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50 of the Most Mind-Blowing Toilets Ever Created

These are far from your standard toilets...

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Club Toilet

According to Imgur user “thangcz,” this is a public toilet (in a club) that’s meant for throwing up in! It seems the establishment is notorious for a heavy pour. Here’s how to keep toilet screws from rusting.

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

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Mountain Toilet

What’s a better bathroom view than this?! The lone toilet sits high on Mt. Whitney, perfect for hikers who like a challenge, both on the pot and off! What, no bidet on top of the mountain? Here’s why you need one!

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

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Toilet Monster

Have your kids ever been scared of the toilet because “monsters are in there”? This piece of toilet artwork is like stepping inside the mind of your little one.

Photo: Courtesy of matthewreid/Flickr

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Isis (Swarovski) Toilet

Can you imagine spending a whopping $75,000 on a toilet? Jemal Wright designed this Swarovski crystal-studded toilet to fulfill your lust for luxury. Check out these expert tips for buying a toilet.

Photo: Courtesy of Jemal Wright

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Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne

Make sitting on your toilet throne a reality with this wooden wonder. And just in case you have the cash to dole out, it’s on sale for $10,238! What a bargain, right?

Photo: Courtesy of Herbeau

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Musical Toilet

Can you imagine using a toilet that’s made out of a tuba? The musically inclined will go nuts over this creation, and check out the piano keys next to it! Here’s how to unclog a normal toilet.

Photo: Courtesy of SinisterCheese/Imgur

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Shark Toilet

This toilet creation will make you think twice before sitting on the pot! The coolest part is the intricately painted shark mouth around the bottom of the bowl.

Photo: Courtesy of Gregory Gill/Flickr

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Bose Noise Canceling Toilet

How nice would it be to own a toilet that buffers the sound of you doing your business (wink wink)? For a real Bose experience, check out the Bose SoundLink Revolve+.

Photo: Courtesy of Raaronl/Imgur

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Crystal Clear Toilet

Is it chic or weird to have a toilet that’s fully see-through?

If you get a clear toilet, you better keep it really clean with these DIY toilet cleaning bombs.

Photo: Courtesy of TheLingeringOtis/Imgur

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Comfy Chair Toilet

Do you know that one person who spends so long in the bathroom they might as well make it their home away from home? Well you might want to send this cushy toilet creation their way. Take a look at these 9 super simple toilet tune-ups.

Photo: Courtesy of TheLingeringOtis/Imgur

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wood Bob Hosea/Shutterstock

Rustic Toilet

This is the ideal toilet design for the ultimate nature lover. The toilet is cut out of a large log laying on the ground. If you like the rustic look, here’s how to create a authentic-looking sliding barn door.

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Vintage Armchair Toilet

Toilets have certainly seen many designs throughout history. And while they’re quite simple today, the lack of plumbing long ago made for more design around the toilet, like this vintage toilet made of a wooden armchair and metal bucket. Could your toilet work better? Here’s how to improve its performance.

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Spacecraft Toilet

What did toilets on a spacecraft once look like? This is just one example from decades past displayed at a museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Ancient Toilet

Long ago, toilets were mere holes in the ground. These public toilets were once a reality of Ephesus, an ancient Greek city, located near the Turkish province of Izmir.

Ancient toilets like these didn’t have the luxury of plumbing issues, but if yours is leaking, here’s how to repair it.

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Cielo’s “Jungle” Toilet

Who wants a boring old toilet when you can have a snake print model instead. Shipped from Italy, it’s handcrafted and unabashedly flashy.

Hate snakes? Here’s how to keep them out of your house.

Photo: Courtesy of CIELO

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royalStephane Debove/Shutterstock

Chaise Percee

Living in a castle in France doesn’t sound too shabby! And long before plumbing made toilets what they are today, the rich and royal could enjoy this chaise percee toilet chair. Ever wonder why some old houses have random toilets in the basement? Here’s your answer!

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Open-Air Squat Toilet

Can you imagine a day when going to the bathroom was simply squatting over an open-air toilet? This one is constructed of wood with stone walls, allowing just a teeny bit of privacy for its users.

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Dogs and Cats Refilling Toilet Water Bowl

What is it about dogs and cats loving to drink out of the toilet?! Give them the gift of the toilet bowl design without the yucky water from the real deal. Here’s how to fix a toilet that won’t flush well.

Photo: Courtesy of JETCH

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Coffee Bean Toilet

This isn’t your average coffee art! Beans come to life in the form of a toilet. Appetizing? Not so much. Creative? Sure!

If you love coffee, you can make your own pour-over coffee maker. Here’s how!

