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7 Outdoor Games You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have

For your next backyard barbecue or outdoor gathering, have a friendly competition. Horseshoes and bocce are fun, but how about something new? Here are seven outdoor games you can make with stuff you probably already have.

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Backyard Jenga

If you like Jenga, try creating a version for OUTside. You can use 2x4s in equal-sized pieces to make a backyard version of the popular game. Just be sure to keep little ones out of the way and take a step back when those blocks begin to tumble. Follow these tips for using a table saw safely.

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Frozen T-Shirt Race

Here’s a great outside game for a hot day. Gather up a bunch of T-shirts, soak them in water and place each one in a plastic bag. Throw them in the freezer overnight. The object of this game is to see who can “unfreeze” the shirt first and put it on! Try these 13 ways to keep your home cool without an air conditioner.

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Lawn Twister

Take the game of Twister outside. Just spray paint some Twister dots on your lawn or use sidewalk chalk if you’re playing on a patio. Then bring out the spinner from your indoor Twister game. Here are 10 things you need to know before you start spray painting.

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Drip, Drip, Dunk

You’ve heard of Duck, Duck, Goose (or if you live in Minnesota, Duck, Duck, Grey Duck) but have you heard of Drip, Drip, Dunk? Sit in a circle and instead of tapping people on the head and saying “duck,” you pour a little water on their head until you decide to “dunk” someone with all the water. Got a drippy outdoor faucet? Here’s how to fix it.

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Lawn Bowling

Here’s a fun outdoor game: Just fill 10 empty plastic soda or water bottles with water and set them up like you would bowling pins. Use a soccer or volleyball to try to knock them over. If you want to play this at night, just add some glow sticks to the water bottles.

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Blanket Races

If you have some old blankets, bring them outside for a fun blanket race. Grab a partner. The object is to pull your partner across the lawn faster than the competition. 

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Outdoor Scrabble

Add Scrabble to your list of outdoor games. Grab some boxes and cut out 100 squares, all the same size. Use a Sharpie to make the letters and leave two squares blank. Then enjoy a game of Scrabble in the sunshine!

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