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4 Amazing Accessories to Trick Out Your Truck

Our editors give these four truck accessories a big thumbs-up

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drawerFamily Handyman

Roll it out!

A few years ago, I bought this giant rollout drawer. I absolutely love this thing. It fully extends over the tailgate, so I can access everything in the bed without crawling up there or reaching over the sides of the truck. The one I bought isn’t available anymore, but many other models can be found online; search for “truck bed drawer system.” There are versions with multiple drawers, simple trays like mine and ones with higher sides. Prices start at about $800. Most have a load capacity of 750 to 1,000 lbs.

If you have a pickup, I urge you to get one. —RUNE ERIKSEN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR

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matsFamily Handyman

Bulletproof floor mats

Over 10 years ago, I replaced the mats in my truck with WeatherTech FloorLiners. They fit like a glove and hold a gazillion gallons of water/ melted snow. What I love most is the way the mats extend up the sides. The fabric on the side of my gas pedal doesn’t get dirty and worn from my work boots. I’m pretty sure these mats will outlast my truck. A new set of four costs about $180. — MARK PETERSEN, SENIOR EDITOR

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bikeFamily Handyman

Easy-load bike rack

I take several dirt bike camping trips every year. That used to mean loading my Husky in the bed of the truck, which didn’t leave much room for my camping gear. Then I went online and found the VersaHaul carrier. It slides into the receiver hitch, making bike loading a super-simple operation. Now the bed is available for all my gear, and I can keep everything secure under my weather-tight, locking tonneau cover. The end of the rig has another receiver hitch opening, so I can even pull a trailer or boat while hauling the bike. I bought the VersaHaul VH-55 RO at for about $500 with free shipping. — VERN JOHNSON, ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR

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loadFamily Handyman

Long-load solution

Even if your truck has a long bed, sometimes you need extra support for long stuff. The Darby Extend-A- Truck Load Supporter ($130 at Northern Tool) handles material up to 18 ft. long and is rated for 350 lbs. You can mount the rack at two heights, for either a bed load or a roof load. Welded loops on the ends of the rack provide a quick connection for ratchet strap hooks. To stabilize roof loads, strap the ends of the rack to your bumper. Don’t leave the rack installed when you’re not using it because it extends 4 ft. from the hitch in the bed load position. Remember to flag long loads. — BRAD HOLDEN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR

You can find The Darby Extend-A-Truck Load Support on Amazon, too.