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Toilet Mug

Ever wanted to drink your cup of coffee out of a toilet? Probably not, but at least you can add a little humor to your morning with this coffee mug that resembles a toilet! When it comes to real toilets, here’s how to clean a sluggish one.

Photo: Courtesy of Evelots

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Toilet Trophy

Need a good gag gift? Why not give your friend with the most toilet humor this funny toilet trophy?

Here’s how to build a sturdy shelf to put all of your trophies on.

Photo: Courtesy of Decade Awards

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Palmiro Modern Bathroom Toilet

This contemporary toilet is sure to turn heads when guests step into your bathroom. Black from head to toe, it’s certainly a major diversion from the typical white fixtures in most bathrooms. If you’re thinking about buying a new toilet, here’s the right time to replace it.

Photo: Courtesy of The Interior Gallery

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Robert Arneson, John with Art

Sculptor Robert Arneson is known for some pretty out-of-the-box artwork, including some toilets that are definitely NSFW. This cool toilet may look PG at first glance, but there’s more than meets the eye! Take a closer look at the flush handle, the fingernails on one end of the horseshoe seat, and, if you search for images, you’ll see what’s inside!

Photo: Courtesy of

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marbleVia Merchant

White Marble Toilet

This white toilet is definitely not your average everyday fixture! Intricately designed, it’s made of luxurious Bianco Carrara marble. Love the look of marble but can’t afford the real deal? Here’s how to paint faux marble.

Photo: Courtesy of Wellest Industry Inc.

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Water Closet at the Palace Hotel

This toilet at the Palace Hotel in Venice, Italy looks more like a piece of neon artwork than an actual bathroom fixture! Want to create some artwork? Here’s how to do it on the cheap in minutes!

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Sublime/Flickr

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Toilet Bike

Have you ever checked out the website People of Craigslist? Well, they always find the funniest things, including a Craigslist upload of a toilet/bike combo! People will sell pretty much anything. If you like multi-purpose gadgets, then check out these 12 tricked out lawn mowers!

Photo: Courtesy PeopleofCraigslist

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Louis Vuitton Toilet

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, there’s a toilet out there that will match your Louis Vuitton purse! It brings a whole new meaning to the term “lou.”

Photo: Courtesy of CBS/YouTube

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Game of Thrones Toilet

If you think you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, just check out this super-fan’s work. John Giovanazzi created this iron throne-inspired toilet that is just as alluring as it is intimidating! Love watching TV? Then you might like this DIY TV stand.

Photo: Courtesy of AWE me/YouTube

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Fishbowl Toilet

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Poseidon sitting on his throne, this fishbowl toilet is right up your alley. You’ll want to put down your newspaper and feast your eyes on the marine life all around.

Photo: Courtesy of JL Ryan

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Julien Bench Toilet

If you have $11,475 to spare, then you ought to consider the Bench Toilet, designed by Troy Adams. It’s the ideal luxury purchase for those who would prefer keeping their toilet tucked away, since, when it’s not acting as a toilet, it’s acting as a powder room bench!

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly way to liven up your bathroom, check out this makeover.

Photo: Courtesy of Julien Inc.

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compostStephen William Robinson/Shutterstock

Composting Toilet

If you’re upping your sustainability game, you might want to consider investing in, or DIYing a composting toilet. This one is complete with wood shavings, a scoop, paper, a seat and brush.

Prefer to limit your composting to yard debris? Here’s how to make your own simple compost bin.

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Dual-Flush Toilet With Integrated Hand Washing Basin

If you’re looking for a space-saving, utility-bill lowering gadget, then you ought to consider buying yourself a toilet/sink combo! This dual-flush toilet tank, with integrated hand washing basin, is a “smart” investment. You may also want to check out these 8 myths about saving energy at home.

Photo: Courtesy of Caroma

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Traffic Cone Toilet

Now this is a makeshift toilet! While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, it sure is creative!

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit/Imgur

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Traditional Pit Latrine

At first glance, this might look like it belongs to some type of vermin! But it’s actually a traditional pit latrine. One thing’s for certain: it’s far from glamorous. While there wasn’t much to an old latrine, today’s toilets are much different!

Photo: Courtesy of SuSanA Secretariat/Flickr

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Royal Pot

While this toilet, from the Hampton Court collection, United Kingdom, doesn’t have much to it, it does allow its user to rest their behind on a beautiful velvet cushion!

Photo: Courtesy of Lobsterthermidor/Wikimedia Commons

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ToTo’s Miyabi Collection

This high-end toilet comes from ToTo’s Miyabi Collection, costing a whopping $7,150. The entire collection was created to represent each season, with designs painted on a white canvas, including: bamboo and plum for summer, the maple leaf for fall, the pine tree for winter and the plum tree for spring.

