roving.
  • Wrap even layers over the ball until wrapping is about a half-inch thick all around.
  • Stretch a knee-high nylon stocking carefully and insert a wrapped ball, tying a knot to secure ball tightly in place.
  • Repeat steps for the desired number of balls (each stocking can hold several, with a knot separating each ball).
  • Wash all stockings with a few tablespoons of liquid dish detergent in a washing machine using hot water. Repeat if felting is not firm to the touch after first wash.
  • Air-dry balls or place them in dryer on low heat to dry.
  • With scissors, carefully work balls free and trim excess fuzz.
  • Glue balls onto wreath base, stacking randomly to add depth.
  • Let dry.
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Felt circle wreathDan Roberts/Taste of Home

Felt Circle Wreath

This fun holiday wreath will make any room seem warmer and cozier. Use the alternating color scheme shown here, or create your own pattern for a personalized design.

  • Cut 70 circles from each green color of felt, making a total of 210 circles. Using 2 circles of each color, fold each in half, then again, forming triangles.
  • Lay flat on inner edge of wreath, point to point, forming a butterfly shape. Secure in place with a straight pins.
  • Repeat with 8 circles of the same color until you have covered a small vertical section of the wreath.
  • Use your fingers to carefully open the triangles slightly.
  • Repeat steps with a different green color, using 10 more circles. For a third stripe, use a third green color.
  • Continue alternating colors. When the wreath is covered you should have 21 stripes.

Here’s the best way to hang a wreath from your door.

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Paper Wreath CenterpieceTaste of Home

Paper Wreath Centerpiece

Holiday decor doesn’t have to break the bank. This wreath, for example, was DIY-ed with scrapbook paper.

  • Start with hurricane glass, a candle base and a pillar candle.
  • Trace a circle of foam board about an inch larger than the candle base to mark the inner circle of your wreath.
  • Trace a second circle 2 or 3 inches beyond the first, forming a donut.
  • Using a utility knife carefully cut around the inner and outer edges of the base.
  • Cut 30 to 36 1 1/2- x 10-inch strips of scrapbook paper.
  • Fold each strip accordion style.
  • Use hot glue to adhere strips to wreath base, trimming to fit and overlapping edges.
  • Make a bow with red paper, if desired.
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Horse collar wreathMary Livingston/Country

Horse Collar Wreath

“This wreath was made from a horse collar found in my parents barn before it was razed,” says Mary Livingston of Whitewater, Missouri. Now I have a Christmas keepsake to pass to another generation.”

For a similar look, apply flowers and greenery to antiques or heirlooms, then add a bow and hang on your door.

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