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9 Social Media Tips for Home Security

Home security and social media can be a dangerous mix, so learn these tips for optimum safety when you're away from home.

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Don’t Announce Your Plans Online

“Finally going to Italy May 10-29!” you might caption an Instagram or Facebook photo months in advance. If your social media platforms are public, you’re giving plenty of strangers the opportunity to plan for a break-in. And even if they’re not, an acquaintance might mention it, with the information getting in the wrong hands. You’ll also want to make sure you do these 12 things before leaving your home on vacation.

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Solution 1: Post Old Photos

While you’re on vacation, occasionally post ambiguous images of you or your family and friends at your home to throw off any potential burglars following you on social media. The best home security is getting inside the head of a burglar. Here are 21 things a burglar won’t tell you.

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Solution 2: Post Photos of Your House Sitter

If you absolutely must post photos of your trip, or are required to do it for work (such as lifestyle blogging), then a good way to keep the burglars away is to post sporadic photos of your home, pets and even house sitter. You can post captions like, “So grateful we have a wonderful house sitter watching over our home for the next week!” Be sure you upgrade your home security by installing a keyless door lock that you can give your house sitter a personal code to.

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Solution 3: Get On a Neighborhood App

Finally, there’s a perk to all your nosy neighbors! If you have an app like Nextdoor, the free private social media network for your neighborhood community, you can keep a lookout for any lurkers in your area, since people post suspicious activity all the time. If anything comes up, you should have a select few trusted sources to keep an eye out for your vacant home.

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Log Out of Your Accounts

Log out of your personal accounts on your computers at home, ensuring you have a protective password. Personal information on there could relay your travel plans, or give people passwords to safes and more in the home. You should also log out of your personal social media accounts on any public computers you use while traveling. Speaking of home security, here are some easy tips to theft proof your house during winter.

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Disable Location Settings

Have you ever noticed that, when on Facebook, a little bar pops up on your Newsfeed that shows you where people are traveling? It can show people traveling simply an hour away for the day, or off to another country. Do you really want people knowing this information about you … ever? Especially while on vacation, it’s best to disable your location settings on all your social media channels. You should also add these garage security tips to your home security repertoire.

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Only Accept Friend Requests From Friends

Your social life might have your friend requests on social media skyrocketing, but be careful not to accept people who you don’t genuinely know. Not everyone has the best of intentions, and someone who you met through a friend of a friend very briefly could come across your personal life and track down your home. Here’s how to reinforce doors for extra home security protection.

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Enable Two-Factor Authentication

If you are posting your travels merely with trusted friends in private messages on your social media platforms, you should be sure no one else can access your account. That means enabling two-factor authentication on your social media platforms. With this, no one on another computer, phone, etc. can access your account just because they know your password, as the platform will recognize it’s a new device and send your phone a notification. On the topic of home security, here are 20 secrets you should know that a security installer won’t tell you.

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Get Your Kids on Board

You may put in all the work to ensure your social media doesn’t relay your vacation information, but are your kids playing along? You’ll want to make sure you go through all of these steps with them to be safe. If your kids are on their phones too much, check out these DIY projects they’ll love.

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