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Vintage Family Handyman Project: Add a Recycling Center to Your Home

In celebration of Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, we're flipping through the pages of some decades-old magazines and sharing a few of the innovative projects and stories within them.

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Family Handyman

Reduce and Reuse

By the time the 1980s rolled around, recycling initiatives were starting to take root in the U.S. This in-home recycling center would have been a hit among homeowners trying to do their part in conserving the earth’s natural resources, although it’s certainly up for debate whether the labels on the doors needed to be quite so big.

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Family Handyman

A Complete Package

Whoever came up with this recycling center packed a lot of smart ideas into the design. They not only included a hole in the countertop for easy access to the garbage bin, they also built a raised platform for the garbage can to sit on to limit spillage when items were dropped in.

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Family Handyman

Do It Yourself?

Want a vintage recycling center in your home? The page above shows everything you need to build one, including a required materials list and detailed illustrations on how it all comes together — exactly what Family Handyman still provides today.

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