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8 Fun Toy Spy Gadgets Your Kids Will Love

Sharp sight, keen hearing and quick thinking are spy essentials. These gadgets will get your kids on the right track.

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Spy Things: Laser Trap Alarm

This fun spy gadget features a receiver piece and two lasers that let your curious kid create an invisible barrier to protect their lair. The toy lets you switch from a loud sounding alarm mode to a silent flashing light for stealthier circumstances. Are your kid’s toys creating clutter? Check out this DIY toy storage solution.

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Spy Things: Night Goggles

Give your little spy some vision-enhancing goggles for their undercover needs in the darkest of conditions. These night goggles use a combination of lights and lenses. Use the blue LED lights and flip out the sighting scope and 2X-magnifing lens to see far into the distance. Check out these 12 awesome ideas for storing your kid’s spy gadgets and other toys.

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Spy Things: Micro Voice Disguise

The junior agent in your life will need to disguise their voice when on the job. That’s why you should get them this spy gadget, which they can use to record secret messages and play back fast, slow or both! It’s a two-button design that is extremely easy to use. If you’re looking to revamp the play room, check out these 15 amazing toy rooms that put the FUN in functional.

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Spy Things: Spy Master Briefcase

Help your little one become a master of espionage with this spy gadget. It’s the perfect top-secret briefcase filled with undercover hi-tech goodies, including binoculars, rear-view glasses, a spy ear device and secret mission files. When your children aren’t on a spy mission, get them involved in some DIY projects.

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Spy Things: Spy Role Play Costume Set

Some kids need to really look the part to play the part! That’s why you should buy them this spy role-play costume set for their next top-secret assignment. It comes with a black trench coat, fedora hat, rear-view sunglasses, secret-coded message card, a decoder lens and a spy assignment guide. If your child is too small for this costume set, consider building them a busy board with items you already have!

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Spy Things: Wrist Blaster

This wrist blaster is the ultimate undercover accessory for your junior agent. They can fire the finger-activated darts quickly and easily, with the slim design concealing the spy gadget so enemies don’t know what’s coming! If your child is also a DIYer, consider these gifts.

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Spy Things: Ultra Range Walkie-Talkie

If your little one needs a way to communicate with other spies in the neighborhood, give them this walkie-talkie that delivers clear communication up to two miles! It’s as simple as holding down the talk button to communicate and releasing while waiting for a response. When the other spies in town aren’t around, take on these 12 perfect projects to do with kids.

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Spy Things: Transforming Ninja Sword

Spies need weapons too! They can take a page out of a ninja’s handbook with this 2-in-1 flashlight and ninja sword. It features a spy light to find your opponent and a hidden sword that pops up with a simple push of a button. When your kid isn’t on a top-secret mission, build this mini classic workbench with them!

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