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5 Highest-Paying States for Carpenters

Take a look at the top five states with the highest average professional carpenter salaries across the U.S.

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How Much Do Carpenters Make?

The average professional carpenter salary in the United States is $51,120, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics — though some states pay better than others. U.S. carpenters make the most money in the following five states. Did yours make the cut?

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#5: New York

Average Yearly Salary:


Average Hourly Wage:


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#4: Alaska

Average Yearly Salary:


Average Hourly Wage:


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#3: Illinois

Average Yearly Salary:


Average Hourly Wage:


Detailed millwork is the most common product homeowners hire pros to install. Here’s why.

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#2: New Jersey

Average Yearly Salary:


Average Hourly Wage:


New framing lumber innovation reduces carbon footprints and cuts energy costs.

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#1: Hawaii

Average Yearly Salary:


Average Hourly Wage:


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