5 Best Snow Tires for Trucks

Winter is here. If you live in snow country, that means it's time to swap out your tires to something that can handle the nasty roads.

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While there are best practices for winter driving to help keep you safe, it’s still important when choosing the best snow tires for your truck to consider the following:

Cost: How big a dent will they put in your wallet? Some tires—but not all—are worth the extra spend.

Application: Economy, performance, winter, off-road and all-season tires all have unique characteristics.

Road noise: How loud is the tire on the road? You might not think it’s important now, but you’ll be thankful after you buy.

Tread wear: How long can you expect the tire to last? A cheap option that wears down quickly won’t save you money long-term.

Check out our picks in a range of snow tire categories.

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Best Truck Tires for Snow and Ice

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Winter tires need to get you through the nastiest conditions. Ultimate grip in snow and rain is the focus. While some designs make use of metal studs that punch through snow, our selections rely on well-designed tread patterns that shed the muck and get you home.

Bridgeston’s Blizzak line is synonymous with quality winter tires, including the WS90 variant. These tires feature a special rubber compound that wicks water from the road beneath. They also have micro-sized faux studs that bite into icy tarmac.

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Best Snow Tire for Lifted Trucks

Firestone Winterforce LT

Do you want snow tires that complement your ride? If you use your truck for heavy-duty jobs, be sure to check the load index on the tire. The higher the number, the more weight the vehicle can bear. Indexes start at one, with a carrying capacity of 102 pounds, and go up to 150, with a carrying capacity of 7,385 pounds.

When you drive a lifted truck, studded snow tires might be necessary. Winterforce LT tires offer the option to run with or without studs. Thanks to a directional tread pattern, these tires can cover a lot of ground, even when not in studded form. And with a load index of 125, they’re strong in the carrying capacity department, too.

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Best Performance Tires

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Do you care more about speed than practicality? Look for a snow tire to match your truck’s abilities. While performance tires often come with a higher price tag, the result should be well worth it.

If it’s speed you seek, outfit your truck with the same tires that track-day enthusiasts choose for their cars. Michelin PS4s arrived on the scene to replace the original Pilot Sport. Their superb handling is matched by their sexy looks, thanks to a curvaceous shoulder section that transitions from sidewall to thick, grippy contact patch. (Note that these are actually all-season tires that work great in snow.)

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Best Budget Truck Tires

Falken Wildpeak All-Terrain

We can’t all pay extra for the top brands. However, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on quality when you’re on a budget.

You’ve probably heard the Falken name—a reputable value-based tire company that offers great-looking, functional options at reduced prices. The Wildepeak tires use a silica tread compound that’s competitive with top-tier brands. You can use them in any weather conditions.

We compiled a list of tires auto pros swear by whether you’re driving in extreme conditions or just running around town.

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Best Overall

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Highly respected in the truck world, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 builds on the legacy of the All-Terrain T/A. It’s a tire you can run at factory size and enjoy both on-road and off. These wheels use BFG’s proprietary CoreGard technology to offer protection against bruising and splitting. The unique tread pattern is efficient on tarmac and offers excellent grip on snow and ice, earning it a severe weather rating, as shown by the three-peak mountain/snowflake symbol molded into the sidewall. Watch and learn how to measure tire tread.

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Winter Driving in a Truck

With snow, sleet and ice, the roads in winter can be dangerous. Winter driving mistakes can be made. Some tips to help you navigate your way home safely in your truck:

  1. Brake and accelerate slowly.
  2. Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel.
  3. Give yourself extra space between vehicles.
  4. If you hit ice, turn the wheel the direction you’re sliding.

Remember, when roads are icy or snowed-over, you can’t maneuver as if it’s a dry, sunny day. Be cautious and aware of what’s around you, including other drivers.

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