Speaking of seasons, check out this year-round home maintenance checklist.

Photo: Courtesy of ToTo

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Neo-Metro’s Neo Comby

If you want your toilet/sink combo to be on the ultra luxe side, check out this $5,938 stainless steel toilet from Neo-Metro. Along with the combination of toilet and sink, it also features a towel rack and small compartment for holding toilet paper.

Photo: Courtesy of Neo-Metro

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World Toilet Day Inflatable Toilet

World Toilet Day was officially declared in 2013 at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, and there was an absolutely massive inflatable toilet to commemorate it!

Photo: Courtesy of Kutoid/Wikimedia Commons

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Russellborough Toilet Bowl Remains

This toilet bowl may not look all that significant, but long ago it served occupants of Russellborough. While today there are only ruins of the residence of two royal colonial governors, it was once one of the nicest homes along the North Carolina coast!

Photo: Courtesy of Brunswick1726/Wikipedia

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Japanese Toilet Installation

At this museum in Japan, you put on a special “poop” hat, climb the ladder to this giant toilet and fall down it! But where do you go? You get “flushed” down a slide that leads to a class where you learn about all the different kinds of poop! If you like toilet talk, check out these 12 toilet seat lids you have to see to believe.

Photo: Courtesy of China Radio International

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Mr. Toilet House

Is it a massive toilet? Is it a weirdly shaped building? It’s both! This toilet-shaped museum in South Korea was built to help people learn about sanitation. Mr. Toilet House resides in Suwon, South Korea and was built by Sim Jae-duck, founder of the World Toilet Association.

Photo: Courtesy of Lee Youn-sook

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World’s Smallest Flushable Toilet

Yep! There’s actually a teeny tiny toilet out in the world that can actually flush. Check out the toilet in all its itsy-bitsy flushing glory on YouTube. Can you believe it’s just 4 inches tall?

If you like tiny things, check out these 15 tiny homes you should settle down in!

Photo: Courtesy of Nick Goodwin/YouTube

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This high-tech toilet caters to your needs, quite literally. As you walk toward the toilet, its lid rises and its seat heats! Music will even play from a sound card, and the deodorizer will turn on. When you’re done, the toilet flushes all on its own. If you want this luxury toilet, you’ll have to cough up $8,599.50.

Photo: Courtesy of INAX

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Stefano Giovannoni Tech Toilet

This $2,650 toilet was designed by Stefano Giovannoni (part of Laufen’s Ilbagnoalessi One). Its curvy appearance alone will turn heads. It can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor, and either way, it resembles a piece of art more than an actual toilet. If you love art, check out how to paint over an old canvas for DIY wall art.

Photo: Courtesy of Laufen

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Kohler’s Numi High-Tech Toilet

Kohler calls this luxury toilet “a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.” The toilet’s modern and compact design makes it ideal for achieving minimalism in your bathroom without sacrificing functionality. You can expect a motion-activated cover and seat, advanced bidet functionality, integrated air dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, foot warmer, illuminated panels and music.

Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

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Writer’s Toilet

This bizarre toilet caters to the writer who wants to keep up with their tasks, while on a cushy toilet, doing their business. It’s a full-on desk with a chair and toilet all in one! Perhaps this simple modern computer desk makes more sense for you!

Photo: Courtesy of Wikybrew

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For the Apple lover, this creative toilet is just the thing! Sit on it with your iPhone or iPad in hand just to really play the part.

Photo: Courtesy of Orzzzz

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MiniLoo Toilet

For the lover of little things, check out the MiniLoo toilet by Neo-Metro. It’s a bite-sized toilet that uses a European in-wall flushing mechanism and requires an in-wall tank flush and carrier system. Whether you want it in Barbie pink or fire-engine red, you can be as flashy as you want! You may also like this mini classic DIY workbench for kids.

Photo: Courtesy of Neo-Metro

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Toilet Bowl Go-Kart

Now this is the ultimate porta-potty! A DIYer named Dave created this toilet out of two recycled toilets, a couple of water coolers, six rolls of toilet paper, one old toilet bowl seat (for the steering wheel) and some scrap metal.

Photo: Courtesy of Jalopnik

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Ilbagnoalessi dOt Toilet

Part of Laufen’s Ilbagnoalessi dOt collection, this toilet was designed by Dutch architect and designer Wiel Arets. It’s a minimalist’s dream with its clean angles and asymmetrical shapes. Toilets are fascinating, right? Here’s a brief journey through the interesting history of the toilet.

Photo: Courtesy of Laufen

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